Free twice-weekly Covid tests to be offered to everyone in England

Apr 5, 2021
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Everyone in England is to be offered free, twice-weekly coronavirus tests as ministers prepare for the next stage of easing lockdown restrictions.
The lateral flow tests - which can provide results in around 30 minutes - will be available from Friday, regardless of whether people have symptoms.
The announcement comes as Boris Johnson is due to meet senior ministers on Monday to sign off the next stage of the road map out of lockdown.
People will be able to obtain a test through a home ordering service, workplace or school testing programme, or by collecting one at a local test site.
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  • Do not engage with our criminal government theyl use this against us to further their agenda .

    Lynn BeynonLynn Beynon10 days ago
  • Having a covid test when you have nothing wrong with you makes as much sense as having chemotherapy just in case you unknowingly have cancer. Basically, if you do it you are an idiot.

    A YA Y12 days ago
  • Are those the tests coated with ethylene oxide which is a known cancer agent? Hmmmm. No wonder they are “free.”

    Lee PenLee Pen12 days ago
  • More testing more money for the pharmas ,this pandemic is so predictable now ,The hoax is over ,people have woken 👊

    Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12 days ago
  • Unless Government absolutely guarantee financial support during the quarantine phase of a potential positive test, there are shed loads of working Men and Women who will not volunteer for these tests, particularly if someone is doing work for an employment agency. It seems to me that there were reports of small print excluding people from getting the financial support they were promised they would get, if they get tested and the entire household has to self isolate. Sorry, but for this reason....I won't be investing in this.

    Michael 271Michael 27112 days ago
  • Nano Barcoded no thanks .

    MinorRhoad'sMinorRhoad's12 days ago
  • So the cases are dropping...what can we do to increase the numbers.....

    MrForbzy69MrForbzy6912 days ago
  • The missus has bought a load of window boxes so we can avoid going to the local park for our summer staycation-who wants to get cased.

    Jac CrystalJac Crystal13 days ago
  • You know where to stick your tests dont you?

    Decimus Septimus TutelusDecimus Septimus Tutelus13 days ago
  • Stop swabbing they've etholine oxide on, the masks are toxic, pcr gives high % false positives and the experimental gene therapy jab is still on trial until 2023/24 Yellow card reporting system, cdc and vaers reporting deaths and side affects Do fois for the number of people who died of covid only and how many died 28 days after the jab

    Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
  • No thanks.

    LUDOLUDO13 days ago
  • Are the swabs sterilized using Ethylene Oxide? Ethylene Oxide is a cancer causing substance.

    Vali NovaVali Nova13 days ago
    • @Rafal Malicha Didn't know that. The world is messed up beyond belief.

      Vali NovaVali Nova11 days ago
    • So is the alkohol and cigarettes and yet millions of morons use it every day.

      Rafal MalichaRafal Malicha12 days ago
  • Do these flow tests produce false positives? If so, we're screwed.

    Vali NovaVali Nova13 days ago
  • No point in being Tested since we need to "ACT LIKE YOU'VE GOT IT"

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown13 days ago
  • Bill Gates is a crown agent.

    Kieran 7177Kieran 717713 days ago
  • You can get stuffed I'm not going along with your bulls**t.

    Try and Remove me You TubeTry and Remove me You Tube14 days ago
  • TW@S

    M00- HAM-HEADM00- HAM-HEAD14 days ago
  • So the same scheme Vietnam has been doing since March 2020.

    MegaKapo12MegaKapo1214 days ago
  • These tests do not allow you to travel through an airport or travel on an aeroplane

    djjlcdjjlc14 days ago
  • Nano Tech & Morgellons, DNA data, blood type identification. That is a firm NO from me.

    Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago
  • What if people sell off their test kits? And also, what if they get healthy individuals to take it on their behalf?

    Sarah Jasmine MSarah Jasmine M14 days ago
    • What if we all just sprayed Dettox on them.

      Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago
  • good way getting your dna. make sure you give name date of birth. ethnicity. where you live. we don't need finger prince just your DNA

    • Target, Blood Types.

      Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago
  • So where do the vaccines come in then, if you had a vaccine then why do we need a test twice a week 🤔

    Lynne7771ifyLynne7771ify14 days ago
  • There is no pandemic. If it were not for the media and government tyranny, you would scarcely even be aware that there was a virus going around. Stop consuming the media, and stop voting in this corrupt permanent political class (Con/Lab/Dem, it's just the old shell game con trick).

    Blog4JusticeBlog4Justice14 days ago
  • All MPs must be prosecuted for Treason.

    Mooky Mook of FartvilleMooky Mook of Fartville14 days ago
    • @Jen Beage - - I have :) I'm interested to see where it leads.

      Mooky Mook of FartvilleMooky Mook of Fartville13 days ago
    • Look up Michael Obernica and reiner fuellmich

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
    • @ScootaKuH Respect!!

      Mooky Mook of FartvilleMooky Mook of Fartville14 days ago
    • I support this.

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Keep them.

    Gary O'NeillGary O'Neill14 days ago
  • Stick em where the sun dont shine

    KKT1KKT114 days ago
  • Boo for Boris & Co., every Tuesday 8PM. Make some noise against the terrorists, their restrictions & their 'agenda'.

    sadie376sadie37614 days ago
  • Stupidity at it’s finest using a test not test for a virus what a joke what’s actually going on in the UK like what is this behaviour

    Musa NoahMusa Noah14 days ago
  • Don't need it if I was gonna get covid I would of already I haven't followed a single rules since all this bs started nd I'm still as healthy as a asthmatic smoker can be

    Paddy McguffiePaddy Mcguffie14 days ago
    • Same here..

      Chris JamesChris James12 days ago

    DarthRanger55DarthRanger5514 days ago
  • They need to manufacture as many cases as possible so that they can use the vaccine under emergency powers otherwise it wouldn't be allowed because its still in phase 3 trials thats why we are declaring a pandemic even though we had more deaths in 2018 per annum

    I AM JCI AM JC14 days ago
  • Must be struggling to make the numbers up

    I AM JCI AM JC14 days ago
  • Are they gmp certified ? Coz everything is! Which is how GM pharma is making money. Which is MPs company.

    Paul DunnePaul Dunne14 days ago
  • 😂 the workers are paying for them. As a tax payer I don’t agree with the money going straight to big pharmaceuticals. Covid relief or fill ya pockets?

    Paul DunnePaul Dunne14 days ago
  • Cancer kills more people than Covid but good luck getting a test for that anytime soon.

    Kevan KangKevan Kang14 days ago
  • So if they're doing free testing why i can't get my bloody GP appointment ridiculous

    BIgBanG VIPBIgBanG VIP14 days ago
  • Search: ‘The PCR false positive pseudo epidemic.’

    Mediterranean DietMediterranean Diet14 days ago
  • “The vast majority of people in the U.K. are now immune and there is absolutely no need for any experimental vaccine for COVID-19.” Dr Mike Yeadon Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer

    Mediterranean DietMediterranean Diet14 days ago
  • Their trying to get cases up as they are dropping so do not get tested please don’t give them an excuse to lock us back down again

    No soulNo soul14 days ago
    • Agree...tho good idea would be do one with coke or redbull they've both tested positive and post everywhere online show teachers doctors parents etc

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
  • Vaccine passports equals Chinese social credit score do not consent

    Gillian CaulfieldGillian Caulfield14 days ago
  • Tests to see if the killer jabs are doing their job.

    Bristol bull terrier.Bristol bull terrier.14 days ago
  • Roll up roll up... Get your ethelene oxide sticks here. Suckers.

