Boris Johnson says Britain can look forward to ‘brighter days ahead’

Apr 4, 2021
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Boris Johnson has said Britain can look forward to “brighter days ahead” as the country celebrates Easter.
In his Easter message, the Prime Minister acknowledged it had been a “very tough” year, but said the holiday brought fresh optimism.
“This has been a very tough 12 months. But, as ever, the arrival of Easter brings with it new hope,” he said.
“And, this year more than ever, it brings the promise of brighter days ahead for us all.”
Mr Johnson acknowledged coronavirus restrictions meant many Christians would again be unable to celebrate their most important festival in the way they would wish.
However, he paid tribute to the way in which they had shown the teachings of Christ and the message of his death and resurrection “permeate through every aspect of daily life”.
“That’s why I’ve lost count of the number of church leaders and congregations that have stepped up to support us all in these very challenging times,” he said.
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  • And there's the truth. Well done Boris for being bold enough to proclaim the message of salvation - only found in Jesus Christ

    Pauline VindPauline Vind11 days ago
  • that was 3 days ago - plenty of time for more excuses, lies and propaganda to bring in more restrictions

    Sandra FoxleySandra Foxley12 days ago
  • well said Boris, proud to have you as my PM

    aaron jonesaaron jones13 days ago
  • "And even Satan transforms himself into an angel of light". Liar and hypocrite!

    AntAnt14 days ago
  • Y’all remember 2 weeks to stop the spread?

    Cody GoldenCody Golden14 days ago
  • Happy Easter, Boris! Thank you for the lovely message!

    Maria STEFANMaria STEFAN14 days ago
  • Psychopath

    Dead FerretsDead Ferrets15 days ago
  • I love your declaration that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life forever May the Lord JESUS bless you and protect the Uk 🇬🇧 forever ❤️❤️❤️

    Nancy MykhailNancy Mykhail15 days ago
  • Hypocrite the end times would be characterized by tribulation and hollow religious charlatans: “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be . . . holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; avoid such men as these” Boris is such a man , a charlatan

    Bid d PlanbBid d Planb15 days ago
  • Brilliant, thanks Boris!

    Julie BirdJulie Bird15 days ago
  • Yep of course you can look at brighter days ahead their USworlds account is called the sun ☀️XD yeets

    TheMaleCraitBoxTheMaleCraitBox15 days ago
  • we need to get rid of this clown.

    PhilPhil15 days ago
  • Even Satan is embarrassed by this

    Craggy BoyCraggy Boy15 days ago
    • When even satan is confused.

      DFandVDFandV15 days ago
  • "We can look forward to brighter days"...Why's that? Are Johnson and Hancock resigning?

    FatBoy DimFatBoy Dim16 days ago
  • Whats with all the dislikes ? Its an easter messege ?? Whats wrong with that ?

    Mikey CroucherMikey Croucher16 days ago
    • ​@Mikey Croucher Its a quote from Jesus, he's basically saying people hated me so if you follow me people will also hate you.

      FLVFLV14 days ago
    • @FLV what i don't get that ? What u saying

      Mikey CroucherMikey Croucher14 days ago
    • John 15. 18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.

      FLVFLV14 days ago
  • We need certainty and strong leadership from politicians, not poetic language and bullshitting.

    Bianka SBianka S16 days ago
  • This message is devoid of a soul

    GiuGiu16 days ago
  • Happy Easter!! Thankyou for this message!

    Amy JonesAmy Jones16 days ago
  • " Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth and the long as he has a Vaccine Passport....otherwise...he's gotta stay outside ...."

    Si S.Si S.16 days ago
  • :666

    Сергей ЛаринСергей Ларин16 days ago
  • Complete fool, If you vote for the Conservative's expect more of the same, Vote Labour and your get the same deal!!!!Vote for anyone else and you just might stand a chance these two parties' Corrupt to the core!!!!

    jay camjay cam16 days ago
  • Why? Are he and Halfcocked going to stand trial for treason?

    Neil KitsonNeil Kitson16 days ago
  • Yes if Black Asian Or Homosexual your ok. The rest of us true British are being sidelined. Not forgetting the fellas who want bits taken off. They are protected too.

