Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce after 27 years of marriage

May 4, 2021
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Bill and Melinda Gates have announced that they are divorcing, after 27 years of marriage.
The Microsoft co-founder and his wife, who launched the world’s largest charitable foundation, said they would continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
In identical tweets, they said they had made the decision to end their marriage.
“We have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives,” they said in a statement.
“We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.”
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  • This is a distraction to the public as something is going on behind the scenes..

    Real WordsReal Words7 hours ago
  • Because he’s become a global psychopath

    21stKid21stKid7 hours ago
  • Mr & mr gates i find the timing of your divorce a bit strange you no with the plandemic going on

    Susan KeelanSusan Keelan22 hours ago
  • For the people! ITS JUST A SHAME how they were accepted in medical field if they were dealing with accumulation of finance! GATES or WALLS? Beside divorce they do have legal issues in their accumulation of wealth, oh, another divorce? 138 billions is known and still poor people in poor condition where they are assign to improve lives? With so much billions and they wasn't that smart fox to fix poor situation in poor country? Bill and Melinda foundation? Rolling eyes- their foundation becomes billion dollar profit in their accounts.

    Free World2021Free World2021Day ago
  • It's got to be that impossible burger!...Can you imagine Bill Gate's morning breath?....Poor Melinda -...So yeah, she needs a breath of fresh air...Mind you, the Windows are useless 🤣🤣🤣

  • Manlinda looks different in the first shot

    Debra DavisDebra DavisDay ago
  • It's going to be expensive ! LOL

    John TillerJohn TillerDay ago
  • The Virgin Bill Gates vs The Chad Steve Jobs

    J BJ BDay ago
  • He's aged so quickly ,hopefully stress and anxiety has caught up with him

    charles lodgecharles lodgeDay ago
  • lol

    PiratePirateDay ago
  • Between all Gates philanthropic endeavors to poison & chemically sterilize the world with vaccines, track, monitor & surveil the masses with computer software tech, dim the sun with toxic aerosols, buy up all the farmland for his GMO frakenfood vision, & releasing billions of genetically modified mosquitoes in south Florida... he really doesn’t have time for marriage right now, besides clearly world domination has always been his true love.

    Weather as a WeaponWeather as a WeaponDay ago
  • A pair of evil people that will now negatively impact the world in separate ways.

    dee106fuldee106fulDay ago
  • These comments are pure cancer lmao

    BackByUnpopularDemandBackByUnpopularDemandDay ago
  • Cost: $100 Billion Freedom: Priceless

    Matthew M. Stevick, CFPMatthew M. Stevick, CFPDay ago
  • Well you can't blame here after all the cov 19 set up.

    Second City Executive minibus LtdSecond City Executive minibus LtdDay ago
  • He does look really weird.

    Mister ReeMister ReeDay ago
  • Has see just seen footage of Epstein Island 🤔

    Kathy GrayKathy GrayDay ago
  • Strange how when a billionaire starts using their money for charitable causes they suddenly become satan in the eyes of the right. The man had far more money than he could ever spend himself, why not do some good with it. My favourite conspiracy theory about Bill Gates was that he was putting a microchip in vaccines to track us. It makes zero sense, firstly it's impossible to make a transmitting device that small with the power to transmit to a receiver more than a couple inches away. Secondly, why bother with the chip when it would be so much easier just to use your mobile phone?

    Martin MucklowMartin MucklowDay ago
    • The only sane comment I can see.

      A BA BDay ago
  • Tricks. Everybody hates Bill, and won't pay attention to (poor) devil Melinda. Of course, she will continue what they're doing.

    Evgeniy NagornyakEvgeniy NagornyakDay ago
  • The picture of Melinda and Bill Gates at the beginning is the original Melinda,the one talking is NOT the same woman.....i suspect the real Melinda is deceased.

    Lynn BlackburnLynn BlackburnDay ago
  • Still to this day don't understand why Bill is walking free 497 000 children suffering in India not a word from MSM due to his dodgy polio vaccine

    Paul EllisPaul EllisDay ago
  • they are both Eugenicists ....maybe Bills plan to kill 15% was not enough

    Paul EllisPaul EllisDay ago
  • Bit slow on the uptake there (27 years!), but I'll bet she has a very good lawyer lined up somewhere.

