Covid infections back to late summer levels as cases drop across UK

Apr 30, 2021
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The number of people in England estimated to have Covid-19 has dropped 40 per cent in a week, according to new figures.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, which covers private households, shows an estimated 54,200 people were likely to have tested positive for Covid-19 in the week to April 24, down from 90,000 the previous week.
This means around one in 1,010 people in private households in England had Covid-19 in the week to April 24, down from one in 610.
It is the lowest figure since the week to September 5, when the estimate stood at one in 1,400.
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  • I don’t think covid will ever end, it’s going to be something we have to live with

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 days ago
  • I'm Still not getting the vaccine

    Long Road Home!Long Road Home!2 days ago
  • Still communist corrupt fake news propaganda machine owned by CCP keeps Magical Hydroxycloroquine hidden from people

    arya iraniarya irani2 days ago
  • They never were up

    Matt BardellMatt Bardell2 days ago
  • They've made their billions themselves and in assisting their friends and families companies and businesses in every way so now they don't care about figures and will down play infection rates. Infection rates are dropping because before they needed everywhere to be stocked for vaccines for people to take. Suddenly to show it's worked they now need to say that infection rates are low

    Mo SheikhMo Sheikh2 days ago
  • Media sources all need removing, in a less than friendly way after this is all over.

    NoouxNooux2 days ago
    • If this panicdemic is over and sheeple wake-up

      arya iraniarya irani2 days ago
  • It’ll be back in winter time

    Alicia WalkerAlicia Walker3 days ago
  • It's all about where and who you test. The only thing that should be discussed is excess mortality and hospitalisations. Enough of this nonsense. We know the numbers. Clapping an empty NHS a national embarrassment. Summer's coming. Everyone needs to be out getting fit, not couped up getting fat. Wake up.

    Roland GrangeRoland Grange3 days ago
  • Hi Why have they allowed people to watch the snooker with a full audience many not wearing masks and some having their masks under their chin also many not covering their nose, organisers need to get there act together and tighten up their duties, or is it just all about making money or all a big joke. 2 Jabs Robbie. 😷

    robin andersonrobin anderson3 days ago
    • You answered your own question.

      Eric ShaunEric Shaun2 days ago
  • Can i stop wearing this useless mask now?

    WahWahWehWahWahWahWehWah3 days ago
  • Lies

    Shaun BrittonShaun Britton3 days ago
  • Before Covid, whenever the mainstream media showed the British public, Mslms were no where to be seen. They were only aired if it had to do with extremism. Since covid19, suddenly Mslms are in almost every thumbnail depicting the British public. This a subtle way of associating Mslms with the virus. People subconsciously begin to assume that Mslms are the virus spreaders. Fueling further hatred towards them. Well done Evening Standard you have done us proud👏

    R MR M3 days ago
  • this is never going to end. it’s still going to be around like the flu and common cold.

    Kaitlyn SanghaKaitlyn Sangha3 days ago
    • give it a few years and we’ll have a vaccine effective enough to fight against all the variants. i’m still getting over the fact that they made a few in under a year lol

      Kaitlyn SanghaKaitlyn SanghaDay ago
    • @Kaitlyn Sangha no, I agree with you. In fact, vaccines are Ok, but not very good against current variants and vaccines are basically ineffective against E484K mutation, so really even if Covid doesn't mutate much more, we are still going to see A LOT more death, however more mutations and we could see even more deaths potentially.

      M.R. 29M.R. 292 days ago
    • exactly lol. it’s gonna keep mutating to the point where vaccines aren’t gonna be much help. well that’s my opinion anyways (don’t attack me)

      Kaitlyn SanghaKaitlyn Sangha2 days ago
    • only a lot deadlier

      M.R. 29M.R. 292 days ago
  • Cold/Flu season stops, Coronavirus cases drop. Funny that.

    James MorrisonJames Morrison3 days ago
  • The only pandemic is the plandemic for endemic panic.

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler3 days ago
  • Or in pre 2020 English - The cold and flu season is over this year. Next winter they will act shocked when it returns :)

    Jamie ZJamie Z3 days ago
    • India and Brazil say HELLOOO!

