‘Kill the Bill’ protestors take to the streets across England

Apr 4, 2021
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Demonstrations have been held across England against plans to increase police powers to control protests.
Despite the Covid-19 lockdown, thousands of people marched in towns and cities in protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which would give police in England and Wales more power to impose conditions on non-violent protests - including those deemed too noisy or a nuisance, with those convicted liable to fines or jail terms.
Throughout the day, thousands of people took part in what various police forces described as “peaceful” Kill the Bill protests in regions including London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dorset and Bristol.
By Saturday evening, the Metropolitan Police said that “a small minority” of protestors, who were not social distancing, were still in London’s Parliament Square.
Arrests were being made after they turned down requests to leave, police said.
The Metropolitan Police later said that ten officers had been injured, “none of these are believed to be serious”, and that 26 people had been arrested for a variety of offences including assault on police and breach of the peace.
A woman was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon after a knife was recovered.
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  • Just batter them all as they look like squatters and groomers like piers corbyn. Heads be rolling yet it be the roundheads this time around For once and for all along with its church and labour party.

    Darren CottamDarren Cottam9 days ago
  • Violent Government Terrorists are out in force!

    Truth TellerTruth Teller13 days ago
  • The governments have always been the real trouble makers , always ...

    Benew GillianBenew Gillian14 days ago
  • nothing neutral about this news

    mauvemauve14 days ago
  • Let's try and play the victim and hopefully will get a TV interview about it👍.. Honestly.. Grow up man!!

    great white sharkgreat white shark14 days ago
  • When democracy fails civil disobedience is the only way, they brought that on themselves when they decided to violate human rights.

    Cafe HorisonsCafe Horisons14 days ago
  • I've watched the bill on Television and it's not that bad, I think the professionals was better though.

    Mathew GroverMathew Grover14 days ago
  • Why create tension where there was none. The government is being short sighted again

    The GremlinThe Gremlin14 days ago
  • Fake psyop to pass laws to restrict protesting. Fake news as usual

    Matthew BedfordMatthew Bedford14 days ago
  • Crack pots... kill the bill....what is that?.....are they actually threatening to kill police officers? ....that is Anarchy .....which is Treason, has this land of ours not got enough problems without this. God help us....we are going to the dogs make no mistake 🌹

    David LittlewoodDavid Littlewood14 days ago
  • You do realise this protest is noisy and causing annoyance so hope they enjoy prison

    Shermend Lakk / TC 329Shermend Lakk / TC 32914 days ago
  • If the protesters had behaved themselves in the past, this bill would have not been introduced. Big up for the bill. 👏👏👏👍🇬🇧

    jones smithjones smith14 days ago
  • I don't think ether side is in the right here, the police are a bunch of asses don't get me wrong. But most are just doing there job, they don't want to be there they have no option. Plus half those protesters seemed to just be there to cause bother and rebel rather then just protest peacefully. And they where breaching lockdown rules to, meaning it's giving the virus more chance to spread and mutate. Personally I don't think we are getting any ware at this point, there seem to be pricks on both sides.

    The8bitFreakThe8bitFreak15 days ago
  • Lord have mercy.

    Bryn DolmanBryn Dolman15 days ago
  • The nazi poilce order will regret this once this is over and we must make sure they feel the victim

    Billy McAuliffeBilly McAuliffe15 days ago
  • why's everyone so desperate to protest during lockdown? That is the main reason this was out forward to begin with. Yeah there are other more divisive reasons and theories, but given that it's being reviewed after lockdown i don't see why it's such a problem

    M0N4RCHM0N4RCH15 days ago
  • 0:10 - we can see right here why we need to dissolve the police. Stay distrustful UK, the legalised terrorist group will get what's coming to it soon.

    KomsurKomsur15 days ago
  • top kek

    Theforbiddenname ZTheforbiddenname Z15 days ago
  • Take it this is an english riot hahaha hand bags at dawn more like lol if you want to see how to riot properly go watch recent belfast videos then come back to us ....no surrender 🇬🇧

    John WayneJohn Wayne15 days ago
    • @ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad god help them if we unite properly!!!

      John WayneJohn Wayne14 days ago
    • @ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad yup i agree brother ..eye opening times

      John WayneJohn Wayne14 days ago
    • I'm Irish Nd I say fair play to yous! Made me smile.. Don't forget brother we have the same enimies these days Nd it ain't each other

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad14 days ago
  • If a single person walked up to another and acted how these protesters did towards them, theyd get done for harassment at the very least. Why should it be different if you're in a group? Can your negative IQ self please stop spreading the virus.

