Making Headlines: Boris faces backlash over Covid passports; plus Sadiq Khan lays out his manifesto

Apr 6, 2021
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Boris Johnson faces a showdown with Tory MPs after giving his backing to so-called Covid passports as the country continues to ease lockdown measures.
The expected introduction of Covid status certification faces opposition from his own MPs, including the chairman of the powerful Tory backbench 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady.
More than 70 MPs, including 40 Conservatives, have signed a pledge to oppose the “divisive and discriminatory use of Covid status certification”. They are suggesting the move could face defeat in the Commons.
The easing of lockdown measures could create a wave of Covid infections akin to that seen during spring last year, the government’s scientific advisors have warned.
The Prime Minister confirmed shops, hairdressers and pub beer gardens will reopen from April 12 in England and urged the public against complacency when it came to obeying the rules.
Mr Johnson, setting out the move to the second step of the road map on Monday, said the shift was “fully justified by the data” and that he had seen “nothing” to make him think he would have to “deviate” from his intention to scrap all restrictions by June 21 at the earliest.
Sadiq Khan will look into setting up a commission that could decriminalise Marijuana if he is re-elected as London Mayor.
Mr Khan said he would set up an independent London Drugs Commission to examine the potential health, economic and criminal justice benefits of decriminalising the class-B drug.
The mayor said he believes that a new approach is needed to tackle drug-related crime.
Derek Chauvin broke Minneapolis police department rules and its ethics code in his deadly arrest of George Floyd last May, the city's police chief has said.
"It's not part of our training, and it is certainly not part of our ethics and our values," Chief Medaria Arradondo told the jury at former officer Chauvin's murder trial.
Arradondo said he was alarmed when he first saw a bystander's video showing Chauvin kneeling on the neck of Floyd for more than nine minutes.
The video sparked global protests against police brutality.
Chauvin has pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges.
And finally…
The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore are encouraging people to celebrate his spirit of generosity by taking on their own “Captain Tom 100” charity challenge on what would have been the weekend of his 101st birthday.
Second World War veteran Sir Tom raised more than £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday on April 30 last year.
He died at Bedford Hospital on February 2 after testing positive for Covid-19.
His daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore is urging people to create their own challenge themed around the number 100 to raise money for the Captain Tom Foundation or a charity of their choice.

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  • Khan's just wants votes. Every time it's time for voting cannabis legislation gets mentioned.

    forlatagate1forlatagate111 days ago
  • Dr Peter Gammons 4 Mayor of London 🇬🇧UKIP🇬🇧

  • Vaccine 💉 and trips to the moon 🌝 next year said Bojo

  • Covid passports. Available on every street corner at very reasonable prices...

    Jacky WhiteJacky White13 days ago
  • Everybody knows weed ain’t gonna be legalised he just wants your vote

    L e t y o u d o w n nL e t y o u d o w n n13 days ago
  • Finally someone opposing

    L e t y o u d o w n nL e t y o u d o w n n13 days ago
  • Everyone on the streets until: 1. abolish any form of restriction due to the common flu that has made the smallpox epidemic only to make it mandatory to use HARMFUL mobile phones and computers (twice as many children and adults have eye diseases, muscle diseases, head tumors. . . due to exposure to harmful radiation of wireless energy transmission, children are born with severe neurological disorders due to radiation from mobile phones and their mothers' computers, and wired computers radiate and must be used from a greater distance as televisions where the distance must be at least 2 meters, air conditioning us has changed because of cell phone radiation. . . as after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl after which there was no heavy snow in my city until 2000) 2. confiscate property from the gates. . . and to all politicians, police officers, prosecutors, judges, journalists, doctors. . . who participated in this conspiracy and until compensation is paid to all citizens 3. bans mobile phones and wired computers Protests must be held every day at noon. All government buildings, assemblies, media houses must be set on fire and blocked. . . containers, cars, trucks. . . They died as they died from the flu that suddenly disappeared (sometimes all family members die). In 1999, 20,000 people died of the flu in Serbia alone (about 200 in my town of Zrenjanin and 1% of Serbia in Zrenjanin). At that time, children also died en masse from the flu (my twelve-year-old neighbor died from the flu). During the flu season, everyone gets sick from it, some just cough a little or more, some have a fever and some die. Of course the elderly and the seriously ill and the common cold can kill. Well, in 1999 I had a temperature over 41 degrees and the ambulance did not want to come and now they are putting much milder patients in hospitals (if in 1999 - all such patients were placed in hospitals, hospitals and halls and schools would be full. . . ). This is a perfidious game of the authorities, bill gates and the pharmaceutical mafia, who want to impose the obligatory use of harmful mobile phones, computers, robots.. . . (Every child and worker should be provided with a telephone and a computer, everything must be online from home, we must not go out, to nature, to travel. . . or reduce it to a minimum) and since there will be several new types of flu every year as before, people have to be vaccinated again and again because of the super-dangerous corona.. . . . ie. new pharmacogate viruses. New types of viruses are already appearing and they can use them to keep us separate from nature and healthy living forever... Everyone on the streets until they ban mobile phones, wireless computers (and with a wire they radiate and should be used to a limited extent as well as a TV in front of which it must not be at a short distance. . . ) and robots! Latest news: Twice as many children and adults have vision impairment (future cataracts), muscle diseases, tumors. . . due to radiation from mobile phones and computers and in critically ill patients and diabetics there is a dramatic deterioration in health. . .