    Alan PartingtonAlan PartingtonDay ago
  • This man is a national treasure. People can say this and that but you’ll all probably do worse than him given the power. At least they gave us human rights. They could have just continued killing

    JT_ HyperopticJT_ HyperopticDay ago
  • This pair have done so much damage with their vaccines and population control. I have no sympathy for either. The two of them are psychopaths.

    Dholqol BruksDholqol BruksDay ago
  • Control Alt delete

    Wayne H-SWayne H-SDay ago
  • Hopefully the tipping point for the crash of their empire.

    KhamasinKhamasinDay ago
  • Yet another freeloader living of the worker.

    STEVEN Langdon-GriffithsSTEVEN Langdon-GriffithsDay ago
  • Who cares, who the f is he anyway?

    Matthew CMatthew CDay ago
  • The ‘Truth’ is catching up with them. History will show the evil they were conducting on humanity!!!!!

    Steve SmithSteve SmithDay ago
  • Fake news

    delightfully notdelightfully notDay ago
  • Strange

    Jean BuchananJean BuchananDay ago
  • She’s not down with the genocide anymore?

    Rob JamesRob JamesDay ago
  • “Let’s get a divorce so the sheep only talk about that and don’t see the hundreds of millions calling us out for being corrupt evil scum”

    DebatableDebatableDay ago
  • Running for the hills 😂 when rats flee a sinking ship springs to mind.......

    Pj JPj JDay ago
  • Bill gates ? Friend of Epstein .. they are probably splitting so he can go find kids

  • Pathetic

    Ronnie BrayRonnie BrayDay ago
  • Now the cancerous cell has split in 2 and both hell bent on destruction of humanity!!!

    Kayi TribeKayi TribeDay ago
  • Well I guess bad things happen to bad people

    Kayi TribeKayi TribeDay ago
  • Who cares? Is this really important?

    chris hallchris hallDay ago

    Pursue HappinessPursue HappinessDay ago
  • Look at all the basement dwelling anti-Vaxers who haven’t seen the light of day for months in the comments 😂😂

    JamesJamesDay ago
  • Melinda's reason behind divorce that Bill willy isn't working properly.

    Hassan ShazadHassan ShazadDay ago
    • With all the money and technology at hand ,why doesnt he get another one to save his marriage.just saying

      Zuhura BukuruZuhura BukuruDay ago
  • He’s a walking talking Steven Hawking

    Poo SlingerPoo SlingerDay ago
  • Stepford wife woke up!

    chacha Truthchacha TruthDay ago
  • 😃🤣🤣

    Bartoszek90Bartoszek90Day ago
  • Divorced or not they want hunting down for their crimes ...

    Audrey MurphyAudrey MurphyDay ago
    • @James crimes of his father

      charles alleycharles alley9 hours ago
    • @Audrey Murphy “do your research” the motto of the uneducated, uninformed, lonely and angry

      JamesJamesDay ago
    • @James Well its not rocket science to figure out what crimes theyve commited the mass genocide of experimental vaccines being shoved into everyones arms do your research ....

      Audrey MurphyAudrey MurphyDay ago
    • And what crimes would those be?

      JamesJamesDay ago
  • Murderers.

    Allennium FalconAllennium FalconDay ago
    • No they are not.

      King FrostyKing FrostyDay ago
  • Actually, she's behind and the main promoter of all the lunatic public policies we had coming from the the Gates couple,simply through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It's not him. After the divorce we'll surely see a disinterest in him to "save the world" anymore. It was her all along.

    Peter Istrate - personalPeter Istrate - personalDay ago
  • Only here for the comments but I’ll bang it

    John SmithJohn SmithDay ago
  • Couldn't have happened to a more deserving pair of eugenicists.

    MarvinMarvinDay ago
  • Tax evasion.

    555frontier555frontierDay ago
  • Culling the world just wasn't sexy enough for her 🤬🤬🤮🤮

    Super-Human Mafia TVSuper-Human Mafia TVDay ago
  • Time for her to take her profits

    Dj Marky RushDj Marky RushDay ago
  • Bill about to be rinsed.

    nick glenisternick glenisterDay ago
  • The only time the general public want to hear about Bill Gates is when he’s been arrested for crimes against humanity.

