Laurence Fox unveils his manifesto in London Mayoral bid

Apr 7, 2021
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Mayoral candidate Laurence Fox today launched his manifesto with a
claim that he will end all lockdown rules if he wins control of City Hall.
The actor and activist claimed he would make the capital “a Covid passport-free city” with pubs open and masks not needed to be worn at schools or on transport, although mayors have no actual powers in all these areas.
“London will be a Covid passport-free city,” he asserted. “There will be no
mask mandate in London. Children will not have to wear masks in school.”
Aides of the Reclaim Party founder conceded that he had no powers to
scrap masks rules outside public transport, but argued that a Fox victory
would “send a powerful message” to central government.
Mr Fox and supporters descended on Parliament Square to make a speech
near to Winston Churchill’s statue. He also promised an annual Festival
of London in which “every theatre ticket will be free” for a day. The plan would rely on theatres voluntarily donating their ticket revenues.
His manifesto contains promises for free bus and Tube travel for six months,
paid for by TfL, and to build 250,000 homes by identifying “unattractive
scrubland” sites for housing. Hammersmith Bridge would reopen to pedestrians and cyclists this year. Mr Fox attacked the Government for
“fascistic” lockdown laws. He said: “There is no reason we have been kept
in lockdown. Instead of trusting us to live our lives, the Government is now
flirting with yet more authoritarian ideas, the very fascistic ideas that
Winston Churchill stood against, and a generation of Brits fought and died.
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  • Fish Fash Fosh taking London to the Max!

    Gavriel SeitlerGavriel SeitlerMinute ago
  • How is he supposed to fight the establishment when his uncle is Prince Charles best mate

    Truth MedsTruth Meds3 hours ago
  • Was glad to see you at Sutton High Street, today.

    John MascardoJohn MascardoDay ago
  • Plonker!!

    S GS G2 days ago
  • Any unnecessary cycle lane will be removed What does that even mean?

    dancheynedancheyne2 days ago
    • It mean he wants to waste the millions invested making London greener and safer for cyclists by undoing the progress. Just because he doesn't like cyclists.

      Courtz FrancisCourtz FrancisDay ago
  • I saw an ad on youtube, put up by Lawrence fox 30 mins ago, with even less applause and no "yeah go on mate" encouragements at all! This man has augmented this video to make it sound more enthusiastically received than it actually was, hard though that may be to believe.

    Getting WarmerGetting Warmer3 days ago
  • Vote max fosh

    CurioticgamerCurioticgamer3 days ago
  • Max Fosh for mayor! Take London to the max

    Aspiring IdiotAspiring Idiot3 days ago
  • Takes you back to the 1930s Germany!

    K NK N3 days ago
    • How does it take you back to 1930's Germany? We're in 1930's Germany now! I hope you DON'T need me to tell you why.

      Paul CharlesPaul Charles2 days ago
  • I hope he wins. It seems to me Sadiq Khan has his own cultural agenda that is not British!

    sedekiman rsedekiman r3 days ago
    • If it benefits the people of London then it's British

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis2 days ago
  • I'm voting for the Fox, come on Laurence

    Andrew BowerAndrew Bower3 days ago
  • This manifesto is flawed on all levels. It’s just a manifesto to win votes, whereby little thought to the wider contextual factors are taken. Unlike MAX FOSHs manifesto tho! ‘If your posh, vote for FOSH’ not this guy who has ears quite far back on his head

    CAWACAWA4 days ago

    Al HowAl How4 days ago

    Al HowAl How4 days ago
  • he's kinda hot.

    Live LifeLive Life4 days ago

    alrightalright4 days ago
  • Niko for mayor

    BlueSquad 101BlueSquad 1015 days ago
  • They tell me this guy is (was) an actor. I find that hard to believe. Terrible presentation, and reads his own words badly. Zero charisma. Plus, of course, he would not have the power to do most of what he is promising.

    geocareygeocarey5 days ago
  • "the mask mandate will be removed" followed by "I will make London safe again" feels like a little bit of a hmmmmmm

    ostool 8080ostool 80805 days ago
  • Outstanding!!