    FLuXGriZzlyFLuXGriZzly15 days ago
  • Lock the ‘Em! Up throw the key away stupid people embarrassing

    Colin TurnerColin Turner15 days ago
  • People always try and push boundaries The Police 99.9% of the time do a great job, and the people who hate the Police often have so much to hide.

    Ritchie ValensRitchie Valens15 days ago
    • @StuTheBru me The Police asked them to politely move, and they refused.

      Ritchie ValensRitchie Valens14 days ago
    • people are not there to hate the police are they,,the police are just in the way,and stopping the protest

      StuTheBru meStuTheBru me15 days ago
    • @securiguy Home Security What the heck are you on about?

      Ritchie ValensRitchie Valens15 days ago
  • So small minority is just code for "The mob is tiny lets attack now"

    PedroEPedroE15 days ago
  • Bloody NAZI Police, Its all insane and corrupt...WAKE UP PEOPLE...THIS IS ILLEGAL....

    Sue WrightSue Wright15 days ago
  • Extremely heavy handed police there!

  • Protesters have the literal power and numbers to rival our entire police force and that’s something I’d like to see because it’ll show how littler control bacon has over us

    Reece StablesReece Stables15 days ago
  • "Oh what a circus, Oh what a show"

    LionTheHeartLionTheHeart15 days ago
  • Fines only for those arrested because they have a BLM protest, a Womens Rghts, an Anti Lockdown etc marches to go on plus deface a few statues. In other words same people every time.

    David cDavid c15 days ago

    GingerPrimeGingerPrime15 days ago
  • Protesting over a bill that will become law!! I ask this - Where were the protest over sex grooming gangs in the UK? Where are the protest over sex trafficking victims?? Is it for both wrong victims?? or is it the wrong perpetrators?? Which one is it??

    Peter McHalePeter McHale15 days ago
    • There were actually demonstrations at the time against the covering up of the grooming gangs, just the Mainstream media didn't report on them, and those that did made it a Muslim issue, not a violence against women issue. Besides, how will you protest against such whitewashing if they take away the right to peaceful protest? This is all in your best interests, despite your Whataboutism

      MankirkMankirk15 days ago
  • Write to your local MPs. Street protests do nothing, MPs can.

    BenBen15 days ago
    • @Ben That's an example of MPs who supported a protest. If the MPs were already trying to to get women suffrage, then why didn't it get through? this just proves how inefficient and ineffective MPs are. I would argue that women suffrage movements did anything but postpone universal suffrage; it's known that the government were scared of what havoc would happen if the women were forced out of their jobs and newfound freedom in WW1. The suffragettes even caused other protests which worked, like temperance leagues and what lead to the prohibition in America (Even if the prohibition itself was a failure, it's an example of protest that forced a change) which is especially impressive considering how much of America's economy was the alcohol industry. Also, the removal of the Bristol statue wasn't by MPs, that was rioters who damaged it to the point where it was decided not to replace the statue.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure There were calls by MPs for the right to vote to be given to all well before the suffragist and suffragette movements. I would argue the latter actually postponed equal voting by several years. The right to vote in early 20th century was for most men and all women, not just women. MPs were already arguing for the change well before these movements. I thought of an example, possibly the removal of the Bristol statue last year. Although with BLM as a whole there were institutional changes being argued for and put in place prior to the protests and riots.

      BenBen15 days ago
    • @Ben How about the women's suffrage movements in the early 20th century? Most of the western world flipped from patriarchal societies to egalitarian ones. it was hard work and took a long time, it these were mostly peaceful protests. Especially in Britain where suffrage marches were the driving force that lead the government to grant Women the right to vote, even if it did take decades for true equality. i'm also certain that most women wanted gender equality. Can you give an example of when people lobbying MPs actually did anything? I selected what is possibly the actual largest protest movement and certainly one of the longests since women have been fighting for equality practically since the first cities appeared

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure I selected the most recent protest before this current one and the largest protest on record. Can you point to a protest that led to change -> the protest itself being the cause of the change?

      BenBen15 days ago
    • @Ben that's just a selective example of where protests didn't work, and this is because in that instance, the protestors were the minority.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
  • I hope they will smell the cheese when they cant get any job with police recod

    Moj život u Engleskoj Snezana NorthernMoj život u Engleskoj Snezana Northern15 days ago
  • Can't wait till we get independence

    kev Sutherlandkev Sutherland15 days ago
    • @kev Sutherland Scottish nationalism, eh? Yeah Sturgeon's police will be much better, as demonstrated by her new "no free speech even in your own home" law... "FREEDOM". What a joke you people are.

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • @Email Mcemail england

      kev Sutherlandkev Sutherland14 days ago
    • from?

