George Floyd death officer had been trained to use minimum force, US court told

Apr 6, 2021
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Minneapolis police are taught to restrain combative suspects with a knee on their back or shoulders if necessary but are told to "stay away from the neck when possible," a department use-of-force instructor testified Tuesday at former Officer Derek Chauvin's murder trial.
Lt. Johnny Mercil became the latest member of the Minneapolis force to take the stand as part of an effort by prosecutors to dismantle the argument that Chauvin was doing what he was trained to do when he put his knee on George Floyd's neck last May.
Under cross-examination by Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson, Mercil testified that officers are trained to use their knee across a person's back or shoulder and employ their body weight to maintain control.
But Mercil added: "We tell officers to stay away from the neck when possible."
Nelson has argued that the now-fired white officer "did exactly what he had been trained to do over his 19-year career," and he has suggested that the illegal drugs in Floyd's system and his underlying health conditions are what killed him, not Chauvin's knee.
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  • Minimum force includes using a tazer, he could just used that thing but then Floyd is high on drugs even three cops are struggling to get hold of him, but I'm sure if he only enter the vehicle he would have to be put on the ground, everyone be like oh why didn't they restrain him with cuffs, he is in cuffs he resist arrest and am sure he accidentally bit on methamphetamine Fentanyl which he tried to hide in his mouth and his body's reaction is bad. His breathing became irregular his heart rate became irregular. I mean cops testify They cannot touch Fentanyl without proper equipments cause they could collapse from just inhaling a few dust of the said drugs.

    Pointless InkPointless Ink8 days ago
  • Drugged up or not the guy was cuffed behind his back and should have been put in the car and not choked to death

    dj entydj enty11 days ago
  • Chauvin is gonna get bummed so hard in prison 🤣

    KingnotailKingnotail11 days ago
  • Shamefull that a police officer gets prosecuted for dealing with scum and let's face it he was a crook !! All this because he's of colour !! Utter disgrace. All you have to do is behave and don't break the bloody law .....

    Richard WilkinsonRichard Wilkinson12 days ago
  • Still no evidence to prove Chauvin's actions lead to Floyd's death... what a shock. The media are totally enflaming this one sided narrative that WILL cause riots when Chauvin is ether acquitted or at worse charged with manslaughter if that. Trump was not wrong when he called them the enemy of the people. Do I personally thing the cops actions were excessive, yes but that does not change that all of the actual evidence points to a drug overdose... BLM's thugs won't care though, they want any excuse to get violent again. It really sickens me that every single one of that movements "martyrs" were ether total scumbags whose actions lead to their death or injury, or were/are people whose life choices lead to their fate. Black lefties seriously need to STOP blaming everyone else for their poor life choices and for once take some god damned responsibility instead of blaming everyone else.

    knightm21knightm2113 days ago
  • More race baiting

    Jonathan GuyJonathan Guy13 days ago
  • "Minimum force" on a 6' 4" individual weighing 220lbs. GL with that. I have black belts in both traditional Ju-Jitsu and BJJ and I have rolled with many partners of all heights and weights. A man that size, off his head on meth and other drugs would give any man, even one bigger and heavier, trouble, if you try to subdue them in any way that is supposed to minimise harm. Get with reality.

    Kopp203Kopp20313 days ago
    • You realise handcuffs make everything you just said redundant right?

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • You're speaking in a sense of 1 v 1, not multiple officers vs 1 man? Ffs

      Haxxy GuyHaxxy Guy13 days ago
    • you sound like a real tough guy. I only have one belt and I guess it's brown. leather is brown right?

      JeanQPubliqueJeanQPublique13 days ago
  • We don't live in the age of Judge Dredd , Police are not Judge jury and executioner .... Yes Floyd was a criminal , But He was already in custody ..... Excessive force caused his death .... The law is supposed to be the same for everyone , No matter what colour , Or creed you are ..... Police are not Executioners .... The sooner the police obey the law the better we all will be .

    MrMadjonesMrMadjones13 days ago
  • Let's hope they've tested out " Old Smokey " replaced the fuses , And brushed the dust of it .... Fingers crossed this pathetic excuse for a cop ( Ex cop ) feels the force of a few thousand volts 👍

    MrMadjonesMrMadjones13 days ago
  • George floyd had been trained in the use of fentanyl so it's one all :)

    Pete MorbyPete Morby13 days ago
    • @Highway_UK's Gaming channel you’ve completely missed the point of what I’m saying. Of course there’s published evidence. But the ER doctor can only speak to his limited training on tolerances. He will only be aware of the standard fatal dosage because he’s not an expert and he doesn’t need to fully understand that. He just needs to be able to spot a potentially lethal level. Someone who is trained in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction would be able to give a much clearer view. There isn’t one single fatal dosage. It varies depending on tolerance and size. The ER doctor did not provide evidence to that fact. You’re either an idiot or a racist. I haven’t decided which yet.