    Clemson JohnsonClemson Johnson5 days ago
  • He does realise it’s the mayor of London. Not deputy chief comrade of the uk

    • @Courtz Francis what actual powers does the mayor of London have?

    • He's got half a stump to stand on since London is handling covid now anyway

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis2 days ago
    • @Goudurix who said anything about Kahn

    • well to be fair, Khan doesn't seem to know that either

      GoudurixGoudurix4 days ago
    • He is the Donald Trump of England

      Morris david MullingsMorris david Mullings5 days ago

    youngraalyoungraal5 days ago

    VonzyVonzy5 days ago
  • Does he even live in London? Swear he's a country boy

    Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis6 days ago
  • If he became mayor it would be funny seeing him realise that mayors don’t have the power to do half of these things

    Jonny AshleyJonny Ashley6 days ago
    • What do mayors have control over?

      Free DomFree Dom4 days ago
  • Scam artist

    AJ MountainsAJ Mountains6 days ago
  • tosser

    jwilson1812jwilson18126 days ago
  • Brian Rose

    SikhipacksweeklySikhipacksweekly6 days ago
  • The people’s man, MAX FOSH

    AJC614 YAJC614 Y6 days ago

    EthaPnerryEthaPnerry6 days ago
  • As an actor you’d think he’d be able to remember his lines before hand

    EthaPnerryEthaPnerry6 days ago
  • Free tube travel for six months? Is he taking the piss?! Who’s going to fund that?

    Noddy MacNoddy Mac6 days ago
    • @Chameleon EDM I was right in what I said about why trains are so expensive here in the UK, it’s common knowledge. If you take a look at different metros, subways etc you can see most are supported mostly by government and not rail fares. We however are the opposite, we are supported by rail fares and not government. It’s laughable. I saw the figures in a document that was released to us a while back. Quite annoying really.

      Noddy MacNoddy Mac3 days ago
    • @Noddy Mac Nah, commuter lines are priced the way they are because they can be and the trains are normally shoulder to shoulder. It's disgraceful Didn't know about the TfL stuff you just said, that makes the guy an even bigger moron

      Chameleon EDMChameleon EDM3 days ago
    • @Chameleon EDM As I already highlighted, TfL are financially crippled at the moment, so we’re relying on the government to bail us out of a financial crisis so we can keep London moving. This bellend then offers “free travel” for six months, which if is the case, will just put TfL out of business in no time at all. The whole reason train fares have to be so high is because it’s those who buy tickets that keep maintenance and upgrade works going, because the government are too greedy to fund the countries transport network and instead give themselves undeserved pay rises.

      Noddy MacNoddy Mac4 days ago
    • No one is, because no one is crying about tube tickets. It’s like he saw people mad at train prices, couldn’t control that from a mayoral position, so figured “free tube for 6 months” (whatever that even means) speaks to the same message He’s just an idiot

      Chameleon EDMChameleon EDM4 days ago
    • @Raj That makes zero sense. It’s only free to the “youts” who can’t be arsed to pay because they feel entitled to everything for nothing. TfL is struggling badly at the moment and this bellend goes on about free travel for 6 months? He’ll manage to bury TfL within weeks! He isn’t going to deliver on most of these things and if anyone believes him, they are as deluded as he is.

      Noddy MacNoddy Mac4 days ago
  • Brilliant

    Mark BickerstaffMark Bickerstaff6 days ago

    Francesca MulaFrancesca Mula6 days ago
  • Vote max foshhh

    Ella WilliamsElla Williams6 days ago
  • Ha ha dumbass. The Covid-19 lockdown rules are here for a reason. My vote is still with fosh, stop trying to infect the city with a virus

    Wall Jump GamesWall Jump Games7 days ago
    • Also that is hurting theaters not helping them. People will save their theatre trips for that day, so you will hurt their businesses by lowering theater visits for the days where they get revenue