    Martyn JukesMartyn Jukes14 days ago
  • Think about this. If 20M got tested x2 a week at just 1% false positive rate that will result in 400K false positives, nearly 60K per day. Even if the virus didn't exist at all that would be enough for them to demand more lockdown. This is biggest fraud and tyranny in history.

    Dan BrownDan Brown14 days ago
  • What What What

    Anthony CleggAnthony Clegg14 days ago
  • Sturgeon will be pleading for more UK gov money to introduce it in Scotland. Give them nothing as the SNP is using covid money to fund their election promises.

    Donny DeerDonny Deer14 days ago
  • What a disgrace

    Sonia CooksonSonia Cookson14 days ago
  • Warning...1 in 2 people to have cancer by 2027 according to cancer research uks official USworlds channel, video dated 2012...get woke folks.

    The TruthThe Truth14 days ago
    • But cancer doesn't matter because it's not an infectious virus with 99% survivability rate! Isn't that what the covid cultists say?

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Love how your forced into lock down but offered a vaccine

    Martin McGettiganMartin McGettigan14 days ago
    • Agree...or Manipulated on an emotional level, save the NHS, don't kill granny...take the experimental gene therapy jab or u won't get ur freedoms back which are given to us at birth not by govt

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
  • Watch the "cases" rise dramatically soon with a harder lockdown

    Colm mColm m14 days ago
  • How about hell no

    jonny 5jonny 514 days ago
  • I hope hermes deliver these because they will all be knackered.

    Sovereign DaveSovereign Dave14 days ago
  • If I start to get symptoms of covid (sick and tired of the overused word Corona virus) I will take a test. Until then it's a no from me.

    J CJ C14 days ago
    • Why? What does it prove? Why not just stay in and recover like people used to do before March last year? I haven't taken a test and I never will. If I fall ill I'll stay in and give myself chance to recover. If I take a turn for the worse I'll seek help. I don't need a test to know when I'm ill. This is nothing but a way for the government to justify further restrictions. Don't fall for it, you don't need to be tested. Nobody does.

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Offered or Compulsory? Which is it? Will I still be allowed to go to work if I tell them, like the vaccine (R.N.A. shrapnel) that doesn't vaccinate, they can stuff their swabs up their chocolate starfish?

    C HC H14 days ago
  • As the vaccine doesnt prevent you from getting covid, or being a carrier/spreader, and unvaccinated people pose a risk to vaccinated people, and people who didnt have covid before getting vaccinated got sick and died from the vaccine, then whats the point of the vaccine?

    Iron GamerIron Gamer14 days ago
    • The only point of the vaccine is control. Control of the populace, not the virus.

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Tests that don't work given to those who can't think by those who don't care. Good luck with that

    Joshua BellJoshua Bell14 days ago
  • Free? Great so it won’t be coming out of our taxes then 🤔

    patch Rpatch R14 days ago
  • And the witch hunt continues I really really hope everyone has an amazing summer because we will all be in lockdown come October. They will never let us go back.

    Chloe WinneyChloe Winney14 days ago
    • No, the unelected scientists who now micromanage every aspect of our lives enjoy the power too much. Lol

      Jesse BeeBrightJesse BeeBright14 days ago
    • Just stop complying

      CBD Review UKCBD Review UK14 days ago
  • Wow, aren't we so lucky, our government cares for us so much

    Ishtiaq AhmedIshtiaq Ahmed14 days ago
  • Can people stop testing themselves please, you just creating another lockdown soon ... those muppets will have the reason again to close everything up in September lol

    Maggie Miler BoidMaggie Miler Boid14 days ago
    • Just watch out for explosive growth in England _only_ (because natch the devolved nations are perfect and handling this better than New Zealand) when the autumn school and university terms start. Some stupid new variant not stopped by our 'quarantine' (lol) arrangements and it's back behind yer doors folks. At some point we need to say enough's enough and I suspect in some countries (likely not the UK) we will see civil unrest this summer if this drags on.