    Jim BeanJim BeanDay ago
  • He deserves everything he gets just waking up at the side of a sociopath every morning must be a total nightmare 🤣🤪

    geoff wallsgeoff wallsDay ago
  • Why is there no sound of their voices? Does the evening standard literally have no source on this?

    Adam PuttAdam PuttDay ago
  • As soon as one of the busiest men in the world has free time she realises she doesn't love him🤣

    ban speedrun 1st tryban speedrun 1st tryDay ago
  • Time for a change, fair enough 🤷‍♀️

    Karen BaileyKaren BaileyDay ago
  • Who cares?

    Gary O'NeillGary O'NeillDay ago
  • Marriage is of God so that goes against his Master

    Highly favoured 1Highly favoured 1Day ago
  • And you think this is a good news to publish!! Never ever allowed an immature to be your model!! Trying to fix world issue!! Trying to bring "peace and unity" on earth when you can't put your home in order!!

    Nathalie JohnNathalie JohnDay ago
  • This make him even more twisted.

    Terry ReknawTerry ReknawDay ago
  • He's getting a new husband

    Terry ReknawTerry ReknawDay ago
  • Now there will be two woke billionaire entities intent on changing the world as they see fit...

    T GT GDay ago
    • 2? Who is the other one?

      Little Frog 🐸Little Frog 🐸Day ago
  • This could be a tax fiddle as only if agreeing to the settlement, all I can say , the marriage must have been stuck in overdrive, as only if Bill Gates wasn't like the rest of the cronies who think they know best, only thing he's good for is his windows of Microsoft.

    Martin CowlingMartin CowlingDay ago
  • Living with the worlds most hated psychopath takes it's toll.

    Organic GrowingOrganic GrowingDay ago
    • @Debatable is it distraction from the third wave?

      Zuhura BukuruZuhura BukuruDay ago
    • They’re both psychotic. This nothing but a distraction tactic.

      DebatableDebatableDay ago
    • Poor Melania

      MegaKapo12MegaKapo12Day ago
    • Is she really that bad? Poor Bill

      JamesJamesDay ago
  • And thats how women get rich

    HassanPoyoHassanPoyoDay ago
  • Perhaps coronavirus was her red line.

    R0b DasR0b DasDay ago
  • Would have been happier if he divorced his head from his body !

    brizeebrizeeDay ago
  • Pre planned Optics. A reason for Everything. Don't believe the Hype.

    lipchinlipchinDay ago
  • Kevin Kline

    HopeHopeDay ago
  • She just found out now that she was married to Lucifer, association des malfaiteurs.

    R0b DasR0b DasDay ago
  • He got caught cheating with Big Mike

    Peter KiernanPeter KiernanDay ago
    • Best comment

      Debra DavisDebra DavisDay ago
    • Who the heck is Big Mike

      King FrostyKing FrostyDay ago
  • She knows whats coming thats why

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguardDay ago
    • Criminal trial.

      Ford PrefectFord PrefectDay ago
    • Is it the 3rd wave of covid-21/22

      Zuhura BukuruZuhura BukuruDay ago
  • Why has one of the most generous philanthropists, whose foundation and donations have literally saved countless lives, become a villain for far-right boomers? Is it just as simple as "socialism bad" and therefore a generous billionaire must be evil?

    jordan ejordan eDay ago
    • @James I'm probably alot older than you And have more contacts relationships with people from all around the world, I avoid listening to MSM and go by first hand accounts But maybe your a sage who knows me better than myself 🙂 For example the tail of bats in Wuhan market did you accept that ?

      Paul EllisPaul EllisDay ago
    • @Paul Ellis I know in your mind reality is quite hard to seperate from fiction.

      JamesJamesDay ago
    • @James are you real

      Paul EllisPaul EllisDay ago
    • @Paul Ellis hahahaha you don't have many friends do you? Or speak to real people away from the internet.