      Twinny 555Twinny 55512 days ago
    • @Twinny 555 pretty sure that evidence is long been published, medical drugs dont get licenced without such tests, usually takes a decade of trials to get to market, so yea I think the tolerances argument will show its a dead trail.

      Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel12 days ago
    • @Twinny 555 i think they know thier customers since they want repeat business, OD is a lost sale... lol

      Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel12 days ago
    • @Highway_UK's Gaming channel which is exactly why it requires an expert, not a drug dealer, to explain to the jury the pharmacological combinations & tolerances.

      Twinny 555Twinny 55512 days ago
    • @Highway_UK's Gaming channel not unless he’s got a pharmacology degree 😂 what on earth makes you think that just selling drugs makes someone an expert in chemistry? You really are clutching at straws here.

      Twinny 555Twinny 55512 days ago
  • If he is found innocent = BLM will burn buildings, destroy shops and businesses, statues will be toppled and innocent people will more than likely die. If he is found guilty = BLM will burn buildings, destroy shops and businesses, statues will be toppled and innocent people will more than likely die.

    GimJibboGimJibbo13 days ago
  • It is impossible for Derek Chauvin to have a fair trial with all the media circus finding him guilty. Floyd did not die at the scene, he died later caused by drug abuse, as the autopsy suggests. All the witnesses so far for the prosecution have had words put in their mouths, and schooled on how to deliver their testimony by the prosecution lawyers. As yet I've not heard from the prosecution on Floyd's criminal past, drug dealing, a drug abuser, and passing counterfit money. An angel he wasn't. I'd also like to hear from Floyd's victims on how he robbed them while high on drugs. The trial should be stopped and acquitted of all charges. He has no case to answer.

    Stormclouds FilmsStormclouds Films13 days ago
  • Stop it , Get some help

    Gorb McNastyGorb McNasty13 days ago
  • That was so distressing....because it was 1 minute of my life stolen.

    MarkyWMarkyW13 days ago
  • Think of how much this whole thing has cost and the lives taken by BLM to try and justify George's death. It's an outrage and to think a criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman's unborn child along with a long list of other crimes is receiving so much attention and glorification after his death which seems to have been mainly caused by himself taking lethal amounts of drugs combined with a non cooperational arrest which if it wasn't a white officer wouldn't have been an issue. We can all see how white people are being treated after this.

    J RobinsonJ Robinson13 days ago
  • White people seem to have no sense of empathy, or even just basic understanding and sympathy. The guys got his hands in his pockets with his knee on his neck? That's not waiting for the life to leave someone? Officer lane obviously checked his pulse and couldn't find one despite saying he could, that's why in the body cam footage lane seems to actually get off Floyd. White people won't even feel sympathy until the genocides and murders happen to them. Let's get it started

    A DA D13 days ago
  • I mean if that was his training then kneeling on the neck of a man unable to resist due to unconsciousness is definitely excessive force. The comments on this video are disgusting.

    Twinny 555Twinny 55513 days ago
    • @Twinny 555 must be hard trying to assume a system. Have you been in or through it in any capacity? As a male? As a violent male? As a criminal male. I didn't think so sweety.

      macca JFT96YNWAmacca JFT96YNWA2 hours ago
    • @Twinny 555 oh so that's how the system works but I don't know what I'm waffling about correcting you poor poor statements. How intelligent you must be, you just admitted I was right and then said I was clueless in the same sentence. Hypocrisy much?

      macca JFT96YNWAmacca JFT96YNWA2 hours ago
    • @Twinny 555 were the police called to a criminal complaint? Answer is yes, now would the police of been called to George if he didn't break the law? Answer that, were they called to a known spreader of peace? Or a known, possibly armed violent criminal?

      macca JFT96YNWAmacca JFT96YNWA2 hours ago
    • @macca JFT96YNWA well, yeah, that’s how the criminal justice system works and has done since time in memorial. You still haven’t answered my question about what you’re waffling on about; makes me think you don’t actually know what you’re waffling on about.