      Wall Jump GamesWall Jump Games7 days ago
  • If YOU do NOT go out to VOTE for Fox then you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Get out, take no return flight to the 5 letter word country which begins with a C and ends in A

    Angelus SierraAngelus Sierra7 days ago
    • @ZOSO 1971 he want new York style policing for starters A. London has a different culture from New York B. Those police methods didn't work and were proven to be just predudice harassment of minorities

      Courtz FrancisCourtz FrancisDay ago
    • @Courtz Francis why? sounds good to me

      ZOSO 1971ZOSO 19715 days ago
    • His policies make no sense

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis6 days ago
    • "If you don't vote for Fox you should fly to China." Damn, Heathrow is going to be busy when 99.5% of London tries to get on their flights on the 7th May.

      zumtreamzumtream6 days ago
  • If he was elected Mayor he would have no authority on Covid restrictions.

    Jason and Lynne ChambersJason and Lynne Chambers7 days ago
    • @ZOSO 1971 The prime minister and Parliament have authority o er those restrictions. They are legal and lawful because Parliament, the place where laws are made have said they are to be the law. You may not like them but that is a different matter.

      Jason and Lynne ChambersJason and Lynne Chambers5 days ago
    • nobody has authority on those restrictions. they are illegal and unlawful

      ZOSO 1971ZOSO 19715 days ago
    • Fox hasn't quite worked out what the job he is applying for entails.

      zumtreamzumtream6 days ago
  • Who this

    James TophamJames Topham7 days ago
  • he says he'll make london safer , how does removing restriction's to keep us safe make it safer? like alot of his points through

    Cavan AultonCavan Aulton7 days ago
  • London is dead mate. Forget your manifesto and illusions of grandeur.

    James DownieJames Downie7 days ago
  • He won't win but it's nice to see not everyone's lost their minds

    James HeydenrychJames Heydenrych7 days ago
    • @James Heydenrych even with make up, it not exactly wise to get visable tattoos when your an "actor"

      Courtz FrancisCourtz FrancisDay ago
    • @Courtz Francis What sort of metric is that lol

      James HeydenrychJames Heydenrych2 days ago
    • You think a guy with hand tattoos makes good decisions 😅

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis2 days ago
  • What is he going to do about rent?

    Cell Biology ShortsCell Biology Shorts7 days ago
    • Nothing, he can't blame minorities for that

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis2 days ago
  • I would vote screaming Lord Sutch in than Khan,Laurence talks sense

    rosie55551rosie555517 days ago
    • Yeah time for Khan to Foff

      Andrew BowerAndrew Bower3 days ago
  • So funny how his base responded blankfaced to free travel and more housing 😂 they only care about the point that the pundits served them; we love police, we love flags, we love licking boots!

    chilled of minchilled of min7 days ago
    • @Craigus Maximus they’re policies actually if we are being pedantic, but I wouldn’t ask you to turn off the oven, less still know what policies are. Give us an example of a Labour buzzword then mr thesis, because, if you couldn’t tell, my argument is that there are none. You might appreciate the fact I’m using the logic employed by the Romans and Greeks here, rather than making baseless claims because man with funny USworlds channel said that antifa is running rampant or whatever spew you’ve been chewing down on.

      chilled of minchilled of min3 days ago
    • @chilled of min Those are sentences and slogans, not words. You clearly don't grasp what we are talking about here. I think it is you who didn't go to university after all. Stay salty 😂

      Craigus MaximusCraigus Maximus3 days ago
    • @Craigus Maximus yeah they have some really scary buzzwords: “maintenance of the nhs” “removing cuts to public service” “raising the minimum wage to reduce poverty”

      chilled of minchilled of min3 days ago
    • @chilled of min You want me to give you an example of the labour parties overuse of buzzwords? Are you in denial or don't you follow politics?