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
  • rates dropping as the seasons change.. my who would have guessed... of course they have to pretend its down to the great golden god of science and its vaccine.. but they also need to keep the fear and anxiety going hence the bigging up of the India narrative..

    john alexanderjohn alexander3 days ago
  • Most of the people in SAGE are corrupt. The few that care are drowned out by the real "covidiots"

    Worldwide RemixWorldwide Remix3 days ago
  • Yeah

    Mathew GroverMathew Grover3 days ago
  • Stop deceiving the people... stop the biggest crime against humanity!!!!

    Himalayan BarneyHimalayan Barney3 days ago
  • Comparing Winter ❄️🥶 Excess Deaths With Spring and Possibly Summer 🤨 . Worse Scam In Human History There's no Such thing as EXCESS SPRING or SUMMER DEATHS . Governments have been doing Excess winter Deaths reports for years

    niceguy60niceguy603 days ago
  • This is great news, Covid levels are low. We must continue to get the nation vaccinated.

    Guts BerserkerGuts Berserker3 days ago
  • What evidence is this based on...

    Paul ScourfieldPaul Scourfield4 days ago
  • 🤡

    Pedallin rawPedallin raw4 days ago

    HRH Princess Rachel of NorfolkHRH Princess Rachel of Norfolk4 days ago
  • adding to my last message... maybe I'm wrong but was suggesting it's mainly theatre staged by media - i.e - there are no more dead bodies than usual (callous though that sounds).

    TrojanBusTrojanBus4 days ago
  • So... it is better in summer/ or in warm weather, and worse in cold/winter? That's what we were told, right? So, why India so bad - 50 degrees and a heatwave...erm...? Also, unfortunately, people do die in the streets in Delhi from all sorts of bad things.

    TrojanBusTrojanBus4 days ago
  • The fairytale is at its end. Now it's time for you brits to return to the superficial lives. The show must go on.

    Shouting MutenessShouting Muteness4 days ago
  • Comparing December , Winter respiratory problems with May's 🤔🤦

    niceguy60niceguy604 days ago
  • I don't know anyone with covid and never mind anyone that has died with this flu.

    Stuart ParkerStuart Parker4 days ago
  • As Ned Flanders would say “It’s a scamdiddlydemic,live your lives good neighbourinoes”

    Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
  • The pandemic story is a massive psy op to bring about worldwide communistic control. Stop complying to the fake and immoral rules.

    Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
  • Plandemic.

    RecklessReckless4 days ago
    • Lol

      Worldwide RemixWorldwide Remix3 days ago
  • Sunshine

    T CT C4 days ago
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    Sandra OwenSandra Owen5 days ago
    • @secretive Scorpio. Bots lol

      Habib BhaiHabib Bhai3 days ago
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      secretive Scorpiosecretive Scorpio4 days ago
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      Patricia WillifredPatricia Willifred5 days ago
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      Patricia WillifredPatricia Willifred5 days ago
  • This is exactly why I've refused the jab it won't make any difference their will just change the goalpost I guarantee we will still be like this at Christmas it's the big reset in full swing

    Leonard DouglasLeonard Douglas5 days ago
    • @jess horne it's a pointless vaccine the country will still be living like prisoners wearing masks as well we didn't lockdown the whole country and destroy the economy and push mental health through the roof for the normal flu

      Leonard DouglasLeonard Douglas3 days ago
    • @Leonard Douglas have you ever questioned the flu vaccine in such a way? cases have gone down so much since the rollout of the vaccine, what are you not seeing here? 😭

      jess hornejess horne3 days ago
    • @jess horne and still Dominic raab says face masks and social distancing still gonna be in stop believing these idiots but the vaccine works yeah right

      Leonard DouglasLeonard Douglas3 days ago
    • @Wafiq B 4 in every million doses will cause blood clotting, it’s classified as a rare side effect because there is literally a 99.9% change you will not experience it.

      jess hornejess horne3 days ago
    • @Leonard Douglas it will and it already is, cases have shot down so there would be no reason to change the date of opening everything.

      jess hornejess horne3 days ago
  • Covid is nothing

    Jordan FranceJordan France5 days ago
  • Come flu season, the normal flu will again be replaced with covid , same symptoms different name, India covid 20, maybe?

    Chris UK2Chris UK25 days ago
    • India and Brazil say HELLOOO!