      M JM J14 days ago
  • Ethylene oxide

    sylvia belgeonnesylvia belgeonne14 days ago
  • Recent documentary.. pcr testing place

    sylvia belgeonnesylvia belgeonne14 days ago
  • They can stick them where the sun don't shine.!

    Peter HughesPeter Hughes14 days ago
    • That's exactly what they do in China I heard! Lol.

      Jesse BeeBrightJesse BeeBright14 days ago
    • That won't work

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
  • Ethylene oxide

    sylvia belgeonnesylvia belgeonne14 days ago
  • What’s in the swab.. research it.. all be ending up with ...

    sylvia belgeonnesylvia belgeonne14 days ago
    • Ethylene Oxide?

      Vali NovaVali Nova13 days ago
  • And will be put in the post box marked return to sender 😂

    No MercyNo Mercy14 days ago
    • Sender address.... the ccp Boris regime 😆

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
    • I have not had the jab so I won't be getting the tests, but saying that, I am an old woman and I don't go out.

      Lynne7771ifyLynne7771ify14 days ago
  • No thanks

    Wayne DavidWayne David14 days ago
  • They can offer what the hell the like. Im offering this 🖕

    Steven TolleySteven Tolley14 days ago
  • But I can’t have free asthma inhalers, even though I pay NI

    Nickie LouderNickie Louder14 days ago
    • Police are searching for help

      Peacock DreamsPeacock Dreams14 days ago
    • Poopy hair was the first thing

      Peacock DreamsPeacock Dreams14 days ago
    • Bless

      Maggie Miler BoidMaggie Miler Boid14 days ago
  • you all giving up you're DNA?

    Sharp101Sharp10114 days ago
    • *your

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
  • It’s becoming obvious this is an experiment now hard is it to understand?

    Zach PickfordZach Pickford14 days ago
    • It is. That's why we're seeing so many radical different strategies all over the world to see how people react and respond... You have a control group in New Zealand, then you had the likes of Peru and South Africa (hardcore lockdowns), then the likes of us (pathetic "lockdown" that lasts forever without being quite strong enough and is ignored), just to see what sticks.

      M JM J14 days ago
  • Government must be desperate to ramp up the false negatives to keep the agenda going, i'll stick to tossing a coin as it's far more accurate than those things.

    no1froggyno1froggy14 days ago
  • Wonder how much will it all cost for the taxpayers

    Wruce BayneWruce Bayne14 days ago
    • Billions

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
  • Do they go in the recycle bin or just the trash

    Stuart WallaceStuart Wallace14 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin The public paid for them against our will.

      Vali NovaVali Nova13 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin Boris has been burning plenty of our money so far the one thing he has done well

      Stuart WallaceStuart Wallace14 days ago
    • You paid for them. So go for it. Burn your own money. You'll only end up burning more money

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
  • It looks like a top up. Could be quite useful after we get our booster jab for the fifth mutation. In and out, in and out of the shot centre.

    R BrowneR Browne14 days ago
    • I cant afford to keep travelling to and from the vaccine centre.. I have to use no..sorry!

      Jesse BeeBrightJesse BeeBright14 days ago
    • Lockdown in time for August due to the Bolivian Antelope variant. Then another one at Christmas because some idiot lied and had been to some shithole in Brazil after all. And thus it continues forever. I am fast losing hope of ever regaining what we had prior to March 2020 and the world has just been changed too much.

      M JM J14 days ago
  • Gotta pump the numbers up.