    John ThomasJohn Thomas16 days ago
  • Happy Easter UK 🇬🇧 Prime minister. You are the best 💙💙💙

    Vic FanfatalVic Fanfatal16 days ago
    • He's a cancer.

      Johnny SallowJohnny Sallow16 days ago
  • Tory sociopaths, kill the bill.

    Sean 1111Sean 111116 days ago
  • How's your father enjoying his holiday abroad Boris

    Billy McAuliffeBilly McAuliffe16 days ago
  • It's like Bojo is bipolar, one day he's all threats and fear-mongering, the next he's all 'everything will turn out fine.' He clearly hasn't a clue what he's doing or why, so everything he says and does is inconsistent and constantly changes. Bojo's lost the plot, he's just trying to sound like someone in charge, but he's flailing around in a blind panic.

    Rozz Grey 801Rozz Grey 80116 days ago
  • Boris Johnson is a f*cking marxist. Change my mind.

    E SaundersE Saunders16 days ago
  • Go to hell, your government is destroying this country.

    BMWDriverBMWDriver16 days ago
  • So what's everyone doing for Easter then? Day out in the park?

    Sarah Jasmine MSarah Jasmine M16 days ago
  • Scruffy useless oaf

    Jay DeeJay Dee16 days ago
  • *Oh, Boris! You regard the Church as a club for religious people by declaring it as ‘non-essential’ during the COVID issue. However, it now has significance when used as a ‘VACCINATION CENTRE’. What a sham and a mockery.*

    AdannaGAdannaG16 days ago
  • waffle waffle easter waffle waffle chocolate waffle waffle follow the rules .. shh .. question nothing serfs

    Buckaroo BaizuoBuckaroo Baizuo16 days ago
  • Brighter days ahead. Oh I must have missed the memo where Johnson was planning resignation and suicide.

    A YA Y16 days ago
  • How can people trust a bloke that looks like a lying reject of Worzel Gummigde?! What a joke?! Sad but true!!!!!

    kevin barrykevin barry16 days ago
  • What’s stopping us from dropping that fairy tale nonsense from public discourse? Enough already.

    Gena IbraevGena Ibraev16 days ago
  • They can shove Covid passports or any type of social credit scoring like China.

    T GT G16 days ago
  • Interesting talk for a bunch of satanists.

    fooman65fooman6516 days ago
  • If you respect Jesus Christ at least... Amen

    Anjo The WeezkyAnjo The Weezky16 days ago
  • They have a jab for 12-15 yr olds now ready, covid passports coming very soon.

    Asad RehmanAsad Rehman16 days ago
  • Easter is pagan, has nothing to do with abrahamic nonsense you fool

    Baldur The WhiteBaldur The White16 days ago
  • Jesus loves you boris stop with the pandemics

    Mendy FbsMendy Fbs16 days ago
  • He has the blood on his hands as he is responsible for over 120,000 deaths as he made the decision to let 50 million passengers into UK after he knew the virus was killing so many.He also is responsible for so many losing thier jobs and businesses going down the drain and his Brexit will most likely be the end of the United Kingdom as Scotland will become as independent Country. His lies told to the people of Northern Ireland will result in a United Ireland.He has managed to achieve in 1 year what so many have wanted for over 300 years.England you votes for Boris the Court Jester and your welcome to him and Brexit.

    Allan GrantAllan Grant16 days ago
  • You can fool the people some of the time ,you can't fool them all the time .

    joe koejoe koe16 days ago
    • Fooling them for 5 years comes close.

      Genghis The GreatGenghis The Great16 days ago
    • Maybe not,but most if ones life,folks are fooled,even up to the point of death,but what truth will see you over the river,to face an Angy God?

      Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael16 days ago
  • I wish all the people happy Easter ... and I wish to happy Easter to Mr. Boris Johnson

    Ram SharmaRam Sharma16 days ago
    • He is muslim isn't he thought they dont celebrate Easter just the invasion of england

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
  • You have nowhere to hide you sick bunch of psychopaths. Your experiment is going to come back with some savage karma

    joe koejoe koe16 days ago
  • Love thy neighbour as thyself if the Boris shalt allow them gather

    THSTHS16 days ago
  • The PM,is a terrible example to the UK as a leader,and a voice,he is living in open sin,Adultary is punishable by God,and is not acceptable in the UK that once prided itself on Gods Word and examples,in public,and private life we now have an immoral leader,with a immoral nation,on its way to Hell.

    Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael16 days ago
  • Go away

    L HL H16 days ago
  • Bojo the clown ,I cant wait to vote you out for the vote for change party .you and your puppet masters will be running for the hills when the truth outs .remember what happened in Greece and Rome.

    joe koejoe koe16 days ago
  • Sod off boris and just allow private citizens to get on with their lives, you’ve take a year from us already.

    patch Rpatch R16 days ago

    Chilled-out DudeChilled-out Dude16 days ago
  • "I am not going to cancel Christmas" = forget Christmas ! Up is down and left is right.

    michael naranmichael naran16 days ago
  • I wish this clown would do the honourable thing for once in his life and resign

    Matt WMatt W16 days ago
  • Cant go to church to pray but you can go to get the mark of the beast and await "brighter days" - days of lucifer. Nice one Boris hear you loud and clear 👍 happy easter 🐣

    Kwah DomoKwah Domo16 days ago
  • If anyone thinks we are ever coming out of lockdown you must be very gullible! You are now in communist U.K. Control,control, control. Chip and pin jab, jab passports, track and trace, Gestapo tactics wake up.

    Raymond FinchRaymond Finch16 days ago
  • Do not comply to these draconian measures . They are holding our freedom to ransom, all for the sake of compliance and submission to an untestested unverified mRNA shot. What are in those syringes that they would go to such extents to convince us of their safety when all signs point to the contrary.

    laminlamin16 days ago
  • Shut up you muppet

    Andy VAndy V16 days ago
  • A Black day and Dark days ahead I fear 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. Still I’m hoping for a White English Christmas which we missed out on this year 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. Happy Easter United Kingdom.

    John ThomasJohn Thomas16 days ago
    • @Indiana a word used to cover their own racism

      wild billwild bill15 days ago
    • Racism ahhh what a lovely Christian message 🤦🏽‍♀️

      IndianaIndiana15 days ago
    • @Genghis The Great possible so they protest on lockdown against covid lawsthat say you can't that's ok is it but sit on a bench or go for a walk being white and its fined or arrested maybe they need to keep doing this so as to keep fooling us and having their vote bought

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
    • @wild bill maybe it's because they actually attend mosque and celebrate them.

      Genghis The GreatGenghis The Great16 days ago
    • Didn't miss out on .Muslim traditions though they still went ahead funny that

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
  • Seeing as how the most accurate people through the last year were 'the tinfoil hat brigade' I'll continue to trust my eyes, my ears and my gut over anything spewed out by this preposterous popinjay.

    Station SixtysevenStation Sixtyseven16 days ago
  • do one doris, so many lies. open up, we dont need a vaccine (it's a choice) we dont need a vaccine passport, just as we dont need a regular passport (it's a choice) we have an immune system, we have free will and can think for ourselves, we know what is dangerous and what is not, if this was a pandemic, why would it need so much money spent on advertising and why bombard us with it, your brainwashing us to comply.

    brethren4lifebrethren4life16 days ago
  • I certainly look forward to much brighter days when this bunch of clowns who have ruined this country destroyed businesses and peoples lives jobs and in general shafted the British People and all in the name of a fake virus commonly known as the flu. Yes Boris i look forward to when you are kicked out of power when we have our revenge at the ballot box. Oh bye the way you can shove your health passport as far as it will go.

    Kenneth DaviesKenneth Davies16 days ago
    • Keir stiemer will be just as bad he was pushing for lockdowns

      Asad RehmanAsad Rehman16 days ago
  • Its high time,God pour out his wrath,in full,on the UK.folks refuse to bow and seek God still they seek and look forward to doing things,their own way in their own strength,God to them,does not come into the equation

    Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael16 days ago
  • Naff off you puppet clone!

    Raymond FinchRaymond Finch16 days ago
  • Funny.......loving your neighbour...what about the phone number the government gave out to grass your neighbour up........

    slyoldfox11slyoldfox1116 days ago
  • tell people the truth you are taking away there freedom BoJo the clown

    Rosu MarianRosu Marian16 days ago
  • Wait until Autumn. They won't let this go away.