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
  • Hang the media after a fair trial

    Mic CMic C5 days ago
  • Just the flu with a kick ass marketing campaign.

    Roger SmithRoger Smith5 days ago
    • Thats a crazy contagious flue. We never had lockdowns, masks social distancing in previous years yet the death rate is higher than previous years

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
    • with teaser trailers... "coming soon, near you... lockdown, the next chapter"

      RS RayzorRS Rayzor4 days ago
  • obviously ... we out of flu season ... covid BS just a flu ... go research

    Leigh AstonLeigh Aston5 days ago
  • Flu has been hijacked by Coroni and now flu season is ending. Coroni will be back in the autumn as he's off on holiday to place's you sheep can't go 😂.

    Reverend Jim SpannerReverend Jim Spanner5 days ago
    • India and Brazil say HELLOOO!

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
    • @jesus Who 🤔.?

      Reverend Jim SpannerReverend Jim Spanner5 days ago
    • like your brain got hijacked by dumbness

      jesusjesus5 days ago
  • Anyone I know who knows someone who died from “covid” always say there were other complications. 10 years from now, it’ll be exposed how we exaggerated it and that’s what lead us into “future” debt

    C ViascoC Viasco5 days ago
  • There is no safe space in life , we all die. So let’s live rich , meaningful, risk filled lives because that is what being an adult is about. The complete infantilisation of our society over a illness with a 99percent survival rate is pathetic and cowardly and the middle class mummies who mask up little Lucas and Emily are repellent in my view.

    Kent Davidson urban adventuresKent Davidson urban adventures5 days ago
    • @Eric Shaun Let me guess, all media is lies, how dumb can you be?

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge2 days ago
    • @steve aldridge yep, cause you were there weren't you.

      Eric ShaunEric Shaun2 days ago
    • Survival rate for fake virus is 100%.

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
    • yep, cos that worked out well in India didn't it

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge5 days ago
  • Scamdemic

    Tracy SealTracy Seal5 days ago
  • Congrats to those who took the mark. You gained nothing and have lost everything. The India strain will cause the next lockdown. You can't vax a horseman. Stupid people. (I'm stupid too)! But the Lord can use a foolish man to confound the wise.

    Retro GuyRetro Guy5 days ago
    • @Ozymandias It's not hard to understand what I mean, what are you confused about? Also, I'm not a street preacher.

      Retro GuyRetro Guy2 days ago
    • @Retro Guy you

      OzymandiasOzymandias2 days ago
    • @Ozymandias Who is that addressed to?

      Retro GuyRetro Guy2 days ago
    • Talking like a street preacher just makes you sound more unstable that your argument, I’m not even quite sure what you’re trying to say

      OzymandiasOzymandias2 days ago
    • @MrNurdiboy Am I better than them, no. Am I smarter than them, probably not. The one thing I did do was pray to avoid deception. That doesn't make me better, just better prepared. You think I'm being sanctimonious because you too, it seems, have not heeded the scriptural warnings about the end of days and what they're going to be like, you also haven't looked into the beast system or the mark of the beast, or the Pharisees, or Biblical history, or modern history.. . . . If you had, you wouldn't say those things to me, STUDY and show yourself approved! Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. This IS the falling away, the apostasy and great deception, you either see it or you don't. If you don't, ask why. Are you believing men? These men who agree with Bill Gates and Claus Shwaab, who echo Fauci and Biden! These men of God who think that changing your bodies chemistry is okay!? You keep calling me sanctimonious. I love you enough to tell you the truth and you lay a trap at my feet! God bless you with wisdom! Open your eyes!

      Retro GuyRetro Guy5 days ago
  • Its all lies.....DO NOT COMPLY

    Lisa RitchieLisa Ritchie5 days ago
    • @Zenn22 I bet your mum and dad are so embarassed.

      Eric ShaunEric Shaun2 days ago
    • i bet your kids are so embarrassed

      Zenn22Zenn222 days ago
    • @Paul Hoye Indeed - over one million people in London showed that.

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
    • @Red Pill Nibbler and they know we know it..they ain't fooling everyone

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye4 days ago
    • 100% scamdiddlydemic.