      Twinny 555Twinny 5552 hours ago
    • @Twinny 555 imagine if you couldn't arrest anyone without evidence. Ever heard of bailed pending further investigstions

      macca JFT96YNWAmacca JFT96YNWA2 hours ago
  • the fact you title the video with the term 'murder trial' when thats not been proven shows media bias

    Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel13 days ago
    • I didn’t say he was guilty of murder. I said that’s what he was charged with, therefore it is a murder trial. If he was charged with manslaughter it would be a manslaughter trial. I’m not going to bother responding further because if you don’t understand that you’re a moron and it’s pointless trying to explain it.

      Twinny 555Twinny 55513 days ago
    • @Twinny 555 you response is in line with guilty before verdict

      Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel13 days ago
    • @Twinny 555 manslaughter at best tbh, and in sight of all the evidence probably wont do that either

      Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel13 days ago
    • @SaucyBoyFilms I havent seen anything suggesting even manslaughter is likely, murder is a whole level up from that

      Highway_UK's Gaming channelHighway_UK's Gaming channel13 days ago
    • @SaucyBoyFilms especially while he's having a emergency

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
  • Had been trained by the IDF go check out their photos and Vids all over the Inet the Police force sent Chavin and others to Isreal to learn these tactics and ..... $ilence !

    stormthepitbullstormthepitbull13 days ago
    • US police being trained how to arrest citizens in Isreal is a complete myth. 100 officers went to Israel for a seminar on counter-terrorism in 2012 which was grossly misreported last year. The kneeling on the back of a suspect has been part of US police training in multiple states including Minneapolis since 2002.

      TheYoungFogeyTheYoungFogey13 days ago
  • Every time the police murder someone who's black the right are always going to attempt to justify it. A lot of them would probably want to do the same thing if they thought they could get away with it like the police do.

    David BowerDavid Bower13 days ago
    • @oi crusader when was this you clown

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • @Courtz Francis BLM defends cop-killers, and you could argue that the MSM defends black killers by ignoring them.

      oi crusaderoi crusader13 days ago
    • @oi crusader who defended Lee rigbys killers? Who defends killers in the first place apart from yall defending this pos cop?

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • Everytime a cop murders someone who is white it doesn't even make the news. Same for black on black murders that go unsolved and neither get any justification.

      Kev JamesKev James13 days ago
    • every time someone who's black murders a police officer the left always try to justify it. A lot of them would probably want to do the same thing if they thought they could get away with it like the black people do.

      oi crusaderoi crusader13 days ago
  • Weird, there's nothing about the mate who gave him the fake $20 and drugs not wanting to testify. WhAt A cOiNcIdEnCe.

    ananterlopeananterlope13 days ago
  • No he wasn’t. He was trained like every other copper in world. To drag you out of the car, smash your face into the ground and arrest you. Show a clip of the defence’s questions for an unbiased view. Journalism at it’s finest. SMH.

    WORK2LIVE 75WORK2LIVE 7513 days ago
  • 0:47 whatever side you are on you gotta admit Derek do be looking pretty swag tho. 2 cool 4 George Floyd

    Punished Groyper StormtrooperPunished Groyper Stormtrooper13 days ago
  • I have actually been watching this trial from the start. All this biased news media is leading a lot of people to disappointment. The defence lawyer is excellent and given what I have heard it is likely Chauvin will get off. Almost opposite of these sound bites is what happened, the use of force training officer confirmed that Chauvin used a shoulder restraint, which WAS taught to officers, and it was policy to keep a suspect restrained until paramedics arrived. Which is NOT reported in media sound bites. And that alone is likely to get Chauvin off, it needs be proved he acted maliciously for murder 2 and it looks like he was just doing his job albeit badly. So who is the villain? Whole thing about BLACK lives matter is that we forget that ANYONE can be the victim of state brutality and violence. AND IT MUST STOP! We need a new paradigm. Everyone should be afraid because what happened to George Floyd can happen to ANY of us, black or white. So who is to blame for this heinous crime? The state monopoly on violence is to blame, not officer Chauvin. And we need to rethink who we are as a species and how we are governed and by whom.

    Gavin BurnsGavin Burns13 days ago
  • This is a farce of a trial. The cops never going to get a fair trial simply because it doesn't suit the narrative of American politics and nevermind hes been thrown to the wolves. Yes a man died but evidence (not actors giving blatantly biased opinion) proves without doubt it was drugs not this officer who killed him !! Anyone dumb enough to argue has an agenda plain and simple !!