      JamesJamesDay ago
    • @James oh dear another trusting person go take ten shots by the way have you bothered to research and ask basic questions of all vaccines and their effecacy i would suggest you look into history its fascinating the truth sets you free, By January 261 had died from these vaccines in the UK then they stopped reporting WHY so people like you don't find out ....any death is too many for this lab developed disease is only 99.9998 deadly there were no bats in the market !!!!! the market was cleaner and better kept than most in the UK a school teacher reported from Wuhan daily from the offset

      Paul EllisPaul EllisDay ago
  • she got the needle

    gary reidgary reidDay ago
  • Ugly evil pair

    Beverley ToddBeverley ToddDay ago
  • maybe his next devilish scheme is even too much for her to stand?

    Olly OOlly ODay ago
  • Both men

    FlatsFlatsDay ago
  • Finally some good news, tactical alimony nuke incoming.

    quebec palquebec palDay ago
    • Hypothetically speaking, if Bill lost everything in a criminal trial half the money would be ring fenced.

      Ford PrefectFord PrefectDay ago
  • To gain the whole World,yet loose what is dear.

    Alexander MichaelAlexander MichaelDay ago
  • She found out hes the devil and killing children with his vaccines

    Dani TeeDani TeeDay ago
    • 😂😂😂😂

      JamesJamesDay ago
  • She knows what's coming with the Epstein files👍

    Peej KascurPeej KascurDay ago
    • BAM!!!! ☺️

      mark macthreemark macthree13 hours ago
    • Like, if it was even true, she cared

      MegaKapo12MegaKapo12Day ago
  • All them lives he ruined. The chickens have come home to roost

    Peace LovePeace LoveDay ago
    • @Peace Love There are many businesses making munitions for the US to spread their "freedom". Microsoft make computers and software

      Martin MucklowMartin MucklowDay ago
    • @Peace Love Also,, while they may very well make weapon parts. do you think they're the ones who decide where they are used?

      Andy1119Andy1119Day ago
    • @Peace Love microsoft don't build bombs. they make prototype weapons tech.

      Andy1119Andy1119Day ago
    • @Peace Love you really think bill is just "yeahhhh lets help build bombs coz f it" He is the owner of microsoft (which is a massive company that has multiple sub branches such as windows, xbox and xbox game studios, office just to name a few, that doesn't mean he micro-manages every single aspect of microsoft. Heck the owner of the company i work doesn't really care about how the company goes about making the money, as long as he gets it he is happy

      callum martincallum martinDay ago
    • @Andy1119 who u think makes all them bombs that they dropping on innocent familys homes with babies sleeping.. wake up mate.

      Peace LovePeace LoveDay ago
  • Guilt got too much for her.

    Mickey GardnerMickey GardnerDay ago
    • These people are not capable of guilt.

      First NameFirst NameDay ago
  • *for tax purposes.

    MrB1923MrB1923Day ago
    • Really? In America you get tax breaks for being married. Maybe they have are registered in tax havens hahaha

      lin90210lin90210Day ago
  • Turns out enslaving your fellow man and destroying our freedoms places stress on any relationship.

    The Social ContractThe Social ContractDay ago
    • @David Mcgregor hahahe

      Zuhura BukuruZuhura BukuruDay ago
    • @Andy1119 baaaaaa baaaaa 🐑🐑🐑🐑

      The Social ContractThe Social ContractDay ago
    • Maybe he can get revenge on her by blocking out the sun or some other random display of butthurtness.

      David McgregorDavid McgregorDay ago
    • that's not a thing...

      Andy1119Andy1119Day ago
  • Seeityah - all that money and still not happy - pandemic test for everyone and every thing

    flora mercuryflora mercuryDay ago
    • @lin90210 Indeed. The happiest nation in the world is also one of the poorest, Bhutan.

      Myrddin EmrysMyrddin EmrysDay ago
    • Money doesn't guarantee happiness. Some of the most happiest nations are not so well off. Its other factors which bring happiness.

      lin90210lin90210Day ago
  • LBC mentioned this last night. If you want know news fast, in London, listen to them. 📻❤️

    Julia NaylorJulia NaylorDay ago
    • Isn’t this the station that employs Mr Woke himself, James O’Brien ? If so I would rather wait

      brizeebrizeeDay ago
  • Here for the comments!🤣🖕🖕🖕

    MackyMackyDay ago
  • Looks like their depopulation plan has turned to mud 😂🤣 NWO is over!!!

    Jade MooreJade MooreDay ago