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
  • The rearing head of the NWO.

    apolloniaapollonia15 days ago
  • nice job cops keep up the good work

    Dom’sDom’s15 days ago
  • Because the police are useless 😂 only want a job when it suits them

    Anon AnonAnon Anon15 days ago
  • Police are state controlled thugs, always have been

    Monkey KidsMonkey Kids15 days ago
  • Why don't these bored attention seeking trouble making idiots go out and pick up rubbish .There is more than enough trash lying about making the streets look untidy without these adding to it.

    Scott RichardsScott Richards15 days ago
  • Everything must be done to prevent England from becoming a police state. Where are England's opposition parties? Labour? The Liberal Democrats? Why are they just rolling over and allowing the Tories to get away with this?

    Jack DubzJack Dubz15 days ago
    • They're all just as bad. We need a new party to break the hegemony of the big three.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
  • Glad someone's taking notice of something else other than WuFlu. Wish I could be there.

    SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
  • Don't get sucked in to another psy-op guys

    bc capone83bc capone8315 days ago
    • When the police stand by and watch, it's a cabal approved 'protest'.

      LancastrianLancastrian14 days ago
  • The UK government has turned democracy into dictatorship. They have forgotten they represent the people not own them. They will soon discover the power is in the people.

    Alan TerryAlan Terry15 days ago
  • Listen to Lord Sumption retired high court judge on this . This new bill is an affront to our freedoms and people are right to protest peacefully

    Chris BrownChris Brown15 days ago
    • @The Mirror Guy i dont protest but ill fight for the rights of any citizen of the UK including you and i agree living in a civilised “fair” society then violence should never be an option ...same to you take care mate .

      John WayneJohn Wayne13 days ago
    • @John Wayne but as we live in a civilised society, violence is not an option for punishment by the government. I am sorry to hear that you felt the need to take the law into your own hands, obviously in self defence it is perfectly legal provided you can show you used reasonable force. We are digressing though from the subject of the bill. Personally I see the bill as a positive move, given the change in how we can now communicate and what with social media, protesters are becoming more disruptive. This goes against peoples rights to freely go about their business, so by all means protest, but do it peacefully and respectfully. Cheers 👍

      The Mirror GuyThe Mirror Guy13 days ago
    • @The Mirror Guy my apologies for being abusive no need for it

      John WayneJohn Wayne13 days ago
    • @The Mirror Guy i work in civils ie groundworks snd never had to disclose my record once and most if it is with friends ...i do well mate but thanks for the concern ..im a product of the enviroment i grew up in ...if i wasnt violent i wouldnt be here probably

      John WayneJohn Wayne13 days ago
    • @The Mirror Guy violence should be only used when violence or the threat of violence is threatened against you.

      John WayneJohn Wayne13 days ago
  • More cops showing the world that they behave with no rules while wanting more for the people they should serve

    P aulP aul15 days ago
  • The UK is the new Myanmar,a dictatorship

    Peter BirdPeter Bird15 days ago
  • Personally I would have the Army come in and form a perimeter. Then secure the area so the Police could move in and fine the whole lot of them. Fair enough that they don't agree with the proposed new law, but do something about it legitimately such as lobbying your MP, form a propper protest group and take your case through the correct channels just as our laws are, but, what is going on here is pretty much plain old rioting and pure selfish behaviour right in the middle of a global pandemic. Beleive in the pandemic or not no Government is spreading this virus, People are spreading it through irresponsible actions such as this. If they don't like whats going on then fair enough, but, they should not envolve innocent people that want nothing to do with it. The deniers of this horrible situation are usually ignorant people that do not understand viral transmission and the cause and effect scenario.

    Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes15 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes Soldiers on the streets ayy? Cuz that doesn't escalate to profound violence now does it. There's a big chapter in recent British history dubbed "The Troubles" and it provides us with many conclusions about why It's not always wise to hold civilians in a position whereby they cannot escape under threat of armed men. I can assure you. Soldiers will do this country do good, unless you're looking to escalate tensions.

      Steve Bob McJockSockSteve Bob McJockSock4 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes I have read your post fully. The ability to protest is our right, and must never be taken away. It is also one of the many "right ways" to have our voices heard.

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes I have read you whole comment, this was a completely legal protest, you know how inefficient the government and bureaucracy is with this kind of thing. Lobbying isn't going to do anything, my local MP always lobbies for the opposite of what we request, these options of going through regional governance don't work because there's too many middle men and the parliament likley won't even read what your county lobbies for. Protesting is in no way selfish and it was nowhere near a riot unless you are talking about what happened in Bristol, we are pleading with our own people who are meant to take care of us not to make us a police state

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Skysurfer No. Please re read my complete paragraph again, the information is in there.

      Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes15 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes The "right way"? That's also supposed to mean a legal protest. It was our right, now going to be taken away.

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
  • The unwashed are out again.

    Compos MentisCompos Mentis15 days ago
    • @Compos Mentis "what have you done for your community today?" So... just guessing, then?

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
    • @P aul "those uniforms must stink" 🤣🤣🤣

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
    • @P aul So, what have you done for your community today? That'll be precisely nothing.

      Compos MentisCompos Mentis15 days ago
    • Yeah those uniforms must stink

      P aulP aul15 days ago
  • propaganda news, promoting marxism.

    James ScottJames Scott15 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure young working people are taxed on everything they do, to pay for current pensions (including the generous, secured pensions of NHS nurses) and healthcare, but they rarely use healthcare themselves and/or can take steps in their life to avoid needing it, e.g healthier lifestyle, if they want to avoid healthcare costs. The healthcare system has become the avoidance of natural (normal) death system, and that's probably one of the reasons it's so expensive.

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure BLM and you are insincere. Here's the proof. You all only care (enough to protest and riot) about the killing of black people when whites, or agents of the "white" state (cops) do it. In the western world, black-on-black killings or other black-on-black violent victimization absolutely DWARF those committed by the western-world states, but the people who supposedly care about black lives the most are oblivious to it. The BBC recently reported that anti-black police brutality in just the Rio De Janiro region of Brazil was much more common than that of the entire USA. Does UK BLM have a problem with Brazilian anti-black police brutality like it does with US anti-black police brutality? Obviously not. No way near. WHY? BLM is anti-western-state, nothing more. "Black lives" is clearly just a pretext to disrupt the western state.

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • @James Scott I recently listened to the head of the black police society/federation/whatever on the radio. He said the UK police are increasingly right-wing because they're increasingly authoritarian. Your comment reminds me of what I thought when the guy said that... As if the left can't be authoritarian!

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • @Email Mcemail That'll be all of the taxes which go to benefits. He won't really have saved much money when you realise how expensive private healthcare is.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure14 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure "just remove your privileges to all potential benefits" does he get to not pay any tax in that arrangement?

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
  • Police you cowards what about knife crime you are cowards

    Costas ChrisCostas Chris15 days ago
  • Full scale insurrection of a wronged people versus a criminal government seems inevitable everywhere.

    Rex MuttRex Mutt15 days ago
  • The police and the media are just puppets for the politicians The politicians are puppets for the so called elite Stand up against tyranny

    no rest for the wickedno rest for the wicked15 days ago
  • Controlled, fake opposition to distract from growing anti lockdown protests.

    LancastrianLancastrian15 days ago
  • These vile idiots need sorting out.

    EeeshEeesh15 days ago
  • World is ending.

    Howell HowellHowell Howell15 days ago
    • A group of unwashed hippies having a pushing match with spineless police and you think the world is ending 😂😂😂...you need to limit your social media use and rejoin reality brother 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

      John WayneJohn Wayne15 days ago

      Elliot WhitworthElliot Whitworth15 days ago
    • @MUSTAFA LEAK what??

      Howell HowellHowell Howell15 days ago
    • Waking up don’t you mean! No place for tyranny in the once Great Britain 🇬🇧

    • Good, humans are filth

      NoouxNooux15 days ago
  • Scum. They are all gathered in one spot, that being an open road. Get a tank and be rid of all these useless rioters

    Larry IslingtonLarry Islington15 days ago
    • Ok officer

      P aulP aul15 days ago
  • This didn't seem like a protest about the proposed bill, it looked like marxists running around with American slogans and BLM banners.

    White CIS CumWhite CIS Cum15 days ago
    • @Jack Dubz HAHAHAHAHAHA. You're a funny guy. It's not 1st April anymore tho.

      White CIS CumWhite CIS Cum15 days ago
    • England needs more Marxists. Less racists.

      Jack DubzJack Dubz15 days ago
    • Just a nice day out, an excuse to use their colouring pens and hang out with their autistic drummer friends

      petef15petef1515 days ago
  • nothing better to do

    Ronald TownsendRonald Townsend15 days ago
    • They could always try to do their job... arrest criminals, for example.

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
  • Looking at some of the literacy here I have to wonder did some of these people ever go to school..or learn to speak in plain English..most speak some sort of unintelligible gibberish..stay home idiots we are in a pandemic..

