Covid vaccine: 34 million receive first dose

Apr 29, 2021
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More than 14 million people are now fully vaccinated, having received their second Covid vaccine.
Government data up to April 28 shows that of the 48,138,009 jabs given in the UK so far, 34,094,048 were first doses - a rise of 134,140 on the previous day.
It comes as Matt Hancock received his vaccination at the Science Museum on Thursday, administered by England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam.
There have been 22 coronavirus-related deaths and 2,445 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to official government figures.
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  • You went 1 million over we know you wanted to put 33

    JR 666JR 6665 days ago
  • 34 million walking viral shedders out folks. The experimental gene therapy jab is killing and affecting thousands See yellow card reporting system cdc and vaers, they show a percentage of the affects reported. Bring on the nuremberg trials, the court case in Bromley Court for Prosecution of Hancock witty vallance and ferguson and a request for investigation has been sent to the Hague re UK govt on genocide, crimes against humanity and breeches of the nuremberg code 😀

    Jen BeageJen Beage5 days ago
  • The genocide begins...

    Martyn JukesMartyn Jukes5 days ago
  • IF TRUE , Poor blighters .

    MinorRhoad'sMinorRhoad's5 days ago
  • Untill they can tell me the long term effects, I am going nowhere near it

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguard5 days ago
  • “Good morning citizen of Glorious United Kingdom. Great Leader and God Emperor Boris Johnson bring many blessing on us with needlecraft update. Today figures are as follow.........Remember thanking Great Baron King Matt Hancock for allowing us to be free and healthy, by the grace and benevolence of God Emperor Boris. GLORY TO GOD EMPEROR BORIS, GLORY TO GOD EMPEROR BORIS, DEATH TO SCIENCE DENIERS!”

    Penda of MerciaPenda of Mercia5 days ago
  • Good luck to them. I hope they all asked for the Patient Information Leaflet before rolling up sleeves. They are supposed to be issued with this leaflet so that they can make an informed choice about taking an experimental substance.

    Steven TolleySteven Tolley5 days ago
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    RR5 days ago
  • The NHS stopped tallying and releasing statistics months ago. So how...🤔

    Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
  • 34 million receive first sterilisation jab.

    NPC KnucklesNPC Knuckles5 days ago
  • Virus out of control due to mass vaccination. Look up Geert Vanden Bossche.

    Margaret ChantMargaret Chant5 days ago
    • Yep and these people not realising what they have pumped into them will be shedding.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
  • Whatever

    Susan KeelanSusan Keelan5 days ago
  • There is a simple way of getting rid of low iq individuals that are easily manipulated via propaganda. Don't forget to get your jab. Save the NHS and a puppy.

    Roy EdgeRoy Edge6 days ago
    • But these are the kind of obedient lap dogs the powers that be need around to build back better. People who are able to think for themselves are of no use to the regime.

      OMFSOMFS5 days ago
  • Alot of sheeple do it to virtue signal 'look at me I'm a good person'

    RustyNutsRustyNuts6 days ago
    • My mate is a total end of a bell. He and his other half have had it so they can go on holiday. I partly hope he gets a severe reaction(not fatal obviously) just as a punishment.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
  • I'm holding out for the free doughnuts 🤣

    Elongated MushElongated Mush6 days ago
  • If that’s the case then stop pushing it down our throats every 2 minutes. If people want it great, if people don’t want it great. Why resort to spending millions on advertisements, millions on fake celebrity photo shoots and soon to be out and out threats of removing your human rights ? Do people forget that in the height of the covid outbreak here in the UK it equated to 14 deaths per million population ? Covid is not even in the same class as Ronald McDonald

    brizeebrizee6 days ago
  • I'm a person not a lab rat . What guarantee is there that adverse effects won't manifest themselves in the future ?Why give it to children ? Why vacinate so many for a virus they,ve admitted is no deadlier than the flu ? Why still carry out vacinations when infections are at their lowest ? Trust untrustworthy people ? No way .....They can stuff their vaccine .

    John HarrisJohn Harris6 days ago
  • ANY news about covid, i just look at the like to dislike ratio. Says it all really.

    Waqar AhmedWaqar Ahmed6 days ago
    • @Waqar Ahmed Then you will be forever kept in servitude.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
    • @Lost in translation I think they stopped caring about it long time ago. They made eunichs out of most people, they know theres no such thing as a rebellion anymore. Its a one way street now pretty much

      Waqar AhmedWaqar Ahmed5 days ago
    • It's a shame the MSM and government don't. Then they would realise that people are no longer swallowing it.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
  • So do you guys believe in the number of covid cases in China?

    十一十一6 days ago
  • It doesn't matter if 100% take it...this aint going anywhere, we are very much down the rabbit hole

    PrY3PrY36 days ago
  • You know that old saying "Think how stupid the average person is, half of all people are dumber than that" well the UK population is around 70 million...

    WarWulf778WarWulf7786 days ago
  • That's a lot of pricks !!! SCAMDEMIC

    clobber onlineclobber online6 days ago
  • No to forced or coerced vaccines/tests/passports.

    BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred6 days ago
  • I think another lockdown will happen once all the clubs have been open for a week

    free your soulfree your soul6 days ago
    • It may be forced on the public but they won't abide by it anymore.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
  • My dad had 1st vaccine in January... 2nd one, April 16th.... He went to doctors today saying he having trouble breathing for them to covid test him to tell him to stay home for 14 days in self isolation... Like wait... he's had two vaccines.... If we can't get rid of covid what's the point in having vaccines... If he goes back next 2 week will it still show he's got covid... Something doesn't add up

    free your soulfree your soul6 days ago
    • @free your soul Boris wants us to become junkies, but without the payoff of a high!