    Jimmy HarrisonJimmy Harrison14 days ago
  • harvesting dna

    T KT K14 days ago
    • Literally not true

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
  • Anyone who takes these tests are contributing to the downfall, and the fact someone else pockets will be full, they have already said they are inaccurate and if you get a neg test you should still act as if you haveit eh. So what is the point. Bin em. You aint getting anywere

    Tim MarshTim Marsh14 days ago
    • My mum was supposed to have her eye done but had to take a test,she changed her mind,but they sent it to her anyway,sent to a foreign man he's name,our address ,she forgot the entire thing and the eye op

      Did WestDid West14 days ago
  • massive protests going on over lockdowns and these idiots come up with this... just taking the mick

    CBD Review UKCBD Review UK14 days ago
  • If you believe this so called pandemic is real give ur head a wobble

    Matt nocockMatt nocock14 days ago
  • The majority in the comments have zero clues on how these tests are actually done. I see people commenting " how much you want to bet all the positive or false positives youll get once you send these in". You dont "send in" anything, you do the test at home, you get the results at home in 30 minutes or less. You record your results via a website. The majority of you will get a negative, the few that get a positive you isolate for 10 days, then carry on as normal until your next test day. If your test comes back negative you carry on as normal until your next test day. If it means Im no longer being coerce into taking an experimental vaccine all the damn time, I have no issue taking a test at home 2 times a week, if it means everyone whos tested negative doesnt have to be in national lockdown anymore, Im ok with this.

    Fata MorganaFata Morgana14 days ago
    • So you self test twice per week and self isolate if you test positive and then continue to test yourself and continue to self isolate whenever you get a positive result....the problem is that millions of people have already had the virus and have natural immunity from this deadly virus that has a less than 1% mortality rate just the other 200 know viruses harmful to humans. If we already have natural immunity and antibodies then we do not need to be tested. Healthy people with natural immunity do not need to be tested. NO ONE SHOUKD BE TESTED IF THEY DON'T WANT TO BE.. Anyone supporting this notion is contributing to a future based in control and endless restrictions and our freedfom to be human.

      Ben MurrayBen Murray14 days ago
    • Get real. The lion's share of people will just NOT abide by a positive result and will NOT self-isolate - and that's just the people who take this test in the first place. Loads of people just won't, and if they are forced to despite being vaccinated then I would ask some very serious questions as to why that is necessary.

      M JM J14 days ago
    • @Drunkula's Retro Funtertainment Land! Yay! Np that's why I'm here

      Pure DieselPure Diesel14 days ago
    • @Pure Diesel Thanks Professor Excellence! You've saved us once again!

      Drunkula's Retro Funtertainment Land! Yay!Drunkula's Retro Funtertainment Land! Yay!14 days ago
  • People actually believe these lies and propaganda. Pretending everyone is ill and needs their snake oil. "Act like you have it." "It will soon be over." "Stay in unless you have to go out" baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Sweeney McTodSweeney McTod14 days ago
    • The UK's "lockdown" has gone on too long and nobody is listening anymore. It needed to be harsher and shorter, not this ineffective semi-Sweden limbo we've been living in. We are in a paradoxical situation - life feels too normal, therefore the virus keeps circulating and we still see new cases and deaths. And because of that restrictions stayed for longer, which means life can't actually BE normal.

      M JM J14 days ago
    • Have a cup of tea and a sit down, luv. All this is bad for your blood pressure and you're scaring the children.

      Drunkula's Retro Funtertainment Land! Yay!Drunkula's Retro Funtertainment Land! Yay!14 days ago

    A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?14 days ago
    • Ok

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
  • No thank you

    Jagdish BahiaJagdish Bahia14 days ago
  • Tests?what for?we never had tests before even when we had a very bad flu season!!We don't want that we wanna exercise, eat well and keep living it ain't TESTS for NOBODY!!!

    Jaime SebeJaime Sebe15 days ago
    • I agree with your statement but as someone who studied immunology for 5 years I can assure you flu season does not exist! We should rename it “low vitamin D season”. We only catch these illnesses due to the lack of natural vitamin D we absorb during the winter months! Older people absorb less and less vitamin D as they age, hence why I always advice people to supplement with tablets or drops! Vitamin D is responsible for 5% of our genome! Also fun fact: 96% of Covid fatality’s where vitamin D deficient! Have a good day!