    Tony PriceTony Price13 days ago
  • Stop lying i was a x cop they had arcade game called beat the n**** we had to win a game before we could hit the streets.

    Ben DouglasBen Douglas13 days ago
    • That’s disgusting

      Twinny 555Twinny 55513 days ago
  • Cant believe cops like this walk the streets and people dont see the problem

    Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • @daft wod well you must be that unsure to belive the jury and that judge in that case must have been wrong? And the police that only charged gf with robbery..but hey they must have all been wrong in that case

      Robett SwanRobett Swan13 days ago
    • @Robett Swan Im unsure if he did, or if his friend did. Im sure that either is just as awful.

      daft woddaft wod13 days ago
    • @daft wod he did not thats my point

      Robett SwanRobett Swan13 days ago
    • @Robett Swan i wouldn't point my finger at a woman, letalone a gun.

      daft woddaft wod13 days ago
    • @daft wod if you do your research you would know that gf was only found guilty of robbery 11 years ago and done 5 however the other guy did put a gun to a woman who was not pregnant

      Robett SwanRobett Swan13 days ago
  • Junkies are not human beings, so they don't count, and are NOT ENTITLED.

    GuffGuff13 days ago
    • All junkies deserve this, Derek should've used both knees

      The RollerThe Roller13 days ago
    • @Smoke Me a kipper says who? U?

      Matthew CMatthew C13 days ago
    • @Guff Your obviously stir crazy or just trolling. Which is it? 😂

      Smoke Me a kipperSmoke Me a kipper13 days ago
    • @Smoke Me a kipper You are categorically wrong. Both the Oxford English Dictionary AND Encyclopedia Britannica state that junkies are NOT human beings. Would you like to rewrite those publications? End of.

      GuffGuff13 days ago
    • No junkies are human beings. Men who point there guns at a pregnant women's stomach are not. Get it right.

      Smoke Me a kipperSmoke Me a kipper13 days ago
  • Sometime in the future: "officer blew up building and is let off with a warning"

    MythicalMythical13 days ago
    • @Tony Price another person scared of white genocide ladies and gents

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • Now: Heroin addicted, coronavirus having woman robbers are painted with halos and cities burn in their name.

      daft woddaft wod13 days ago
    • You mean like the amount of buildings torched and destroyed by BLM and Antifa and yet nobody's been charged ?? Or the lives lost due to edited and shortened videos and nobody's being held accountable ??

      Tony PriceTony Price13 days ago
    • With the amount of police raids at wrong addresses, thats not actually impossible 😅

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
  • Drugs overdose NOT GUILTY

    English CraigEnglish Craig13 days ago
  • The media's reporting on this is so one-sided, it's appalling. What they won't tell you is that yesterday was actually a very bad day for the prosecution. Use-of-force expert, Johnny Mercil and police medical care training expert, Nicole MacKenzie, both badly undermined the prosecution case during cross-examination. In fact, MacKenzie's testimony was so damning to the prosecution that Eric Nelson, Chauvin's brilliant defence attorney who's surely emerging as the star of the show, requested the court's permission to subpoena her to reappear (next week?) as a witness for the defence!

    voltarolvoltarol13 days ago
    • @James Young i actually just watched regular vids from various sources. My favourite parts was the police continuously gassing statues because they thought it was a real person and them setting curfews with 10 min deadlines so that they can beat on the "curfew violators"

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • They just race bait dudnt you know this already there job is to destroy usa

      Jonathan GuyJonathan Guy13 days ago
    • @Shlomo Golnenbaum Lampshadeberg Shekelstein Jews?

      Renegade BiscuitRenegade Biscuit13 days ago
    • @Courtz Francis and your facts are from CNN and MSNBC. How did the Russia hoax go and all the other lies. Wake up

      James YoungJames Young13 days ago
    • @James Young it was a small minority and the police escalated rather than diffuse the situation

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
  • Officer had also been trained to use deadly force. Stupid headline. Sad to see the PD throw a former officer under the bus.

    Lee ClarkeLee Clarke13 days ago
    • @Sonny Asphyxiation can be attributed to several things. First of all, he was ill with a respiratory illness and supposedly had CV19. He was found with an OD of meth and fentanyl in his system, which when combined at any level, reduces the heart rate of the person. Because his heart rate was so low, his body wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen, and combine that with his respiratory illness, he didn’t get the oxygen necessary to breathe. The side of the neck/throat responsible for taking oxygen in isn’t being blocked. The officer is not a murderer. George floyd killed himself.