      MiniLemmyMiniLemmy5 days ago
    • @Betterdeadthanred I've not had the vax.. I probably won't have it... But boris said take the vaccine and get us back to normal... What's normal .. it's not happening is it Apparently we got to have a shot every year now... This is what he was told today... They moving the goal posts it's bs

      free your soulfree your soul6 days ago
    • The “vaccine” wasn’t a response to covid. Covid was an excuse for the “vaccine”

      BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred6 days ago
  • 34 million now in the largest clinical trials in the world! All jab rats for pharma! All vaccines are only approved for emergency use.. as they are still in trials until 2023! Goodluck jab rats! When you get prions disease and aids.. you can’t sue the vax makers.. they are immune from liabilities..

    Jessica RoseJessica Rose6 days ago
  • I got my jab invitation.... I kindly declined and if someone else wants it, your welcome to it!!! I’m no test subject!!

    Claire ParkerClaire Parker6 days ago
  • All because they wanna holiday. Fools

    • Accurate statement - I’ve asked people I work with why they’ve taken the jab when the virus itself is not even that deadly to those with functioning immune systems, and they told me they got it only so they can go abroad and get in to venues

      MiniLemmyMiniLemmy5 days ago
    • indeed

      kyedkyed6 days ago
  • I don't believe the figures. I'm never having one.

    The Social ContractThe Social Contract6 days ago
    • @R S 🤣 thinking politicians tell the truth.

      WarWulf778WarWulf7785 days ago
    • @R S Facts? Official government figures. (UK) Over 700000 adverse reactions,. Including over 1000 deaths, severe conditions strokes/ heart attacks/paralysis/ blindness ++. .. and those are only the figures that have been reported! If there's one thing that the 'authorities'are good at it's spinning the numbers and stats!

      Gary DavidGary David6 days ago
    • 😂 who needs facts anyway. AMIRIGHT!?

      R SR S6 days ago
  • Half of the U.K. population are officially sheeple.....

    MiniLemmyMiniLemmy6 days ago
    • @MiniLemmy Yeah my mate and his tart have also. I c$%^ted him off for it.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
    • @R S I know some people that have taken it just so they can get in to venues and countries that demand vaccine passports....or selling their souls as I call it

      MiniLemmyMiniLemmy5 days ago
    • I thought no one wanted it?

      R SR S6 days ago
  • I doubt very much lol, this reeks of desperation.

    RedwolfRedwolf6 days ago
  • 34 million dead souls waiting to die by 2025 😂😂😂😂

    Valter LaniValter Lani6 days ago
    • @Victor The vaccine is not fully tested and makers don't have evidence that there will be no ADE side effects. No, it's not true for other coronaviruses. Pharmaceutical industry tried to produce vaccine for other coronaviruse before and many times infants and test animals died from ADE. In 60s they tried to make Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccine for infants and many infants become ill after vaccination and two of them died. Due to the exposure to virus in nature (different version of the virus). aka ADE. Anyway, they (vaccine producers) also don't take responsibility for negative side effects of vaccine so: No liability, no trust!

      Yamato980Yamato9805 days ago
    • @Yamato980 Neither COVID-19 disease nor the new COVID-19 vaccines have shown evidence of causing ADE. People infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, have not been likely to develop ADE upon repeat exposure. This is true of other coronaviruses as well. Likewise, studies of vaccines in the laboratory with animals or in the clinical trials in people have not found evidence of ADE.

      VictorVictor5 days ago
    • @Lost in translation correct, they gonna suffer from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) phenomenon.

      Yamato980Yamato9805 days ago
    • @Hubble Telescope When they release the next Scamdemic in 2025. The vaccine will make your body unable to attack It, so many will die...I'd hazard a guess.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
    • Why not 2024? Where's the 2025 year coming from?

      Hubble TelescopeHubble Telescope5 days ago
  • Go on the yellow card adverse effects site it will blow you're mind, over 550 thousand adverse effects, that's just the az vaccine alone Many deaths, crimes against humanity, wake up everybody 🙏

    Bob DavieBob Davie6 days ago
    • They won't wake up. They have a great delusion over them and they are content.

      Riley fozzRiley fozz6 days ago
  • The sheep go bah

    no rest for the wickedno rest for the wicked6 days ago
  • 34 million ignorant people. Well done

    Golden SerenityGolden Serenity6 days ago
  • No happening here. Take it if you want to be an unpaid test subject.

    andylaaukandylaauk6 days ago
    • @R S hes telling people the truth. Sadly the vaxxed have been sold a lie. There ain't too much to laugh about this couldn't get more serious if we tried.

      Jen BeageJen Beage5 days ago
    • @R S You are in the minority sweet cheeks.

      Lost in translationLost in translation5 days ago
    • @R S Andy is right and we do care

      M TM T5 days ago
    • LOL you never get bored. Same message every single day. Get a life Andy. No one cares.

      R SR S6 days ago
  • I must pop out to be a guinea pig !

    slackdeeslackdee6 days ago
  • The jab is definitely not a vaccine, any more than a syringe full of heroin is. It is a gene therapy, and an experimental one at that.

    MrRobtwothirdsMrRobtwothirds6 days ago
    • @The T and children who have virtually no risk from Covid are now being injected with an experimental drug which will, as stated by their makers, alter their natural immune system in ways we do not yet know. this could never happen in a free society, it could only happen in a tyranny, and could only be tolerated by a subject population in a state of mass, fear induced, psychosis.

      MrRobtwothirdsMrRobtwothirds5 days ago
    • Exactly, never finished clinical trials but people are queuing up for it? Crazy that common sense doesn't exist anymore.

      The TThe T6 days ago