      Craigus MaximusCraigus Maximus3 days ago
    • @Craigus Maximus interesting how people who use the word “facts” without presenting any are also the least likely to go to university 😂 it’s almost as if they’ve been given themselves a false sense of superiority to hide their insecurities

      chilled of minchilled of min3 days ago
  • Need some one that’s guna allow us to live,and bring back common sense & order,and stop all this indoctoration of school children and universities,they need to start living and flowing again,and stop wasting our time

    Gary NewisGary Newis7 days ago
    • Haha oh Gary.. you’re a bell end! A Waste of skin haha. Your name is GARY!!! Haha GARY!! I hope this pleb wins haha

      Lucy BeanLucy Bean6 days ago
  • That’s ‘ backing’ not ducking In me last comment

    stephen spencerstephen spencer8 days ago
  • Just noticed that Rent A Mob scraped the barrel with the crowd ducking Fox up. They must have been closed that day, and could only get the low IQ socially awkward, and appallingly dressed out at such short notice. Fox does come across as being politically speaking, just to the left of Himmler. There must be something wrong when you have to deposit £10,000 to stand knowing full well there’s no hope. Obviously a true man of the people.

    stephen spencerstephen spencer8 days ago
  • Laurence Fox, as a total no-hoper you can make any fanciful promises you wish without ever having to worry about how you will fulfil them. Just enjoy your moment in the spotlight as the ultra-right’s poster boy.

    John CrosleyJohn Crosley8 days ago
    • He’s like slightly right of centre

      ThrowawayThrowaway7 days ago
  • Vote Max Fosh to Mash Fox!

    Hadraedan96Hadraedan968 days ago
    • You’re like 15 ?

      ThrowawayThrowaway7 days ago
  • But the mayor has no's all via parliament.....all he controls is the purse strings of the capital and planning permission Laurence fox reads from a speech someone else has written for him. No experience, no hope, no idea why he is there.

    Too Legit To QuitToo Legit To Quit8 days ago
  • Another Covid conspiracy prat, government attempting to make us a police state etc etc etc I was actually going to vote for him till I heard his manifesto speech. Fortunately he hasn’t got a hope in hell chance of getting in, thank god. Also fortunately with ridiculous comments he’s made in the past which I wasn’t aware of, his career is also over. Bye Bye Fox

    stephen spencerstephen spencer8 days ago
  • beautiful

    Blackbird InTheSkyBlackbird InTheSky8 days ago
  • If he wins it might actually be better to change the Capital, letting this buffoon own a house is bad enough, letting him run a city is disastrous And I don't even think the Mayor has the power to do most of this, especially that COVID legislation. That is national law the government put in place, no Mayor can override it. And the Mayor cannot just recruit 3000 extra Officers, the MET is ran by the Home Office which is run by the government, so they decide the numbers.

    Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
  • Wow he actually believes people will vote for him?

    Lenka IštokováLenka Ištoková8 days ago
    • I don't know mate, all 20 of his supporters are there.

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago

    Finn ChapmanFinn Chapman8 days ago

    OscarA1OscarA18 days ago
    • @OscarA1 you gonna be happy when he bankrups the city with his vanity projects?

      Courtz FrancisCourtz FrancisDay ago
    • @Anon #notosuperleague yes I have to admit his views on covid are a bit crazy, but the other stuff about the Union Jack and freedom of speech really make me happy

      OscarA1OscarA12 days ago
    • @Alexei Smirnoff He seems like a right idiot. The bit that gets me is his clownish opinion on covid restrictions. Imagine if he was the prime minister, I would definitely try and flee the country 😅.

      Anon #notosuperleagueAnon #notosuperleague6 days ago
    • You realise he can't do half of this. He can't override national law, he would only be a Mayor. He can't recruit 3000 new Officers, which can only be done by the Government. How on earth is he going to pay for free transport on Tubes or Buses? That is INCREDIBLY expensive. It's been proven repeatedly, the "Broken Windows" policy is not the most efficient way to deal with crime, dealing with the causes of crime such as poverty is the most efficient method of tackling crime. How are you going to just change the school's curriculum? Most schools run off a national curriculum decided by the Department of Education.

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
  • khan must go and the quicker the better he is a nasty man.

    james crispjames crisp8 days ago
  • London is a $hithole time to exterminate the rats 🐀

    TheOGAngry ScotsmanTheOGAngry Scotsman8 days ago
  • Removing bike lanes?? I won’t be voting then. And going by the two fans on your side I doubt you’ll get far.