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
  • Propaganda is a powerful weapon. A scared nation is a controllable one. Wake up! This time last year people were dying in the streets of Wuhan and then we were locked down. Do you think India had a year off from Covid? Use your brains people! It's not hard to see that this is all bs!

    Commando ColCommando Col5 days ago
  • Have they by any chance switched the covid vaccines for regular flu vaccines? It seems absurd that they would execute Bill Gates and then give everyone Bill Gates' depop vaccine.

    John PeacockJohn Peacock5 days ago

    John PeacockJohn Peacock5 days ago
  • Sage have told the government they will have to stop, using the deaths within 28 days of a positive test, because people who have had a jab, will be counted as covid although they died of something else. Think about what there saying there!

    G raffG raff5 days ago
  • well iv not had covid i dont no anyone whos had it or died from it and i dont believe a single word out of the media or governments mouth there all payed liars and can rot in hell

    Paul FisherPaul Fisher5 days ago
  • I don't care eney more.

    David DalbyDavid Dalby5 days ago
    • Mee eever

      ShiDShiD5 days ago
    • Just don't take test or poison vaaax

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye5 days ago
    • Anymore

      Mike DavisMike Davis5 days ago
  • Strange pattern emerging, just like last year. Let me think now, it sounds like FLU season is over again

    Billy BassBilly Bass5 days ago
    • @Red Pill Nibbler dude, PCR?? SARS-COV-2 whole genome has been genetically sequenced multiple times by multiple sources and the information is publicly available for anybody to verify. All you need is a "COVID positive" sample, take it to a contract lab with NGS capabilities and run it through a sequencer to verify it is one and the same genetic code as the ones publicly available.

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
    • Flu season in India and Brazil?

      Bon JoviBon Jovi3 days ago
    • Taxi for jesus.....

      Billy BassBilly Bass4 days ago
    • @Billy Bass I personally know 2 old people who died as all organs failed starting from lungs? you think its from flu? what about dead people pilling on the road side and burnt in india right now people begging for oxygen cylinders,ventilators ?billy thinks that those are just actors hired by democrats to destroy the righteousness and godliness of trump daddy's regime? how ignorant can one be ffs, you are to spoilt and too ignorant to live in today's world stop acting like a man baby closing your eyes on everything daddy don't want you to see, and stop jumping and doing mental gymnastics on even the slightest conclusion to confirm your lunacy see a doctor.

      jesusjesus4 days ago
    • @jesus i see them all, they live!!

      Billy BassBilly Bass4 days ago
  • People r been scared of been told off not covid it's pathetic grow some balls and admit it's a scam

    T CT C5 days ago
  • Plandemic.

    BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred5 days ago
    • More like Pandemic

      Mr TMr T3 days ago
  • So let's get the passports sorted so the responsible people can get back to "normal" living

    steve aldridgesteve aldridge5 days ago
    • @Richardu Stallmanu - I don't think there's any conspiracy theorists left, I think are the theories are now facts.

      G HG H2 days ago
    • They need to take away the period key from conspiracy theorists. I swear, the ellipsis per paragraph rate with them is dizzying -- if I had to actually read what they write correctly I'd be here all day.

      Richardu StallmanuRichardu Stallmanu3 days ago
    • @steve aldridge Actually the science is saying the gene editing drug is dangerous.....but there are too many people at the top who have interests in it succeeding... those are the facts....not your misinformation. 60% of all corvid cases presenting now have had the with odds like that who would want to risk death or worse by taking it?..It doesn’t work. Once you have had it you don’t get any relief from the restrictions...masks distancing why have it?

      Lisa RitchieLisa Ritchie3 days ago
    • @Bon Jovi Do they?.....the mRNA has not done its work yet......I think this winter will be the test of its toxicity.....much too early to tell yet. The figures for death and adverse reactions are still not in...its too early to make assumptions thats its safe.

      Lisa RitchieLisa Ritchie3 days ago
    • @Bon Jovi - Who's told you that, would it be the same people who said Saddam Hussein had WMD and Jimmy Saville was a wonderful guy 🤣🤣🤣

      G HG H3 days ago
  • Enjoy your freedom while covi is on holiday .....he will be back in a few weeks ready to do the GoV business !!

    willi fufuwilli fufu5 days ago
  • I love it when they say nameless experts, WHO?! get them to put their titles and reputations on the line.