    Rob HRob H15 days ago
    • Agreed. We seem to be raising an entire generation of thick people that are self-entitled with little or no work ethic. Everything must be given to them because "We deserve it" and if it's not given to them they steal it because they can. If you started to try and sort this out right now it would take around three generations to fix. Young people raising even younger people. You just know how they are going to turn out!

      Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes15 days ago
  • Go shill for the dictators in power some more.

    Josh FosterJosh Foster15 days ago
  • Hmmm, seems like the police are only given agressive orders when the nature of the protest is against the established norm. Didn't see them this keen to smash heads during blm/extinction rebellion protests.

    SpaztallicASpaztallicA15 days ago
    • @Fionn McCausland nice dodge

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • @Fionn McCausland "(we support) the disruption of the western nuclear family in favor of communal living." ~ BLM USA official website. "Useful idiots" (~Stalin), like progressive, 20-something students, don't know what the movement is REALLY meant for. That's why they're useful idiots.

      Email McemailEmail Mcemail14 days ago
    • ​@Fionn McCausland >'How are they marxist, you invertebrate?' >'They admitted they're marxist. Oh and they lie about everything. Communist subversion tactic.' >'So you're alt-right?' Now's the time to dip, yeah.

      Goog LáccountGoog Láccount15 days ago
    • @Fionn McCausland so the truth is alt right or wotever the fk you called it haha that must make the left liars and far left looney fantasists ...i think everybody would learned by now there has to be middle ground at some point and stop letting divide and conquer rule!!...G’luck to u aswell

      John WayneJohn Wayne15 days ago
    • I'm going to dip from this because it's all getting a bit red scare/alt right "I don't know what the big words mean but they frighten me anyway" Also, final note for the troll. There hundreds of signs saying KILL THE BILL. And I don't think it's because they're Tarantino fans. G'luck

      Fionn McCauslandFionn McCausland15 days ago
  • Why are they protesting. What’s the reason this time.

    RayrayRayray15 days ago
    • The government wants to make it so that police can now silence people who dare to disagree with the government

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
  • What I wrong with these they need stringing up putt them in prison and throw away the key scum, I do not know what we would do with out the police

    Sharon BaughenSharon Baughen15 days ago
  • ahahahah lol

    Rob OwenRob Owen15 days ago
  • Why are the Police always so aggressive? Absolutely no need when looking at this footage. Follows some of them into their personal lives too looking at the news (that copper that flashed a lady in McDonalds - no action then is the main suspect in a murder of a different lady plus another article on a male officer who raped and abused two junior femal officers yet is still serving - no disciplinary or investigation until now!) yet they get away with it. Just watch Crimebodge to see the overzealous use of force and powers. Those facts, coupled with this propsed bill and the recent overstepping of the mark during covid - this like 5 miles not being considered local and the policing of supermarket aisles where the easter eggs were (previous lockdown - eggs considered non-essential despite being in shops allowed to be open) means public trust is ebbing away fast and that will mean a harder job for them going forward. We aren't that far off Myanmar these days it seems. What happened to policing by consent?

    The BrownsThe Browns15 days ago
  • There are no uk laws on social distancing or demonatratons. get it right

    Anglosaxon MikeAnglosaxon Mike15 days ago
  • I'm glad that these protests looked a more peaceful then what we had in Bristol recently, I think most people would agree that setting fire to loaded police vans isn't going to help the cause, but I'm also really glad these people are protesting the proposed Bill, which clearly damages our rights & freedom as citizens of this country, we should be allowed to protest peacefully, perhaps a lot of critics of the protests aren't thinking this through to it's logical conclusion.

    Crypto SpectrCrypto Spectr15 days ago
    • Well said.

      SkysurferSkysurfer15 days ago
    • This is a great point, regardless of what you think of the bill, it shouldn't give anyone an excuse to attack emergency workers. Respect to all the peaceful protesters.

      WozzaWozza15 days ago
  • Just give the police a kicking ...alot more of us than there is of them

    Tim MacTim Mac15 days ago
  • Expected it to happen really. Thats what you get when you basically remove peoples human rights and lock them up like animals, Over a "killer" virus that has a 99.78% survival rate...

    Wood Work WallyWood Work Wally15 days ago
  • Everyone enough of Covid because the hospitals are enty

    Adopt me training 1Adopt me training 115 days ago

    rubber trianglerubber triangle15 days ago
  • A vulgar and rather threatening deep voice is heard 1:20 from a police officer shouting "LADIES AND GENTS MOVE TO ONE SIDE' hahahahhaha honestly compared to other western countries, this country has seen no real police force from authoritarian governments! But then I need to remind myself this is the 'cancel culture' era and the motto is 'I am offended'! Happy Easter!