    Christopher MoffittChristopher Moffitt8 days ago
    • He just wants cyclists to be ran over,

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
  • Max Fosh for mayor

    zumtreamzumtream8 days ago
    • @-=Gaz=- well UKIP is a party id never vote for, so I’ll never vote for someone who has close ties with them.

      EthaPnerryEthaPnerryDay ago
    • @EthaPnerry , and your point being?

      -=Gaz=--=Gaz=-Day ago
    • @-=Gaz=- definitely not. He was/is (im not sure) a member of ukip

      EthaPnerryEthaPnerryDay ago
    • No, David Kurten for mayor

      -=Gaz=--=Gaz=-Day ago
    • always and forever

      alrightalright4 days ago
  • Checked all the candidates out, none of them seems to promise but good things for the Londoners. I will vote for the one who knows how not to promise but one think, to endeavour their best from their position for the people and that they will need the people themselves to help them do their job at its best. What am I saying here? Do I believe in the voting system? No.

    Abi FrenchAbi French8 days ago
  • Laurance when can you start

    Gee Singh RathoreGee Singh Rathore9 days ago
    • He needs to poll above 2% of the vote first.

      zumtreamzumtream6 days ago
    • I expect he could start quite soon...the music and acting careers have gone down the crapper.

      parsleylion unkparsleylion unk8 days ago
    • You realise he can't do half of this. He can't override national law, he would only be a Mayor. He can't recruit 3000 new Officers, which can only be done by the Government. How on earth is he going to pay for free transport on Tubes or Buses? That is INCREDIBLY expensive. It's been proven repeatedly, the "Broken Windows" policy is not the most efficient way to deal with crime, dealing with the causes of crime such as poverty is the most efficient method of tackling crime. How are you going to just change the school's curriculum? Most schools run off a national curriculum decided by the Department of Education.

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
  • This speech was epic. I kind of wanted Laurence Fox to say in the middle of it "and do you accept this man's resignation?"

    Anthony MckenAnthony Mcken9 days ago
    • I meant to say it sounded off the cuff.

      Anthony MckenAnthony Mcken8 days ago
    • Off the cuff ? He was reading from an a4 paper the whole time.

      Ben GBen G8 days ago
  • Actually, the free ticket to the theatre event is a really good idea BUT regular theatre-goers would perhaps look upon it as a right and those wanting to go may get swamped out by privileged sorts on that day, careful planning would need to be used, the upside, however, could be a massive new interest in the performing arts.

    IFN MediaIFN Media9 days ago
    • @IFN Media I meant 3%of Londoners and all the good shows would be packed anyway

      Courtz FrancisCourtz FrancisDay ago
    • @Courtz Francis A very good point, absolutely true, however, 3% of the UK population is quite a large number, 2,040,000 in fact and that would fill a few seats but remember that the would-be mayor is hoping to be the mayor of London, a city of some project 9,500,000 people and 2,040,000 represents a whopping 21. 47% of Londoners and it is them after all, who have the voting power to get Mr. Fox in to office (as opposed to the UK's remainder population). So he really is looking at the maths too.

      IFN MediaIFN Media2 days ago
    • Only like 3% of the population could utilize it at full capacity

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis2 days ago
    • @John Crosley Here, here! and let's absolutely shut down everybody we can, How dare folks have the sheer bloody nerve to exercise 'HOPE' that last bastion of human expression, well done old boy. Now while we are on the subject, let's also stop all this narrow-minded business of giving people choices too, who needs freedom of expression either. Yes John, let's roundup all those silly sheep too and put them back in their pens for eating later. All hail to Lord, Sir John Crosley!! Our next glorious leader, master of all thought and destiny of the human race. (always read the small print, you may lose the shirt off your back, terms and conditions apply)

      IFN MediaIFN Media3 days ago
    • There is no point in making comments about something that will never ever happen. Get real.