    darko roljicdarko roljic13 days ago
  • Grab a Nokia 3310.

    Sovereign DaveSovereign Dave13 days ago
  • Keir Stamer destroying Labour, Boris Johnson, hold my beer

    azaziel001azaziel00114 days ago
  • Well done some MPs now we need the rest to back you and not Boris. Enough is enough

    Judith KenworthyJudith Kenworthy14 days ago
  • I won't do their tests or have their vaccine. I will not be blackmailed by the carrot of being able to go to pubs and events either.

    DarthRanger55DarthRanger5514 days ago
  • We don’t need Sadiq as our mayor he’s completely useless

    ShinViewsShinViews14 days ago
  • !!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! 1 in 2 men to have cancer by 2027 according to cancer research UKs official youtube channel, video dated 2012, the same year Bill Gates began pushing global vaccination and depopulation agendas, Including gmo farming, get woke, god bless stay safe folks.

    The TruthThe Truth14 days ago
  • 8000 tourists flying into the uk every day at the moment, no signs of them having tests, jabs or vax passports... The Tories are the new neo nazi party!

    Josef Mengele NHS.2021Josef Mengele NHS.202114 days ago
  • My body my choice.

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches14 days ago
  • Treasonous filth supported by the lying press.

    Jimmy HarrisonJimmy Harrison14 days ago
  • Maybe the political leaders should encourage the USA and China to come clean and give details of the research they were undertaking on Coronavirus and bats, and for what purpose ?

    julian clarkjulian clark14 days ago
  • Health passports are discriminatory to those that refuse the vaccine it's an attack on our human rights and on our civil liberties, every week we are losing more and more of even our very basic human rights. I will stand up against fascist corporate tyranny in Defence of my children and grandchildren, and in doing so I will ensure that all future generations are born into freedom and not be in servitude to fascist dictatorial tyrants. And those of us who are christians know that these are all the signs jesus christ told us of and that one day would come to pass. Does anyone else here think that we are living in Daniel's 70th week and the revelation of John, we are living in the biblical End of Days, wake up people for heaven's sake. I still believe September 2017 the great sign in heaven was a clear indication of heralding in these times of great suffering and Sorrow. I know the time but do you. We are all entitled to express our opinions some of which you might not agree with, free speech is a God given human right! of expression when we lose these rights to speak openly of any subject is the day democracy died, and that day has already come to pass. I swear an oath before God I will never carry health passport of any description, and I exercise my right to unconditionally and unequivocally refuse these vaccines and my right to say no is none negotiable I will never consent to such evil as this. I have a right to protect myself and my civil Liberty and I exercise my God given right to say no! I would rather die in Christ then accept this satanic concoction that they call a vaccine. God bless everyone

    Breifne O'Rourke.Breifne O'Rourke.14 days ago
    • Dear @Breifne O'Rourke. ~🌼 Much🤍Love 🌼~

      Hz HzHz Hz13 days ago
    • @Hz Hz God bless you

      Breifne O'Rourke.Breifne O'Rourke.13 days ago
    • @Breifne O'Rourke. 🙏🤍🙏

      Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago
    • @Hz Hz all people have a right to protect themselves I do not bend to fascist dictatorial tyrants, Under God we all have very basic rights of self-determination. God bless you

      Breifne O'Rourke.Breifne O'Rourke.14 days ago
    • At least you have the right to protect yourself we have no such thing in the UK. We shall stand strong in our Sovereignty. Be safe & Well The Creators Speed be with you.

      Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago
  • using a fake pandemic to enforce there own agenda hanging was the correct way to deal with crimes like these

    TT_WidowMakerTT_WidowMaker14 days ago
  • In 2004 Boris 'covid passport' Johnson made a speech decrying ID cards saying they were tyranny.. the guy is unreal

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels14 days ago
    • As if someone's gonna have the same political ideas 17 years later. Of course he's going to be more tyrannical now than back then.

      Cea SaddictCea Saddict14 days ago
  • Anything to keep us indoors weed would sure pacify the nation.

    MatthewMatthew14 days ago
  • Do not comply with nazis.

    Graeme CGraeme C14 days ago
  • All for public consumption, they will follow the plan.

    Hz HzHz Hz14 days ago

    mono manmono man14 days ago
  • Khan His Kind ...The Enemy Within!

    Sofia CollinsSofia Collins14 days ago
  • Lockdown Will Return Soon Then... Definitely!

    Sofia CollinsSofia Collins14 days ago

    SauceV ichealMSauceV ichealM14 days ago
  • Boris gave his backing to test events.

    Chips1889Chips188914 days ago
  • Sadiq khan is a joke.

    S HS H14 days ago
  • Good. He deserves all the heat he gets. Won't matter though, he'll still do what he wants regardless. This isn't about public health and it never has been. He needs to be removed, forcibly if necessary.

    ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Last time they were trying to decriminalise possession of cannabis they managed to take it from C to B!

    Mohammed RiazMohammed Riaz14 days ago
  • They are all corrupt!! Hancock and Co hope you are ready for the court cases coming your way!! You all need to be tried as traitor.. And for crimes against humanity!! Let's hope they bring back hanging just for you lot..

    Helen BrownHelen Brown14 days ago
  • Boris must go!

    C HC H14 days ago
    • Preferably 6 feet below ground

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • Khan is lying, saying what he thinks we want to hear.anything for votes.

    Judith OrrJudith Orr14 days ago
  • You can't trust Boris at all. Today he'll tell you that this thing will never be implemented because it's driscriminatory, and a month later he himself will be giving his backing to that very thing. And Khan, what the hell, this guy couldn't be a bigger threat to law abiding citizens even if he tried.

    Pin 8Pin 814 days ago
  • You cannot strap people down and force a medical procedure on them, that is illegal and goes against against all human rights.

    Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one14 days ago
    • @Human*Aspect Indeed they can and I've no doubt that is their eventual goal unless there is enough significant public backlash against it. At the moment the push is very subtle and passive but let's see how this pans out when it is enforced on people.

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one14 days ago
    • But they can make life all but impossible for people who haven't had the jab _without_ strapping people down and forcibly injecting them. That's the problem.

      Human*AspectHuman*Aspect14 days ago
  • Bring back the death penalty for all corrupt politicians and all their enablers

    Ali PrattAli Pratt14 days ago
    • Dear Citizen, I must advise you that I, nor Our Enablers as you call them, are traitors. Those are the dangerous thoughts of instinct fuelled by the lesser minds of the so called resistance. Let me remind citizens of the dangers of magical thinking. We have outgrown our cradle, it is futile to cry out for mother’s milk! Only with the help of the Universal Union will we be able to ascend to the next stage of our evolutionary journey.

      Dr Wallace BreenDr Wallace Breen14 days ago
    • Bring it back? It's in our magna carta treason Carries the death penalty!

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
  • If Sadiq will legalise weed I will 100% back him

    Tommy LawtonTommy Lawton14 days ago
    • I don't care anymore

      Did WestDid West14 days ago
    • And I will 100% oppose this measure.

      Pin 8Pin 814 days ago
  • Kahn to set another committee up.. more tax payers money spent, he needs to go.

    barry kirkbybarry kirkby14 days ago
  • Excellent. Boris Johnson needs so much pressure and so much backlash that his life isn't worth living. He's a broken man, a coward and clown we don't need running our country. And as for SAGE they need to be dismantled and sacked off. They have no interest in freedom or normality. There shouldn't be a new normal there should be a return to the old normal.

    PengWin76PengWin7614 days ago
  • Vaccine doesn’t stop transmission so irrelevant on passports anyway!!!!!!

