Jordan's Prince Hamzah bin Hussein 'under house arrest'

Apr 4, 2021
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The half-brother of Jordan's King Abdullah II said Saturday he has been placed under house arrest and accused the country's “system” of incompetence and corruption, exposing a rare rift within the ruling monarchy of a close Western ally.
In a videotaped statement obtained by the Associated Press, Prince Hamzah said he was ''not part of or aware of any conspiracy.''
Hamzah said he had been informed he was being punished for taking part in meetings in which the king had been criticized, though he himself was not accused of being a direct critic.
The country's top general had earlier denied that Hamzah - a former crown prince stripped of the title in 2004 - was arrested or under house arrest, even as authorities announced the arrests of former senior officials close to the ruling monarchy.
He said an investigation was ongoing and its results would be made public “in a transparent and clear form.”
The official Petra news agency had earlier reported that two senior officials who formerly worked for the palace, along with other suspects, had been arrested for “security reasons,” without providing further details.
Abdullah has ruled Jordan since the 1999 death of his father, King Hussein, who ruled the country for close to a half-century.
Abdullah stripped his half-brother Hamzah of his title as crown prince in 2004, saying he had decided to “free” him from the "constraints of the position" to allow him to take on other responsibilities.
The move was seen at the time as part of Abdullah's consolidation of power five years after the succession.
The current crown prince is Abdullah’s oldest son, Hussein, who is 26.
Abdullah and Hamzah have not displayed any open rivalry over the years.
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  • None of these poor people are free. None. Twitter Google apps etc lots of child & human trafficking too. SA OWNS & CONTROLS twitter there bots etc.

    Trish LillyTrish Lilly7 days ago
  • سيبقى الاردن بعون الله شامخا وقويا بغزيمته ثم عزيمة رجاله الاوفياء وعطائهم وحبهم وولائهم وانتمائهم لقائد الوطن (ابا الحسين) ولوطنهم ولشعبهم . حفظ الله قائدنا وشعبنا ووطننا في ظل القيادة الهاشمية 🇯🇴🇸🇪

    Ahmad JameelAhmad Jameel8 days ago

  • So it turns out anyone who puts anything about King Abdullah on social media goes to prison its gone too far the King has no official right to imprison newscaster and bloggers I think he needs Locking up good grief this is the 21st Century. Look at Prince Harry he’s not in prison in Uk for insulting the Royal family and got paid for it while his grandad was in hospital imagine how hurt our Queen was.He’s not repatriated and imprisoned if you have to hide free speech you obviously have something to hide.I’m shocked Abdullah would behave in this feudal way imagine educated in UK he knows a functioning democratic society must have freedom of speech enshrined in law I thought only Saudi and Egypt locked up bloggers 😢😢. I won’t be visiting Jordan ever lol I’ll be locked up 🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇧⭐️⭐️😢😢🇬🇧Jordan 👎

    Elaine BlackhurstElaine Blackhurst12 days ago
  • It looks like he is the good guy who loves his country and wants the corruption and mismanagement reduced. King Abdullah is eliminating any threat, perceived or not. All of the dictators are a like, they are even afraid of their own shadow. Look what Saudis did. Jordan is really a protectorate of the UK, US, Israel, and KSA. Arab Spring was not able to liberate Arab masses. Maybe the next step is a violent overthrow of the dictators. Israel also wants ultimately an small section of west bank join Jordan and complete its ethnic cleansing of Pals and preventing a Pal state.

    Majid YekanMajid Yekan14 days ago
  • I guess israel hand is in it.. some weeks ago, Jordan government didn't allow israelies to fly over Jordan for some military purposes

    Habib P NHabib P N15 days ago
  • Same old same old. These religious countries need dictatorship as the population is too indoctrinated it seems.

    T GT G15 days ago
    • No that is not the truth look at the golden age of Islam or Christianity so it has nothing to do with the religion it’s just the leader is bad

      Khaled JarrarKhaled Jarrar9 days ago
  • This man is a true leader May God be with him educated in UK and knows what freedom means. Abdullah has made a big mistake now. 😢🙏🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇧👍😢

    Elaine BlackhurstElaine Blackhurst15 days ago
    • @Elaine Blackhurst You are just a subject in the UK, soon the world is about to change , and when your leaders lose all the resources that keeping the economy live , the subjects will rise against their masters. For now little subject say whatever you want to say.

      AliAli10 days ago
    • You are just a subject in the UK, soon the world is about to change , and when your leaders lose all the resources that keeping the economy live , the subjects will rise against their masters. For now little subject say whatever you want to say.

      AliAli10 days ago
    • @SafwanNet It’s really crazy he should be released immediately you cannot imprison your brother it’s a sin 😢🙏🇬🇧🙋🏻‍♀️🤴🏻

      Elaine BlackhurstElaine Blackhurst12 days ago
    • @Louisa Martinez if the prince gives a statement in English, it is a coup.. hahaha , that is one silly accusation by the user named Capito

      SafwanNetSafwanNet15 days ago
    • @Captin Zoro He also gave out a message in Arabic 🤨

      Louisa MartinezLouisa Martinez15 days ago
  • The Jordan government is very horrible , and the media there is covering the truth, the people are starving there, a lot of pressure ,they arrest everyone try to say the truth about the horrible leader the king ,the government lies a lot about how the situation is stable there ,but its not the truth,,the Jordanian are suffering a lot because of the leader and the bad government. any money goes to help the country ,they steal it and the king and the government keep it away from the Jordanian, that money suppose to help the people but they never ever get any help from their government,,and there is a lot of proofs and evidence about that.

    TRUTH67TRUTH6716 days ago
    • TRUTH67 better be careful or you will be locked up this a real tragedy.Firstly I must point out the king has handled this badly.He has taken millions of refugees fleeing wars my country UK and US were fighting Isis in .I think perhaps we let Jordan Down with no financial aid for the extra millions living there but The King should have appointed wise tribes around him for advice then reached out to the educated in Jordan to fight his need for financial Aid somone around him in his advisors have let him down. If the people start revolting you cannot shoot them down like in Myanmar US and UK will step in because in our country people will maybe demonstrate without being locked up I think at heart Abdullah probably is not a bad person he’s wrongly advised by yes men around him sadly 😢😢🇬🇧🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🙏🤴🏻

      Elaine BlackhurstElaine Blackhurst12 days ago

    Measum GamingMeasum Gaming16 days ago