    LeoLeo15 days ago
    • Happy Ishtar

      ًً14 days ago
    • @Leo We can say that rioters are not part of the peaceful protestors because they are not helping their agenda. There is no cherry picking in terms of social justice because that's a very broad range of issues. And I do take notice that you brand us as social justice warriors to try and attach connotations to us. We aren't forcing reedom against anyone, unless you think freedom means that the government should be able to do whatever it wants. Everyone is following the law, there is no law that says that people cannot protest. The government is trying to make one however, hence why we are protesting against it. "They hit first" is a perfect reason to do something. If that reasoning is not allowed, then there's no such thing as self-defence, both are arrested for assault. I've already said that lobbying MPs will never work

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure in all honesty people could simply say out loud or in their official statements that the people that break or destroy cars or shop fronts and walls etc are not part of the group. You cannot cherry pick when you decide to care for social justice and when not. It is everyone's duty to practice and demonstrate peacefully. Unless you want anarchy. We are millions of people that can go forward by peaceful coexisting using the law. When one is forcing their freedom against that of another, when what one practices or believes takes away the peace or safety or freedom of people around them its no longer democracy. When a group wants to force their authority or rights, we are no longer in democratic realms. The idea is to use and practice ones rights and not abuse them or abuse that of others. I hope this is clear now. And the story 'he started first' is not a good excuse to justify primitive behaviour and crime. You can also vote and write to your MPs.There should be no excuse for violence in the UK of 2021.

      LeoLeo15 days ago
    • @Leo There is no fascism within freedom of the individual; if you think there is, you likley don't even know what fascism is as individualism is almost the exact opposite. Peaceful protesters DO extradite the people causing criminal activity, and it's not even the protestor's job to purge their ranks. the police exists to single out and catch the people who are actually breaking the law, not containing the peaceful protestors and branding them all as criminals because some outsiders wanted some fun. If it's our job as the protestor to find criminals, then why do we even have the police?

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • I agree with most comments on the oppressive views of the government but equally we have to question the fascism of the 'freedom' of the individual to go above the law and against others. It is also despicable that peaceful protestors do not call out on the criminal activities that fester within their groups. You can't simply say it wasn't me! One has the duty to stamp out the 'parasites' that use their cause/group as an excuse for spiteful crime! Enough is enough!

      LeoLeo15 days ago
  • Seeing this kinda annoys me because we're just starting to get out and now people are going to spread it faster I mean atheist 17 people in those crowds might have had covid and don't know it I mean people want there right but ... Idk

    Miley EllisMiley Ellis15 days ago
    • @The Browns that's true

      Miley EllisMiley Ellis15 days ago
    • You can't let the governments poor handling of this pandemic allow them free reign to also demolish our rights. Just no. Some risks are greater than others. Besides, Johnson maintains schools are safe. That is thousands of people inside the same building up and down the country, then going home to mix. These protests are hundreds of people outside. We know outside is a lot safer than inside - so if the gov says schools are safe then these protests are really safe. They can't have it both ways.

      The BrownsThe Browns15 days ago
  • time wasters, put em out out of their misery

    windy millerwindy miller15 days ago
  • shambles country

    denzeldenzel15 days ago
    • Keep your beautiful soul 😉

      Fifa SkillFifa Skill14 days ago
  • Police men are the core of people's indoctrination, the profound essence of a dictatorship!

    fabio jk supertrampfabio jk supertramp15 days ago
    • @Scott McGrath Like the SS , they will say"we were only following orders"....

      Aquatic gold huntersAquatic gold hunters15 days ago
    • @Scott McGrath you warm in "Hades"

      Keith MaxineKeith Maxine15 days ago
    • @Scott McGrath your answer is irrelevant! But thank you for trying..

      fabio jk supertrampfabio jk supertramp15 days ago
    • If you cant see the difference between the met and the ss god help you

      Scott McGrathScott McGrath15 days ago
  • The guv didn't like it when we voted out as they lost control so now they put new laws in from the ground up, no dicention in the media that you and i can speak out, with out a nock on the door and now, no right to protest with out time locked up.

    Geoff MauleGeoff Maule15 days ago
  • Never seen a more over-dramatic comment section. There’s a reason I can’t be arsed with politics.

    dedley01dedley0115 days ago
    • @dedley01 No problem . Have a nice day.

      Alex DAlex D15 days ago
    • I do think that the bill is a concerne, the government has no right to pass law against protests, that's undemocratic to silence people without us even getting to vote on the bill.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Alex D Sorry, just generally fed up of life. Excuse my manners.

      dedley01dedley0115 days ago
    • Your too rude for that and therefore no help.