    Beefy McshredBeefy Mcshred5 days ago
    • @Beefy Mcshred so many sheeple take everything at face value

      Paul HoyePaul HoyeDay ago
    • @robloxian64 respect? Who am I supposed to respect?! If you lost family members and loved ones because of the advice of so called 'experts' wouldn't you like to know who they are???!!!

      Beefy McshredBeefy McshredDay ago
    • They dont want to be named you need to respect that,so immature.

      robloxian64robloxian64Day ago
    • Government funded yes men.

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
    • @Paul Hoye yes that's a very good one, and again WHICH STUDY?! why dont you tell us WHO wrote said study?! Have they been correct in the past, how many studies have they done previously to this one.

      Beefy McshredBeefy Mcshred5 days ago
  • " Some experts are warning there's not enough information on the effects of lifting restrictions" Just when you thought you'd heard it all

    secretive Scorpiosecretive Scorpio5 days ago
    • @Worldwide Remix you're naive if you dont think the great reset is a thing

      stuart mcdermidstuart mcdermid3 days ago
    • @Red Pill Nibbler now this isn't a red pill or a white pill. It's a BS pill.

      Worldwide RemixWorldwide Remix3 days ago
    • @Lisa Ritchie All true and don’t forget the five gee system that everyone seems to have forgotten about will be at full capacity tying together the AI infrastructure.Also five gee at 60 GHz..........

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
    • Nothing surprises me anymore,it looks like abnormality is here to stay as the new normal.

      Red Pill NibblerRed Pill Nibbler4 days ago
    • @Lisa Ritchie yeah, there will be no going back to normal like the sheep are expecting

      secretive Scorpiosecretive Scorpio4 days ago
  • Brainwashing 😂😂😂

    Steven TolleySteven Tolley5 days ago
  • Scamdemic

    BallyandyBallyandy5 days ago
    • @Mr T No, I had it correct

      BallyandyBallyandy3 days ago

      Mr TMr T3 days ago
    • Lmao

      Worldwide RemixWorldwide Remix3 days ago
  • No one cares

    zoe Chengzoe Cheng5 days ago
  • What you mean to say is cases are through the floor., however you are so disingenuous you can't state simple facts.

    andylaaukandylaauk5 days ago
    • @Lisa Ritchie Well I am happy to continue debating the points and arguments but it seems like you are only interested in listening to what you already think. Good luck to you too. To anyone reading this thread I hope you can appreciate how these peoples arguments completely crumble under the weight of minimal scrunity.

      Vikesh RaiVikesh Rai4 hours ago
    • @Vikesh Rai I believe this conversation is at an end. Neither of us will benefit from further discussion. Good luck to you.

      Lisa RitchieLisa Ritchie6 hours ago
    • @Lisa Ritchie I don't care about your ad hominem attacks you have any factual rebuttal to my points? If not then you should have the sense to question whether what you are espousing is actually correct. Call me 'high minded' but I prefer to debate on the merits of an argument rather than resorting to name calling. And I suffer from inflammatory bowel disease why I have received both doses already (along with 15 million others)....not sure why that makes me a liar or stupid.

      Vikesh RaiVikesh Rai7 hours ago
    • @Vikesh Rai You need to be less high minded. In my line of work i must understand many things... Given your supposed level of knowledge on this subject the fact that you tell me you have had both doses gives me the impression that you are either not very bright or not being completely truthful. I wonder if you would say that under oath when I ask in a court of law. Given the current awakening of the general public I suspect we will soon be busy prosecuting many suspects over their handling of this whole affair, politicians, civil servants National health management , doctors and so on. Many will receive very long custodial sentences.

      Lisa RitchieLisa Ritchie11 hours ago
    • ​@Lisa Ritchie I didn't say public concerns were invalid. But there's a difference between 'public concerns' based on reasonable understanding of the science versus complete falsehoods like 'gene editing' , 'COVID has not been isolated' and 'deaths are only being counted within 28 days' - none of these claims you have been able to remotely defend. Your concerns have to be rooted in something tangible otherwise you are just making wild speculations about things you don't understand. And yes, I have had both doses already.

      Vikesh RaiVikesh Rai11 hours ago
  • What covid

    Susan KeelanSusan Keelan5 days ago