      No Mods No LaughterNo Mods No Laughter13 days ago
    • @Sonny where are evening reading this ? If you would of actually been following the whole trial you would know what I’m saying is true. Maybe read all the information first before you comment.

      Unit nipzUnit nipz13 days ago
    • @Unit nipz I’m not three doctors all ruled it as a homicide by asphyxiation

      SonnySonny13 days ago
    • @Sonny apart from they didn’t. Why are you spreading false information?

      Unit nipzUnit nipz13 days ago
    • @Unit nipz no they all said asphyxia 😂

      SonnySonny13 days ago
  • There is an agenda behind everything that's happening right now o If you can't see it your blind

    Ross WhitehillRoss Whitehill13 days ago
    • Divide and conquer is the name of the game. People are easily controlled and manipulated when they are against each other.

      DarthRanger55DarthRanger5512 days ago
    • @James Foard idiots follow a video, smart people follow facts. Either way, I personally have zero care for a criminal been killed, or junkies for that matter. So you know which side I fall on.

      First NameFirst Name13 days ago
    • @James Foard some just want the cop to go free because Floyd wasn't a good person. Most just fear this is another attack on "the straight white male"

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
    • The division in the comments is insane. I don't understand how it is possible for people to watch the same set of video footage and draw such utterly different conclusions from it.

      James FoardJames Foard13 days ago
    • Please oh wise one explain

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis13 days ago
  • No, he was trained to restrain Floyd in the exact way he did, as is trained across the states, and almost everywhere in the world. Floyd was proven to have died of an overdose

    Adam FlexenAdam Flexen13 days ago
  • For Only uniform these pigs takes advantage otherwise man like floyed would throw him like we throw mud to wall”

  • He died of a overdose!

    Re BRe B13 days ago
    • @hitler , nope. If you compress the airway for long enough the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen and you die. He wasn’t getting enough breath to live even though he could strain speech.

      PhoebePhoebe11 days ago
    • @Marcel So why would you proceed to stand on a man's neck who isn't resisting arrest after he's already told you that he couldnt breath?

      Pure DieselPure Diesel12 days ago
    • @hitler he was talking but clearly struggling to. You could literally hear him gasping for air in his voice

      SonnySonny13 days ago
    • @Sonny if you can talk, you can breathe

      hitlerhitler13 days ago
    • @Adam Flexen , it absolutely is not used globally. If a UK cop did this there wouldn’t even be a conversation about whether what he did was justified. The rest of the world is horrified by this footage.

      PhoebePhoebe13 days ago
  • Better not look too deep, you might find out who trained their police to kneel on people and find some sympathy with the Palestinians.

    eviltayloreviltaylor13 days ago
  • Hope Derek Ghauvin is found not guilty

    Rose GerrardRose Gerrard13 days ago
    • Derek is good looking can move over to London with me x

      Rose GerrardRose Gerrard11 days ago
    • Fool 🤣

      Ashley ashAshley ash11 days ago
    • @c y b e r w e s s Shame on you for believing in guilty until proven innocent.

      Kieran DevlinKieran Devlin13 days ago
    • Shame on you!!!

      c y b e r w e s sc y b e r w e s s13 days ago
    • @Sonny Except the state doctor that TESTIFED, stated it was from arrhythmia and that there were no signs of asphyxiation. Id take that verdict over a doctor that was paid by the family. Its called impartiality. Only evidence submitted to the trial is taken into account. Funny how the prosecution didn't admit it as an exhibit or witness. Its almost as if they knew it would go against them...

      Kieran DevlinKieran Devlin13 days ago
  • Media not mentioning toxicology report and hypoxia (cause of death). Plus the fact the dealer (pleading the 5th) supplied Floyd with the deadly fentanyl and meth (and the fake $20). Chauvin is innocent. There is reasonable doubt 🤷🏽‍♂️

    T GT G13 days ago

    • @T G So weird lol what do you gain from lying?

      Pure DieselPure Diesel12 days ago
    • @Pure Diesel My eyes must be lying to me then 🤷🏽‍♂️

      T GT G12 days ago
    • @T G No because they don't exist.

      Pure DieselPure Diesel12 days ago
    • @Pure Diesel No can you?

      T GT G12 days ago
    • @T G can you name these 33 people?

      Pure DieselPure Diesel12 days ago
  • Stop The PsyOps

    CodyCody13 days ago