How covid passports could get London theatres sold out again

Apr 6, 2021

Arts correspondent Robert Dex joins us to look at a government plan that could allow theatre’s to re-open without social distancing as early as this summer.
Ministers are looking at how rapid tests and proof of vaccination could allow big shows to reopen in the West End, with auditoriums filled rather than nearly empty.
It follows updated advice from scientists who believe we’ll all have to socially distance for several months after lockdown restrictions are eased because of concerns over covid mutations.
But Robert tells us many theatre producers are wary of introducing covid passports, fearing it might mistakenly send the signal that a night in the West End is more dangerous than going to the shops.

  • the idiots commenting here are so thick they have probably never been to the theatre.

    Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult13 days ago
  • Not even 1 like but 15 dislikes. I used to be a minority thanks for waking up people not long now.

    I AM JCI AM JC13 days ago
  • stand up everyone and say no to this its government control worse than China

    Benjamin Israelite millerBenjamin Israelite miller13 days ago
  • No to vaccine passports, no to forced or coerced vaccines.

    Francisco ZurbaranFrancisco Zurbaran13 days ago
  • But this should be rejected and boycotted, so they can sell out without being discriminatory and violating human rights

    A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?13 days ago
  • There is nothing 'normal' about this.. it's also coercion & an affront to liberty which are clear violations of both the Nuremberg code and the 98 human rights act.

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels14 days ago
    • The irony is only the elite and famous can afford the west end now and they can bypass the gene therapy experiment anyway.

      Coco SCoco S14 days ago