Light snow falls in central London on Easter Monday

Apr 5, 2021
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Monday’s temperatures are expected to be up to 11C lower than during the sunshine of the Easter weekend as cold northern winds move over the country.
Parts of the UK are expected to see the mercury fall to as low as minus 7C (19.4F) overnight as forecasters warn the country faces a “bitterly cold” day, with people waking up to snow in parts of Scotland and northern England.
It comes after the Met Office said highs of 17.9C (64.2F) were recorded in Pershore, Worcestershire, on Easter Sunday.
The town is expected to see temperatures of 7C (44.6F) on Monday, an 11C fall.
Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “There’ll be a drop of 11 degrees between one day and the next, so you will definitely notice it!”
Mr Partridge explained that a change of wind direction would bring a change in the atmosphere, leading to chilly weather.
He said: “The air we had on Sunday came in from the south so it’s pretty mild having come off the continent.
“Overnight we’ll see a cold front moving southward across the country, it’s already across northern Scotland, and it’ll push its way southward overnight.
“That will introduce much, much colder air across the whole country.”
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  • This is called Class A Snow when the Police interupt the Banker's coffee break in the building above

    Mike5Mike514 days ago
  • It was Boris hanging out of a helicopter shaking his head 😷👍

    Donny DeerDonny Deer14 days ago
  • sorry I used Shiva again my bad ;D

    Deus Vlad2.0Deus Vlad2.014 days ago
  • Looked like polystyrene, felt greasy, air temperature 5°C, weather bombs and Thunder snow? Seems like mother nature's been weaponised!!

    Michael LilleyMichael Lilley14 days ago
  • The CIA did it so the rioters would go home

    TheEnchilada KidTheEnchilada Kid15 days ago
  • Hold the front page... they found an Easter egg at Euston station and they think someone deliberately left it there..

    Francelee ParisFrancelee Paris15 days ago
  • Looks like the forecast was wrong once again.... what snow.

    Mike WadeMike Wade15 days ago
  • Poison gm to grow in uk yt france 24 english bill gates is working with monsanta vandana shiva tells france 24 english time to stand up before its to late

    E ClarkeE Clarke15 days ago
  • Evil uk gov all parties uk mps lords corrupt judges pass laws for poison gm to grow in uk time to stand up before its to late any uk farmer who grows this poison must be jailed for life planned for food control and to poison the pubic land rivers wildlife pets

    E ClarkeE Clarke15 days ago
  • Major news

    Sempereadem54 EademSempereadem54 Eadem15 days ago
  • Oh no 😱 Panic stations prepare to be snowed under...

    Svenka MogSvenka Mog15 days ago
  • Crazy weather I can't even remember when we last had snow at Christmas

    Matt GoslingMatt Gosling15 days ago
  • Editor chief: we need something that no one really cares about ...

    Rafael BorgesRafael Borges15 days ago
  • Must be the global warming I keep getting told about all the time

    Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell15 days ago
  • Custard cops out to arrest it for gathering in groups of more than 6. When ordered to disperse, the useless hot air produced had that effect.

    Triumph RiderTriumph Rider15 days ago
  • It’s raining in Baltimore, 15 miles east

    stephen hayesstephen hayes15 days ago
  • It will keep the snowflakes happy 🤣🤣

    Paul from NewcastlePaul from Newcastle15 days ago
  • Thank you for reporting on the important issues of the day.

    colin youngcolin young15 days ago
  • Global warming I presume?

    Karl RKarl R15 days ago
  • climate shift

    baldy meekbaldy meek15 days ago
  • God’s anger in this land . Repent

    Cheng ChengCheng Cheng15 days ago
    • Oh bugger off

      Helen PaulsHelen Pauls15 days ago
  • And no one gave a fcuk

    PickleThePigPickleThePig15 days ago
  • That's not Snow, its shredded Paper from the Westminster Cabal as they destroy all fake reports about the Covid Scam.

    Steve StephensSteve Stephens15 days ago
  • Have the police tried to disperse the snow and fine it ?

    GbGb15 days ago
  • Thank God its cooler my poor plant wont suffer today lol

    insidegrowsite420 joeblogsinsidegrowsite420 joeblogs15 days ago
  • Omg wow,

    XORTIONXORTION15 days ago
  • Last Tuesday it was 24 Celsius like a sunny summers day , 6 days letter snow falling , crazy weather .

    ALADDIN22091978ALADDIN2209197815 days ago
    • It's called (not global warming )

      Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell15 days ago
    • Typical English weather. What's more alarming is telling children the planet us on fire because a 1-2 degree temperature rise is predicted over the next one hundred years.

      Mouthwash GloopMouthwash Gloop15 days ago
  • Unbelievable you guys are so lost as a media source, you’ve become redundant.