    HUSHHUSH14 days ago
  • COVID-19 VACCINE Does NOT provide immunity Does NOT eliminate the virus Does NOT prevent death Does NOT guarantee you won’t get the virus Does NOT stop you from passing it on to others Does NOT eliminate mask wearing & social distancing Does NOT eliminate the need for travel bans Does NOT eliminate the need for business closures Does NOT eliminate the need for lockdowns 🙏🙏🙏 BEWARE

  • COVID-19 VACCINE Does NOT provide immunity Does NOT eliminate the virus Does NOT prevent death Does NOT guarantee you won’t get the virus Does NOT stop you from passing it on to others Does NOT eliminate mask wearing & social distancing Does NOT eliminate the need for travel bans Does NOT eliminate the need for business closures Does NOT eliminate the need for lockdowns 🙏🙏🙏 HUMANS BEWARE

  • I’m having burgers for tea

    Dick RichardDick Richard14 days ago
    • @Sim C I’m not fat am big boned

      Dick RichardDick Richard14 days ago
    • I'm a having a chicken meal,but taking out the chicken

      Did WestDid West14 days ago
    • Fat tw@t

      Sim CSim C14 days ago
  • Boris Johnson can do one 👎👎

    J CJ C14 days ago
  • Kahn is a stone cold loser! With zero intention of legalising cannabis! He just wants your votes, lol people will fall for it till the end of time!

    Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
  • so instead of policing drugs, thay make it legal and can say the crime lvls are down....... race to the buttom continues

    Peter StarkPeter Stark14 days ago
    • @Pin 8 having cannabis in an illegal market creates crime such as turf wars ect, have a look at what portugal done with drugs and come back to me

      RICKESTRICKEST11 days ago
    • Exactly. Then Khan will claim to have been the Mayor who decreased drug use in London when in fact drug abuse will go through the roof.

      Pin 8Pin 814 days ago
  • A CV passport will solve nothing when it's revealed that eBay are selling really good copies. Legalise weed when there's an election coming up? Ha you know you're in trouble when you have to look at legalising weed. As for the Floyd case, it's been determined by a proper medical examination that he died from heart failure due to overdosing on two different drugs, which were not known at the time of his arrest. It was thought that he was resisting arrest so the officers did what they were trained to do, the only failure he is the training the officers had for detecting someone using drugs. It's not murder or manslaughter, so can you stop calling it such, unless you're going to call the drugs in his system murderers who committed manslaughter. It was an accidental death at best, the officers are being railroaded because the city gave the family $27,000 settlement or "I Bent My Knee Tax" with some of that going to the George Floyd autonomous zone, which was done out of fear from knowing if the money wasn't paid and the trial isn't rigged then more looting and destruction will happen, not a "peaceful riot" or protest (as the media would lead us to believe while fire is burning family owned shops and someone walking pasts the camera with a 80" TV) it's just an opportunity for someone to get $600 kicks and a $2,000 TV and get away with it (however I've seen the true peaceful protects and what the majority are doing is wrong) Nice move, the city bent the knee and paid a family for their drug using son and to keep an unlawful autonomous zone active. Let's see them grow tomatoes in 2 inches of soil again.

    The Autistic CreativeThe Autistic Creative14 days ago
  • Distraction technique

    Lindsay SmithLindsay Smith14 days ago
  • Those horses have Covid They are in a stable condition

    Terry ReknawTerry Reknaw14 days ago
  • Gonna lose your job, legalise weed, yeah that's a good move.

    Five FierceFive Fierce14 days ago
    • You coming to work? Nah I’m just billin n chillin brooo!!! Wag wan

      L e t y o u d o w n nL e t y o u d o w n n13 days ago
  • Wuhan Flu Passports?

    SassySassy14 days ago
  • Fake backlash for illusion of a victory and democracy representing the people, so that while we are being distracted by this "victory", we will have more lockdowns and freedoms removed.

    Kris BrooksKris Brooks14 days ago
  • STILL yet to know a single person who has contracted COVID considering it's, and I quote: "highly contagious"

    NATsoHIGH !NATsoHIGH !14 days ago
    • I haven't had it. Don't know anyone who's had it. Don't know anyone who knows anyone who's had it. Plenty of people assuring me it's prevalent, but no-one ever seems to have precise details.