      John CrosleyJohn Crosley3 days ago
  • You go for if Foxy!

    Tracy FletcherTracy Fletcher9 days ago

    Minah and Deanz DEMINAHMinah and Deanz DEMINAH9 days ago
    • What sense? He has no authority for his dum ideas

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis6 days ago
    • @Alexei Smirnoff You're assuming these people actually take policy into account when voting - the vast majority just don't care and vote for someone they like

      J MacdonaldJ Macdonald8 days ago
    • You realise he can't do half of this. He can't override national law, he would only be a Mayor. He can't recruit 3000 new Officers, which can only be done by the Government. How on earth is he going to pay for free transport on Tubes or Buses? That is INCREDIBLY expensive. It's been proven repeatedly, the "Broken Windows" policy is not the most efficient way to deal with crime, dealing with the causes of crime such as poverty is the most efficient method of tackling crime. How are you going to just change the school's curriculum? Most schools run off a national curriculum decided by the Department of Education.

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
    • Remember to vote for Max Fosh, yes?

      Finn ChapmanFinn Chapman8 days ago
    • Agreed. Remember, May 5th, wait no 6th? But Lawrence said 5th. Must be the fifth

      J MacdonaldJ Macdonald9 days ago
  • You get my vote

    Tony LuxtonTony Luxton9 days ago
  • Good luck Laurance 👍 my capital desperately needs you!!!

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones9 days ago
    • No, no. I wouldn't let this man own a house.

      Alexei SmirnoffAlexei Smirnoff8 days ago
    • nah we're good

      shafrshafr8 days ago
  • My god I’d love to see Kahn out.

    Richard DaleRichard Dale9 days ago
    • Why?

      dancheynedancheyne2 days ago
  • "Police Streets and not Tweets" it's a sad day in our society when we need someone to campaign for police to do their jobs instead of fixating on non-issues

    AeneasGeminiAeneasGemini10 days ago
    • It's a sad day when people buy into a meaningless campaign-trail jingle

      zumtreamzumtream6 days ago
    • @Scott King lol wut?

      Craigus MaximusCraigus Maximus7 days ago
    • Its a sad day when a idiot believea that nonses haopens all the time.

      Scott KingScott King7 days ago
  • *"broken-windows policing" (NY style) sounds authoritarian, but many can't explain why.* To people who google, it (1) victimizes the poor, (2) open to abuse by racists, (3) reviled and regretted in US in hindsight The majority of UK people who know this, are rightwing and get misty eyed when they hear about US police brutality. _because they google this ... it interests them .. interesting youtube watch-history, you know_

    rubbercablerubbercable10 days ago
    • Worse part is, it doesn't work all.

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis9 days ago
  • For everyone saying to vote for him and 'get Khan out'... you know there are other candidates right? Shaun Bailey, Sian Berry, Luisa Poritt, and of course Max Fosh (and more) ... you don't have to vote for this man's empty promises which are impossible to pull off to not vote for Khan.

    A JWA JW10 days ago
  • Scrap city bank where where the whole shambles started!!! Fake debts, fake money!!!!

    Kate WoodhouseKate Woodhouse10 days ago
  • Imagine Fox wins lol.

    Mario’s KublanMario’s Kublan10 days ago
  • U lost my vote as soon as u spoke against cycle . All cycle lanes are necessary.

    chirag Shettychirag Shetty10 days ago
  • Ego, overconfidence and privilege. These three factors create scenes like this. The man's a charlatan. Did a bit of acting, fancied a bit of singing, what's next? How about the inevitable attempt at politics as I'm bored and I think I know how the world should be run. Look at me everyone.

    David BullDavid Bull10 days ago
    • and entitlement

      Chris AChris A10 days ago
  • Snake oil salesman

    Pro VortexPro Vortex10 days ago
  • Our flag is the union flag ... Not the union jack. It's only known as the union jack when at sea

    Anthony CookeAnthony Cooke10 days ago
    • Not true. In 1902 an Admiralty Circular announced that either name could be used officially. And in 1908 the UK Parliament approved this verdict.