    Mike JamesMike James15 days ago
  • wow some great news! so fascinating

    Damage FTWDamage FTW15 days ago
  • Fake news the "snow" is really white confetti they just want to keep people in their homes

    Daniel RaynerDaniel Rayner15 days ago
  • Snow in london, rest of the UK doesn't give a damn.

    Andy BrownAndy Brown15 days ago
  • Best thing I’ve watched I ages

    Jet Black.Jet Black.15 days ago
  • At least the title isn't " snow storm batters uk"

    Adrian 321Adrian 32115 days ago
  • Ok, ow this is just reeeally weird for this time of year now.

    Daniel WhyattDaniel Whyatt15 days ago
    • It must be a shock to the mu se Li chomping guardian reading middle class ffs I can't be bothered to finish what I was going to put that skunk is strong

      Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell15 days ago
  • K.

    AdiAdi15 days ago
  • News that shocks the world

    2 Girls 1 Schlupp2 Girls 1 Schlupp15 days ago
  • Tomorrow headline sun shines

    HUSHHUSH15 days ago
  • Where is your global warming eco idiots ???!!! Global climate is changing all the time....

    Nosu TVNosu TV15 days ago
  • Is this the end times? Oh please enlighten us oh Holy ES

    Kakka CarmenElectraKakka CarmenElectra15 days ago
  • "Sometimes it snows, in April" 🎼PRINCE 🕺🏽* Actual size!!!

    Jean-Pierre DurrantJean-Pierre Durrant15 days ago
  • Is London going to be ok? We need to send them aid

    Slaven MierechSlaven Mierech15 days ago
  • The snow flakes reporting on. . . . . . . . . snow flakes. Well done the Evening substandard,

    ken quidken quid15 days ago
  • Fake news :)

    Horus LondonHorus London15 days ago
  • is this really news??

    Drakrats DarkstarDrakrats Darkstar15 days ago
  • brexits fault

    ltn pinheadltn pinhead15 days ago
  • 0:11 thought that was some Orwellian tanoy announcement like from Half Life 2, thankfully we're not there yet

    Edge-of-SanityEdge-of-Sanity15 days ago
  • I don't know why people get so excited about snow? We don't get our phones out & film the fog.

    Clive GloverClive Glover15 days ago
  • Riveting stuff, almost fell off my chair.

    Investor SwainInvestor Swain15 days ago
  • White snow flakes matter.

    William GrayWilliam Gray15 days ago
  • I'd like to get a train down to London and have a nice day out again.

    More LionsMore Lions15 days ago
  • Bring back Global warming

    John HartleyJohn Hartley15 days ago
  • chemtrails

    Berke ErsoyBerke Ersoy15 days ago
  • Worldclass journalism i hope you get a raise and a big clap in the office whoever covered this story truly heart stopping footage

    Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort15 days ago
    • @Devon Scannell well you aint gonna get the truth from the "news" thats for sure

      Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort15 days ago
    • Either way we dont need heart stopping footage. We need the truth. Nothing more and nothing less

      Devon ScannellDevon Scannell15 days ago
    • ha ha

      LiveLive15 days ago
  • London ! After 25 years of living there - right next to where you filmed. I'm OUT ! SO HAPPY to be out of London. It's become a prison ! Where you get screwed - payments - for everything. An anti white mayor and a complete melt down in housing - unless you're a property developer.. The mayor likes entertaining them, oh yeah.. Stuff everyone else.. Parking, driving, rent, council tax, polluted Tubes, hassle on buses and the money grabbers - councils.. Disgusting that people actually go to work and implement council rules.. Don't blame politicians. It's people who in-chain other people... I LOVE now living in the countryside...

    RichardRichard15 days ago
  • "News"

    ItMeansSunItMeansSun15 days ago
  • wasnt it like 24 degrees c a week ago

    Live LifeLive Life15 days ago
  • News

    Zero_CoolZero_Cool15 days ago
  • Food for the masses

    Daniel BentleyDaniel Bentley15 days ago
  • Very cold up north too. But sunny.

    Christian OChristian O15 days ago
  • It always snows at Easter

    Julie SimpsonJulie Simpson15 days ago
  • You’ve really broke some important news to the nation

    Gabé ItchèzGabé Itchèz15 days ago
  • We should start building the Snowpiercer

    Island CherryIsland Cherry15 days ago
  • Am still waiting for the apocalypse.

    Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult15 days ago
  • First truth told by MSM in over a year.

    Alan BurnsAlan Burns15 days ago
  • So what, most of the country has had some.

    Alan HindmarchAlan Hindmarch15 days ago
  • They really ran out on what to report

    NutellaxoxNutellaxox15 days ago

    Eradicator 44Eradicator 4415 days ago
  • The beginning of the end 😳🤯😂

    Andy WilsonAndy Wilson15 days ago
  • absolute carnage.