      Jacky WhiteJacky White13 days ago
    • same

      sarah williamssarah williams13 days ago
    • @NATsoHIGH ! Oh yes, I remember this well. I also remember reading a report that ambulances were deliberately using their lights and sirens when not actually responding to an emergency, to make it sound like they were busy, and to heighten the sense of fear. I'm not sure if this was true or not, but given everything that has happened since then, I wouldn't be surprised.

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
    • @ScootaKuH Remember when they were showing "dead" people in the streets of China back in early 2020 🤣😂🤣😂

      NATsoHIGH !NATsoHIGH !14 days ago
    • @gasmaskboi19371945 Not that I'm doubting you, but we seem to either have people - like myself - who know nobody who has had it, and people like yourself who know many. Out of interest, I also assume the same people are a susceptible to flu?

      ScootaKuHScootaKuH14 days ago
  • A 'covid passport' is against our human rights end of. Your obedience is prolonging this nightmare just saying 😁👍

    Trevor RandomTrevor Random14 days ago
  • Down with Doris gone from a lover to hater, he is a dictator now and forgets which country he is running. dividing all his support and slowly crumbling away into an even bigger bumbling smirking idiot with a private agenda he is keeping a secret and screwing us all over.

    fish4fun84fish4fun8414 days ago
  • No to forced or coerced vaccines/tests/passports.

    BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred14 days ago
    • @Dr Wallace Breen Very good.

      Christopher NorrisChristopher Norris13 days ago
    • Citizen please! Our Benefactors know what is best for us and have provided us with this great vaccine so that we may ascend to a trans human state! Due to resistance activity, identity cards for all citizens are required. If such naysayers would simply give up their futile fight then maybe Our Benefactors would be more open! Do not see this as a negative, it is merely the growing pains of a civilisation ascending to a higher state of evolution. As a trans human species turned towards the stars. And that day of ascension and reset, I have it on good authority, is close at hand!

      Dr Wallace BreenDr Wallace Breen14 days ago
  • It's OK guys, Boris has "seen the data". It's not unethical. This is all in your best interests. Just comply with vaccine passports quietly and everything will be fine...

    Christopher NorrisChristopher Norris14 days ago
  • Dumb Parents in Isreal who got jabs told if their kids dont get all jabs swabs no pass port its the kids they want no suprise

    E ClarkeE Clarke14 days ago
    • @Coco S everything Enoch said over 50yrs ago in his famous rivers of blood speech has become reality 💯

      Sonsof EnochSonsof Enoch14 days ago
    • @Sonsof Enoch We've never publically been told the real truth about both men, media has always manipulated history. Always will.

      Coco SCoco S14 days ago
    • @Coco S just like Enoch was misunderstud he was a visionary not a racist 💯

      Sonsof EnochSonsof Enoch14 days ago
    • @Sonsof Enoch Yes.

      Coco SCoco S14 days ago
    • Hitler was misunderstud

      Sonsof EnochSonsof Enoch14 days ago
  • Its the kids they want dumb parents in israel who got jabs told no passport unless their kids got jabs wake up stand up

    E ClarkeE Clarke14 days ago
    • Parents have to remove their children from schools now. Already little children are having Ethylene Oxide pushed up their nose. Matter of time before they just go in and jab them.

      Coco SCoco S14 days ago
  • They should be held accountable for criminal charges against humanity

    Shanelle KayShanelle Kay14 days ago
  • weed is chill , why is it even illegal just creates violence.....

    TheBritishGamerTheBritishGamer14 days ago
    • @Pin 8 people smoke cigarettes and thats legal?

      RICKESTRICKEST11 days ago
    • @Pin 8 I do not think you can use the oil to get high, it is for pain reliefe.

      Hz HzHz Hz13 days ago
    • @TheBritishGamer If you don't bother others when drinking, that's none of my concern. The problem is when people contaminate everything with the smoke of their cannabis joints. If they can get their cannabis from oils or something like that, I wouldn't mind that, especially if they don't drive while they are high.

      Pin 8Pin 813 days ago
    • @Hz Hz That seems sensible. I have no problem with CBD oil. As far as I am concerned, they can legalise that and if people want to use that to get high, it's not my problem, as long as they don't drive when under the influence.

      Pin 8Pin 813 days ago
    • @Pin 8 So you're not going off the actual science 😂 I dont like drunks , do I say everyone shouldn't because you cant point at the extreme side and use that as the normal ....

