Boris Johnson: We are not looking into Covid certification for trips to pubs or shops

Apr 5, 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was “absolutely no question” of people having to show a vaccine passport to go to the pub or hairdresser when lockdown eases further on Monday.
He told a Downing Street briefing on Monday: “On Covid status certification, as we prefer to call it, the most important thing to say to everybody listening and watching is there’s absolutely no question of people being asked to produce certification or a Covid status report when they go to the shops or to the pub garden or to their hairdressers or whatever on Monday.
“And indeed we are not planning that for stage three either, May 17 as you know we are hoping to go for the opening up of indoor hospitality and so on.
“We are not planning for anything of that kind at that stage.”
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  • The day is drawing forever nearer when we will all face God’s judgement. Will you be found wanting!

    Pat WarburtonrPat Warburtonr14 days ago
  • Boo for Boris & Co., every Tuesday 8PM. Make some noise against the terrorists, their restrictions & their 'agenda'.

    sadie376sadie37614 days ago
  • we are all guilty all of us for allowing this to continue and please don't think the tens of thousands of '' awake '' protestors who allowed a handful of police to over power them ( every time they protested ) are any less cowardly than the sheep !!!

    ben ferriggiben ferriggi14 days ago
  • What about employers requiring them for newly hired people?

    bayingjase2006bayingjase200614 days ago
  • Achtung Achtung Achtung papers now

    Billy McAuliffeBilly McAuliffe14 days ago
  • I felt there was a big BUT coming

    Donny DeerDonny Deer14 days ago
  • !!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! CANCER RESEARCH UKS OFFICIAL USworlds channel claims 1 in 2 people will have cancer by 2027, video dated 2012, same year Bill Gates began pushing depopulation content on his official youtube channel...

    The TruthThe Truth14 days ago
  • Perhaps something he should think about is his chance of being voted back in to power in 2024. Or is he U turning on having elections?

    Rosemary ASRosemary AS14 days ago
  • see you in court if you bring them in

    Gamer King WayneGamer King Wayne14 days ago
    • @Donny Deer i dont mine that cause its a differt country its the one he thinking of bring the uk

      Gamer King WayneGamer King Wayne14 days ago
    • If you want to go abroad for a holiday it looks like your gonna need one. The Greek gov started the ball rolling with covid passports by saying they would let brits visit Greece as long as they could prove they had the jab. Airlines backed the idea and the rest is history. It’s not going to happen in pubs, hotels and restaurants in the UK though.

      Donny DeerDonny Deer14 days ago
  • Constant lies.

    Andy VAndy V14 days ago
  • Boris 'Covid passport' Johnson gave a speech in 2004 decrying ID cards as tyranny… this guy is unreal

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels14 days ago
    • @Donny Deer Says a 77th rent boy *anchor.

      slackdeeslackdee14 days ago
    • @Donny Deer being denied access to a service for not having a covid passport because you didn't want to take an experimental gene based therapy from companies that not only have legal indemnity but also have been sued in the billions for previous medicines in the past - all for a cold IS NEW !!!

      ben ferriggiben ferriggi14 days ago
    • Bus passes, driving licenses, student cards, passports etc etc. Nothing new.

      Donny DeerDonny Deer14 days ago
  • I thought the Covid vaccine passports were delusional conspiracy theory as the sheep called it

    England’s GuardEngland’s Guard14 days ago
  • I don't believe him. His smirking dosen't fill me with confidence....

    PhantomAudio83PhantomAudio8314 days ago
    • It means the opposite is truth.. It means passport will be needed for shops..

      John ManJohn Man10 days ago