    • Agree with your sentiment but in some cases they should at least offer free English lessons.

      SketchSketch14 days ago
  • Free nanoparticles and cancer CRIMINALS

    tnfnttnfnt15 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin jajajaj pobre pecador.

      tnfnttnfnt13 days ago
    • @tnfnt no

      Gregory KudzinGregory Kudzin14 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin do you want links?

      tnfnttnfnt14 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin TV is fake news, always, you didn't know? When they say fake news they just try to hide the truth

      tnfnttnfnt14 days ago
    • @Gregory Kudzin the virus is the vaccine. Before it was made by radiation and fear, doctors talking RESEARCH

      tnfnttnfnt14 days ago
  • I don't think this scheme will work. This is because no one wants to risk testing positive due to draconian lockdown rules and the possibility of a hefty fine should you break the lockdown. Also, you incriminate your friends. Doesn't the government see this????? All that taxpayers money wasted on buffoon politicians and their inadequate advice!

    LaHayeSaintLaHayeSaint15 days ago
    • Stop all masks pcr swabs sanitizer jsbs...all are harmful

      Jen BeageJen Beage13 days ago
    • Not to mention the false positives. Then there's the claims that testing kits are sterilized using the cancer causing chemical Ethylene Oxide.

      Vali NovaVali Nova13 days ago
  • Stuff that

    Morgan AmonnMorgan Amonn15 days ago

    mono manmono man15 days ago
  • Free 🤣

    TanjaTanja15 days ago
  • Reading between the lines, vaccination is not enough to curb the transmission of covid. Why doesn't the government come clean on this point. How are we meant to trust them subsequently? So, here we go again. More testing. Then what? More vaccination as soon as a virulent mutant strain is found. Does anyone else think we are going around in circles? When will this end? 2022? 2023? 2024? We can put our faith in God, but the government? Not so sure on that one.

    LaHayeSaintLaHayeSaint15 days ago
    • People are starting to get a strong whiff of _Eau_ _de_ _Rat_ . Speculation now that the UK is pursuing a zero COVID strategy but are just bullshitting the public to try and sneak it up on us.

      M JM J15 days ago
  • but you are going to have to pay at airports and it's going to be expensive why so some tory donor can make a fortune

    kimmcbride30kimmcbride3015 days ago
  • Free, how the F can they be free we are paying for them, stick your test where the 🌞 don't shine.

    Chris GreenwoodChris Greenwood15 days ago
  • The tips of these tests are sterilized with ethylene oxide that you then push up your nose twice a week..... ethylene oxide is carcinogenic to humans by inhalation. Google it!

    Mark FosterMark Foster15 days ago
  • No

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches15 days ago
  • DO NOT GET TESTED THEN PEOPLE ! Pass it on....TOTALLY NOT NEEDED Only be yet more bs fodder for our lying gov

    igig15 days ago
  • Until the criminals (government) can prove it works and its safe I ain't having nothing pumped through my system thankyou! Also the fact America is facing a new surge of the virus just shows the vaccination isn't very effective

    south London FCsouth London FC15 days ago
  • The Sheep spend their lives afraid of the Wolf, but in the end, it's the Shepherd who sends them to slaughter.

    GBPaddlingGBPaddling15 days ago
    • @LaHayeSaint Wasn't mine, it's doing the rounds, it's like the other old saying...'Man who go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with smelly finger.'

      GBPaddlingGBPaddling15 days ago
    • GBPadding -- Where did you get this one from? Was it one of your own? It was very good indeed.

      LaHayeSaintLaHayeSaint15 days ago
  • Ha you’re a mong if you still believe this rubbish

    British empire No 1 fanBritish empire No 1 fan15 days ago
  • Ha you’re a mong if you still believe this rubbish

    British empire No 1 fanBritish empire No 1 fan15 days ago