    Jack SaundersJack Saunders15 days ago
  • Why don’t you also report that I lost my socks?

    ali92ukplayali92ukplay15 days ago
    • Have you found them???

      Alex EvansAlex Evans15 days ago
  • Just like Christmas but Easter

    Petko KirevPetko Kirev15 days ago
  • Wow this is a major story, my god how I long for the good old days.

    Spellbinder 101Spellbinder 10115 days ago
  • not possible must be artificial the sun is blazing

    MarkyWMarkyW15 days ago
  • I'm done

    meatiestmeatiest15 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Robbie MyattRobbie Myatt15 days ago
  • Wtf

    DR OTO.DR OTO.15 days ago
  • It's god's way of tormenting London for being a shithole :P

    SNDLSNDL15 days ago
  • So much for global warming? Just saying 😂❄️❄️

    pacemaker1980pacemaker198015 days ago
  • Have you ever heard of a window?

    TacticalStonerTacticalStoner15 days ago
  • Racist snow sprinkling white supremacy over London.

    Ashley McMurrayAshley McMurray15 days ago
  • It was snowing in Richmond Park. Lovely.

    thesecondthesecond15 days ago
  • stupid new is this best u come with?

    GP ScrapperGP Scrapper15 days ago
  • Remember kids, it isn't weather. It's Climate Change™

    08535508535515 days ago
  • Why mention just London?

    Gavin BissellGavin Bissell15 days ago
  • Climate change in full swing

    Otto CooperOtto Cooper15 days ago
  • Breaking News.

    Judith OrrJudith Orr15 days ago
  • Manipulation of weather by our goverment.

    32 Perfect32 Perfect15 days ago
    • April has always been a month for wild fluctuations in the weather.

      John TerryJohn Terry15 days ago
  • Roll on pole shift

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches15 days ago
  • London's weather is just freestyling at this point

    nxus elvrnxus elvr15 days ago
  • I think the title should be "the man putting his mask in the snow on Easter monday.

    Viajando Sem LimitesViajando Sem Limites15 days ago
  • Wasn’t it like 24 degrees a few days ago lol

    Sam HorsleySam Horsley15 days ago
  • It's cold enough up north

    SharShar15 days ago
  • Waste of veiwing time

    Arfa BarmcakeArfa Barmcake15 days ago
  • Fake news

    Zaba KhanZaba Khan15 days ago
  • Snow in the first week of April is not uncommon. Stop trying to make this into something it's not.

    Enoch PowelEnoch Powel15 days ago
  • Captivating news, next you’ll report on the pigeons who stole my french fries 🍟

    ZINANZINAN15 days ago
    • @ZINAN I can see you're really bringing a little sunshine to the world huh...

      Ben MitchellBen Mitchell11 days ago
    • @O U You should talk to your mother about that.

      ZINANZINAN14 days ago
    • @Ben Mitchell It's called being funny and now I can see why your fat wife divorced you Ben

      ZINANZINAN14 days ago
    • @Ben Mitchell facts

      Darth MaulDarth Maul15 days ago
    • @Ben Mitchell people love being miserable cows.

      O UO U15 days ago
  • You can thank cloud seeding for that, or was it billy gates dropping chalk in the name of fighting global warming as we enter a solar minimum.

    MaNa VeSt nAtioNMaNa VeSt nAtioN15 days ago
  • I suppose we need "climate lockdowns" now right "news"?.....

    Jon HartleyJon Hartley15 days ago
  • 😨😨

    nadia Zidanenadia Zidane15 days ago
  • It's JESUS... its a sign! Sign says: "You suck, have snow"

    Tony BeckTony Beck15 days ago
  • It's been sunny all day in North London... haven't seen any snow at all.

    RehanRehan15 days ago
    • @Tariq Bahoussain How am I linking clouds to foreigners? race wasn't mentioned at all I linked clouds to a geographical area and you then decided to make massive assumptions about race. Anyway I'm done with this nonsense consider yourself muted.

      adrian heathadrian heath15 days ago
    • @adrian heath ur linking clouds to foreigners living in London so what’s next camels can now enter London

      Tariq BahoussainTariq Bahoussain15 days ago
    • @Tariq Bahoussain Did I mention race or foreigners NO I did NOT. It seems to me that you're determined to find racism where there is none, ffs man it was a joke based solely on geography and that's all.

      adrian heathadrian heath15 days ago
    • @adrian heath that was casual racism n u do realise some brits do move back to London isn’t just foreigners as u like point it out

      Tariq BahoussainTariq Bahoussain15 days ago
    • @Tariq Bahoussain Oh don't be so ridiculously over sensitive, North South East or West London I'd still have made the same joke, no racism here except in your imagination.

      adrian heathadrian heath15 days ago