      Alex DAlex D15 days ago
  • It’s about time someone put a stop to this authoritarian bills or we will loose our freedom that’s for sure

    L ML M15 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes They won’t be saying this is just a cold or seasonal flu ,If by chance they come down with the virus & end up on intensive ward fighting & gasping for air drowning in their own mucus as they depart this earth ..I know what it feels like to struggle for your breath as I have a lung disease thats slowly killing me .,These doubters have no clue .The government were slow but were not the only ones & are doing what they think is the right course of action & taking some sensible precautions ,& had to bring in a few temporary emergency measures while they asses the situation .They had temporary emergency measures in WW2 & ended them as prudent at the end of the war .This is a similar situation & all these who talk of loosing rights & police states are suffering from paranoia .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
    • @Masked Avenger That's entirely different. We already have laws against protests that are not socially distanced, the new bill will allow police to take action against peaceful protests even if the protestors did nothing wrong. It's issues like this that caused The Americans to succeed and it's painfully obvious that the bill isn't going to be used to figure out how to handle the current situation; they only have these measures for the inevitable protests about the piss poor handling of brexit when quality of life in the UK begins to fall. You can't compare this to WW2 because that was a WAR, our sovereignty and freedom was already at stake, Covid does not threaten to compromise our freedoms unless you consider social distancing an infringement, which I believe you do not considering your stance.

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Masked Avenger Agreed. The Government are not spreading this, WE are. And yes, if they just ignorred it then where would we be? They had to do something because we clearly could not be entrusted with our own safety let alone that of others. If anything I feel they acted far too slowly compared to other countries that had much lower mortality rates than us. But I suppose the stupid people will just say they killed off the people just to make it more convincing. And the really "challenged" people are still comparring this to the seasonal flu!

      Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes15 days ago
    • Stop being a melodramatic drama queen ,the government have only introduced a few temporary measures while they suss out the best way to suss out the situation & find a workable solution .They had temporary measures during WW2 & they were not permanent .If the government did nothing you would soon be complaining about that .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
  • People watch too many movies.

    Gaming KamiGaming Kami15 days ago
  • If the police were like they once were these kids would think twice before trying to fight them

    Haydn BrewerHaydn Brewer15 days ago
    • @Hidden Treasure In this case silencing protest is the road to common sense & preventing breach of the peace vandalism & thuggery .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger13 days ago
    • We would be encouraged to fight harder. Silencing protests is the first step to totalitarianism. You might disregard this as a slippery slope, but every day we fall the closer to repeating history. Just look at how Nazi Germany formed: they started with the small things, giving more legislative power to Hitler and the nazi party. Then it was banning political parties, anti semitic laws, giving police and the Gestapo the authority to do whatever they need. The Americans showed us what standing up for freedom meant in the 18th century, freedom and democracy will prevail

      Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure15 days ago
    • @Hyden Brewer The old SPG would not have wasted any time pussyfooting about ,they would have had this mob well sorted out .& in the cage bus .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
  • ❤️✝️❤️Jesus loves you!!!!!❤️✝️❤️ Have a blessed day!!!!❤️✝️❤️

    Rosie HuffleclawRosie Huffleclaw15 days ago
    • Jesus doesn't exist, go love yourself!!!

      HEY 4Q2HEY 4Q214 days ago
  • the media keep pushing "kill the bill" therefore spreading a narrative and doing their part in messing our country up big time.

    pat the patterdalepat the patterdale15 days ago
  • Just theatrical show of false freedom can only last a few hours? CPC Freedom HK protests last for entire years? In fact, the West is no longer free. Vaccine passports are handcuffs and privacy is violated.

    loveofpeaceloveofpeace15 days ago
  • They don’t know what they are protesting about! Looks like a bunch of far-leftists took overz

    T GT G15 days ago
  • bring back the water cannons and use them on these thugs...

    Antoni ChristianAntoni Christian15 days ago
    • Another incitement to break the law. Funny how it's the cops and their supporters who are looking for violence

      P aulP aul15 days ago
  • bruh just kill dem

    UK DrillstarUK Drillstar15 days ago
  • This shower need charging with illegal assembly & a breach of the Queens Peace .They should also be made to fully pay for any damage done to public & private property plus any damage to police vehicles .These protesters do not speak for the majority of the U.K. population who are not out looking to stir up trouble under the pretence of defending so called rights .

    Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
    • @Jennifer Hughes I agree with you 100% The all moan & complain about the U.K. but they don’t want to try their luck elsewhere .,If the U.K. was so bad & lacking in rights ,people wouldn’t be going out their way to come here .If these protesters tried any of there capers in real police state , they would be eating rifle buts & chewing the metal floor of the Juntas pick up trucks on the way to be tortured .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
    • @Masked Avenger Completely agree. I however would go one huge step more, and ask all those who do not like whats happening to simply leave the country, go anywhere you like, but just go.

      Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes15 days ago
    • @P aul Sorry to shatter your illusions but what matters is what the majority of law abiding citizens want in the U.K..Not the fantasists & Citizen Smith wannabe revolutionary’s who are in the U.K. minority think on these protest matters .

      Masked AvengerMasked Avenger15 days ago
    • Given the comments, it looks like you are the minority

      P aulP aul15 days ago
  • SprAy paint 666 across Banks, Police, institutional buildings..etc

    Ramming SpeedRamming Speed15 days ago
  • Govt Covid stats: out of 1.2m tests, fewer than 3,400 were positive. Or 50 per 100,000. That's 0.05%! Daily deaths under 40 (down from 1,362 on 19th Jan). 273 hosp. admissions down from 4,300. Only 3,500 in hosp., down from 39,000. Covid is gone until next flu season! So why are we still in lockdown??? Why is the MSM not telling you about this? Go to health impact news. com/2021/3964-dead-162610-injuries-european-database-of-adverse-drug-reactions-for-covid-19-vaccines/

    Graeme PetersGraeme Peters15 days ago
  • Sorry to say but day by day the police are Loosing the respect they desperately need to sustain law and order. People have a Right to protest if they feel aggrieved and shouldn’t have to ask permission off anyone. We ALL see the Two Tier system in this country and around the globe. The government and their propaganda machine(MSM) Really take the people for fools. They really think WE can’t see what’s happening in our own back yard. Divide and conquer is their aim. Create Fear and pretend to have the solution. Works every time.

    John ClowesJohn Clowes15 days ago
  • *Every William changes their name*

    Daniel HarrisDaniel Harris15 days ago
    • Lol

      P aulP aul15 days ago
  • Can we just deport nazi patel out of the country ? - she's the worst of the worst - what with her instructions on the vigil, and now a full on attack on democratic protest - I don't think she'll be happy until we all have our own private little prison cells!

    zardoz joneszardoz jones16 days ago
  • Another day out for the looneys and paranoid freaks........

    woolly whippetwoolly whippet16 days ago
  • I can't wait for this bill to pass so we can have safety and security again from these vile protesters rioting EVERY day over some nonsense they don't even understand.

    Astolfo DesuAstolfo Desu16 days ago
    • @Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosis Google it, it is not difficult to find the info.

      Divine Truth1Divine Truth115 days ago
    • @Divine Truth1 You mean the British army's brigade of online warriors? Maybe it's believable, but do you have proof?

      PneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosisPneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosis15 days ago
    • @Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosis The majority of the commentors in here are 77th brigade. Just so you know.

      Divine Truth1Divine Truth115 days ago
    • You think police should have the power to disperse any protest they deem a "serious annoyance", even if it's entirely peaceful? Because that's what the PCSC Bill gives them the power to do.

      PneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosisPneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvocanoconiosis15 days ago
  • well our government are traitors and so are the police .now look at how sencored we are online aswell and also if u dont agree to terms you cant view nothing online so china here we come were not far of it .the masks are so the news and government can see how much the dumb vaccinated sheep are doing

    Paul FisherPaul Fisher16 days ago
  • I can see global war coming

    MikeMike16 days ago
    • You are in ww3 now! If and when wa4 happens only time can tell

    • Global tyranny you mean. It’s already happened

      Altair1904Altair190415 days ago
    • @Peter Sutcliffe that’s the best comment here 🤣

      Dan The DansonDan The Danson15 days ago
    • It's already here. It's a spiritual war.

      Jed EyeJed Eye15 days ago
    • @Peter Sutcliffe i dont wanna tho

      Random TimestampRandom Timestamp15 days ago
  • Interesting warning at the start of this video.. the language doesn’t offend me but the fact we have a police force in this country willing to be soldiers of the state oppression of the people is rather more offensive.. Nice to see the Met continuing to pick of women .. way to go Met Police.. you’re reckoning will come .

    andy smerdonandy smerdon16 days ago
  • The police should be ashamed... for not using enough force on these communist filth.

    Gimli Son of GloinGimli Son of Gloin16 days ago
  • kill the bill Kill the bill Kill the bill

    InadInad16 days ago
  • Need to shoot a few protestors to show them what is democracy.

    FacePalmGameProductionFacePalmGameProduction16 days ago
    • They think they are cool but In reality they are just embarrassing!

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad16 days ago
    • Rap music listening degenerates deserve the same

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad16 days ago