      Sol FennellSol Fennell10 days ago
  • What's he on......I'll have a pound of it. Mind you, anyone would be better than what's there at the moment.

    Jon TillyardJon Tillyard10 days ago
  • Outstanding, this gave me goosebumps, please Londoners vote for Lawrence Fox

    samantha byrnesamantha byrne10 days ago
    • I'd rather vote for someone who actually knows what his job allows

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis6 days ago
  • Looking good mate, with your ten 'supporters' there :) Get a grip you fuckin trough.

    David WyndDavid Wynd10 days ago
  • why is he flashing freemasonic hand signs???????????

    Alloya Decoding the UniverseAlloya Decoding the Universe11 days ago
  • Hope he wins. Get Khan out.

    Mr ApeMr Ape11 days ago
  • "No such thing as native Brits" Lawrence Fox. This is controlled opposition. F c k t h i s g u y

    OGCpwOGCpw11 days ago
  • Max fosh

    ZedZed11 days ago
  • Empty promises!

    Samm BateSamm Bate11 days ago
  • Vote Max Fosh

    Michael IngMichael Ing11 days ago
    • Why?

      PygmalionPygmalion11 days ago
  • Bet you anything the woke brigade wish they had not tried to cancel you now.

    Muddy WitchMuddy Witch11 days ago
  • He doesn't have the power to open London or change covid rules, Boris can override it. So that was a moot point. Whether you agree with it or not, it won't happen.

    alex ojideagualex ojideagu11 days ago
  • Vote Max Fosh.

    Joris BohnsonJoris Bohnson11 days ago
    • Another Incel of the People (of Romford)?

      GramsciGramsci3 days ago
    • The people's candidate

      J MacdonaldJ Macdonald9 days ago
  • Common sense at last!

    G McG Mc11 days ago
  • Male menopause is real.

    Laurence von WinkenburgerLaurence von Winkenburger11 days ago
  • 'I hear you're a racist now, Laurence Fox'.

    pulchralutetiapulchralutetia11 days ago

    ttulliettullie12 days ago
  • Sadly, he’s got no chance

    Kyle LewisKyle Lewis12 days ago
  • Never worn a mask not had covid, its a slightly extremest mentality like forcing people to cover there face

    J Devil14J Devil1412 days ago
    • @Courtz Francis balaclava ski mask for robbery or to hide ur true identity it can for some be rather scary. Me personally im not insecure nor can u affect me by trying to attack my masculinity 1 childish basic act and 2 im not scared

      J Devil14J Devil145 days ago
    • @J Devil14 imagine feeling threatened by wearing some cloth 😂.

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis5 days ago
    • @A JW if others have a mask they are protected so all good lol

      J Devil14J Devil149 days ago
    • @J Devil14 Wearing a mask means protecting others, but just yourself? Anyway, let’s end this here and not just end up reiterating the same points over and over again. Have a nice day.

      A JWA JW9 days ago
    • @A JW im living it, shopping no mask work no mask, I dont need nor do I want to prov anything as I dont feel insecure nor feel the need to justify again im not fussed about your choice but the concept that u feel u can control me lol

      J Devil14J Devil149 days ago
  • Where are the costings for these extravagant claims?

    aimeemacdnaimeemacdn12 days ago
    • where did they find this money ?

      mike smithmike smith8 days ago
    • the printing machine,not that long ago uk had austerity no money for services or people,roll forward to this last year they found billions when it suited them

      mike smithmike smith8 days ago
  • What/who would finance free transport?

    aimeemacdnaimeemacdn12 days ago
  • You’re going to bankrupt London transport system with your “free transport system” Such a shame one with such words will not pull through.. although that’ll be a godsend. Last note. The lifeblood of tories is what has kept millions in our nation in poverty... keep safe . Stop worrying about statues of a dead prime minister when he stopped food supplies to bengal and caused the famine of 1943 he’s no saint and anyone who licks Churchill’s ass is no saviour

    Alfie OsmondAlfie Osmond12 days ago