    Lynn CuthbertLynn Cuthbert16 days ago
  • Without lockdowns they cant force vaccination and emergency powers..

    Asad RehmanAsad Rehman16 days ago
  • jesus and god is not real! you have being brain washed boris!

    Chloe ASMRChloe ASMR16 days ago
  • Easter is originally a Pagan celebration

    SylarSylar16 days ago
    • @Sylar true mate

      wild billwild bill14 days ago
    • @wild bill No, those cretins are far from anything regarded as pagan or heathen. Boris loves his Christianity.

      SylarSylar14 days ago
    • So is celebrating johnson and the tories

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
  • Start trying to make people have vaccine passport and your going to be looking for a new job...

    Brian PaigeBrian Paige16 days ago
  • If you believe in god why are you and your mates playing god yourselves?

    Jacky BrownJacky Brown16 days ago
  • I'm doing what I want this weekend as usual 😌

    AnonAnon16 days ago
    • @Alexander Michael Like Boris?

      Johnny SallowJohnny Sallow16 days ago
    • That's the mindset of most who are on their way to Hell.

      Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael16 days ago
    • Leave those kids alone

      Ger -Ger -16 days ago
  • I know many Christians, and they are truly some of the most selfless caring people I know. What I find difficult to fathom is when you hear politicians, and almost alway Conservative, talk about Christianity in this way when they are some of the most callous and corrupt people on the planet..

    Strange ParallelStrange Parallel16 days ago

    Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael16 days ago
  • 'We said, look forward to the brighter days, your government compels it'

    matthew baileymatthew bailey16 days ago
  • As long as freedom passports and forced vaccines are being forced through there is only dark.

    G raffG raff16 days ago
  • This day is to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and saviour. NOT about you Doris and your evil government and lies about a bug with a 99%servival rate. Go back to your church of Satan were you belong.

    Reverend Jim SpannerReverend Jim Spanner16 days ago
  • I HATE this pathetic excuse of a human

    Pius XPius X16 days ago
  • I urge everybody to listen to the james Delingpole and MIKE yeadon podcast date 02 April 2021 a real eye opener

    Karlhorsfield 71Karlhorsfield 7116 days ago
  • There was a time that I liked worzel gummidge

    Richard MorganRichard Morgan16 days ago
  • They will probably lock us down again, just try too lull us Into a false sense of security, then move the goalposts just like they always do!!

    Barry OconnorBarry Oconnor16 days ago
    • My prediction is another full lockdown in October.

      salvadormarleysalvadormarley16 days ago
  • Broke back better

    LowLands PeteLowLands Pete16 days ago
  • A brighter day means: 1. Bojo the clown and his party out of power. 2. Following Australia in how they got rid of CV. 3. An actual leadership for our country that isn't hypocritical and selfish with taxpayers money.

    The Autistic CreativeThe Autistic Creative16 days ago
  • You best tell the old bill then who stormed into a church in London threatening fines and arrest.

    arch1earch1e16 days ago
  • Happy Easter to my fellow Christians 🙏

    Warren A StoryWarren A Story16 days ago
    • @Les I respect your views, but I believe in the one true God, and Jesus my King. I understand your feelings that faith can cause people to do drastic things, but that is a very small percentage, and I think I speak for the rest of us when I say that they do not represent what we believe, and in many cases are less like us than non-believers. Happy Easter everyone - whatever your beliefs, because Jesus loved everyone, and so I will try to as well!

      Emily MimiEmily Mimi12 days ago
    • @T S You would't know it. The C of E becomes more powerful as time goes on. It's basically Roman Catholic with a name change, not Protestant. There is no evidence, far less proof, of the existence of a god or gods. Faith is what causes terrorists to kill themselves and others. There is no heaven, no afterlife, this is not a rehearsal, this is as good as it gets.

      LesLes14 days ago
    • @Genghis The Great Ah well. We're at war with Russia. That explains the group lunacy. Psychological warfare via cyber.

      T ST S16 days ago
    • @T S , you've hidden the enlightened part extraordinarily well over the last decade.

      Genghis The GreatGenghis The Great16 days ago
    • @T S I was just curious thank you for the response 👍

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
  • Oh well jus bought all might and magics

    Paddy McguffiePaddy Mcguffie16 days ago
  • No more lockdowns. Resist the great reset. Fight for freedom. These authoritarian criminals have no authority over us.

    Billybob P. A. Czekaj 安闕亦Billybob P. A. Czekaj 安闕亦16 days ago
    • Yes, they do. Unfortunately.

      LesLes14 days ago
  • A church was closed by police on Good Friday because someone complained that people were queuing to get in. The church was abiding by Govt rules. It was a malicious complaint. Police used that to harvest people's personal details. Seems like a dictatorship.

    Kaiser MaschineKaiser Maschine16 days ago
    • @T S Hey, I understand that the majority of our country is no longer Christian, but as one myself I find the comfort of my country's commitment a great encouragement! I respect your views, but please could you be a little more sensitive when speaking about other people's faith. Thanks, and have a great day!

      Emily MimiEmily Mimi12 days ago
    • @Alexander Michael You are literally just saying your beliefs are the only 'true' ones and everyone who doesn't agree with you is going to die lmao

      OurHistoryTVOurHistoryTV14 days ago
    • @Alexander Michael More good news. You're such a soulful being

      T ST S14 days ago
    • @OurHistoryTV Catholics are not born again of the spirit of God,they have idols they worship,and dead folks to pray to,on the other hand,a true Christian,is one who has repented from sin,born again,meaning,a new creation,all the Old life is past,a new outlook on life,hope in Christ,a joy that's inside,which manifests itself by a Holy life,a true follower of the teachings of Gods word,one who goes out and tells others of Gods Love for them on the cross,and a Hell to shun,these and more,are the fruits of the true spirit within a born again Person,without which,they can never enter,Heaven,by Mary,Pope,or any other way.

      Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael14 days ago
    • @T S sick of reading about you Godless folks on here,who know nothing of God,Christians are the o my ones who are well,in Spirit,that's where it really matters,in my mind,I'm very well,praise God,no need to worry about me,look to your own life,get it right,or you will be sorry,for all Eternity,when you face your judge on that terrible day that's on its way.

      Alexander MichaelAlexander Michael14 days ago
  • Too soon to ease, we should follow duit like france and continue lockdown we are putting lives at risj, stay in doors and help the NHS. Im glad i know my children are safe away from everyone else who is mixing and spreading the virus.

    daz69phillipsdaz69phillips16 days ago
  • Christianity...... is hes taking the piss OMG is he for real .....

    C StC St16 days ago
  • Boris you're full of it

    I EckhartI Eckhart16 days ago
  • You don't need a church to celebrate God, the churches are a mockery these days anyway

    screamostar3d youtubescreamostar3d youtube16 days ago
  • Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE forever, amen .

    Noel LakshmanNoel Lakshman16 days ago
  • Is it that hard to brush your hair? Surely not ...

    Marty JacksonMarty Jackson16 days ago
  • This coming from a serial lier..... means lockdown 4 on the way

    Peter StarkPeter Stark16 days ago
  • As if they even know Jesus in any way or form. Or even know anything he said. Just another political ploy. Same as Rome did. Just to gain more power, by uniting all Jesus's followers under 1 banner, as CHRISTIANS. They would execute Jesus fast as possible, should he rise into humanity again. Would not want people seeing the truth, not one bit.

    Carl HIRSTCarl HIRST16 days ago
  • Could do with a haircut Boris

    AlexTrainspotterHDAlexTrainspotterHD16 days ago
    • More like a cut lower down

      wild billwild bill16 days ago
  • Jesus teaching???? What on earth has that to do with today... Religion isn't real its a belief....

    Kenny ThomsonKenny Thomson16 days ago
  • Hope him, his corrupt women, plus the rest of his “team” end up in prison but in reality they will end up even richer than before living abroad in the sun

    Boris FargoBoris Fargo16 days ago
    • Your doing exactly what these swampy types want.... picking a side and creating divide amongst us normal.folks.

      screamostar3d youtubescreamostar3d youtube16 days ago
    • All politicians are corrupt lol. Why only one person and his team should end up in prison makes no sense. Bring back guy fawkes and blow the lot up have a fresh start without all the swampy politicians

      screamostar3d youtubescreamostar3d youtube16 days ago