      TheBritishGamerTheBritishGamer14 days ago
  • They are illegal.

    Kevin ThornleyKevin Thornley14 days ago
  • All these politicians should be dragged down the streets and flogged in public with their trousers down..

    ben gunnben gunn14 days ago

    clobber onlineclobber online14 days ago
  • Destroy these globalist puppets at the polls in May.

    Simon MitchellSimon Mitchell14 days ago
  • If London legalizes cannabis my "reasons for visiting London" list would expand from 0 items to 1 item.

    E SaundersE Saunders14 days ago
    • @Derek Owusu Ankhoma who doesn't?

      Kojo MackKojo Mack14 days ago
    • They don't want you

      Derek Owusu AnkhomaDerek Owusu Ankhoma14 days ago
  • He should be answerable how many suicides how many cancer deaths how many untreated heart attacks? If the vaccines are that good should not see a third wave.

    Margaret ChantMargaret Chant14 days ago
    • @Sky High yeah Gene Therapy! The peasants and norms do not think, they do not research and they do not learn anything off there own backs, and the globalist elites know this! A vaccine works by injecting you with a VIRUS! Either alive, (active) or dead, (inactivated) That's what a vaccine is! It's how they work. The covid Gene Therapy MRNa jabs are not vaccines for 2 reasons, they contain no virus! What so ever, Instead they insert a piece of Genetic coding, (A strand of RNA) Into your body, Hence the term, Gene Therapy! Because that is what it is!

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
    • How many HIV deaths,how many tuberculose deaths,how many hungry deaths....vão-se é foder politicos de merda mais a vossa falsa ordem mundial.

      Rui SarmentoRui Sarmento14 days ago
    • @CastleKnight7 that's right! Only making people who believe in vaccinations of any type understand this is near on impossible!

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
    • Adverse reactions and deaths from the experimental gene treatments will be blamed on new variants.

      CastleKnight7CastleKnight714 days ago
  • Never thought I'd see the day when the Evening Standard would be promoting Khan. Goes to show that they are now catering to the late 20's university educated people moving into London.

    Christopher CurtisChristopher Curtis14 days ago
    • As a late 20's university educated person considering a move to London I can confirm that Khan is a complete tit.

      SerMattzioSerMattzio14 days ago
    • Swings and roundabouts politics

      Terry ReknawTerry Reknaw14 days ago
    • The London conservative candidate is quite unpopular I have heard.

      DFandVDFandV14 days ago

    Maria RidlerMaria Ridler14 days ago
    • @Emma Carter describes you to a t

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge14 days ago
    • @steve aldridge According to a May 15, 2020 WEF article, COVID-19 offers an opportunity to "reset and reshape" the world in a way that is more aligned with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Go read the book! Go read the UN agenda 2021 ( 2030 ) documents you absolute clueless sheep! Before you walk us all off the plank! Ok numb skull?

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
    • @Lewis we could never go back to being in the stone ages you mad man! No. It's more of a we do not consent to be governed by our current set of politicians! Of them all, less than 50 would remain to be able to form a new government! MP's should not be allowed to hold shares, or partake in anything that could sway them from the interests of the public! The gov have known the cure for covid 19 since 3 months into the first lockdown! It is called Ivemectin! But Because they ALL (pretty much) have shares in the vaccine companies making these apparent vaccines, they didn't tell you about that! Spent to much money now not to sell the vaccines! Which by the way has a yearly profit of over 500bn a year if all goes to there plan and we all accept the vax twice yearly. You didn't think the gov who spent 10 years ruining your NHS, privatising and selling it off really have your health in mind did you? If you did I feel sorry for you!

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
    • @steve aldridge says who you? I've read the Book written by the Head of the world economic forum " covid 19, the great reset" You're absolutely clueless! But carry on with your fairytales and fantasies of a government out for us and not themselves lol

      Emma CarterEmma Carter14 days ago
    • @Emma Carter it would appear not. Still believing in fairy stories, gives your mentality away. sorry to burst your bubble but there is NO master plan, NO big bad Wolf, and NO santa clause.

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge14 days ago
  • Soon it will be the microchip as any passport will be seen as dirty document being passed around. This is all human engineering. But many will resist the antichrist.

    BadiaBadia14 days ago
    • @Joy House You are right. Their megalomania is their drug of choice. They cannot help but exercise their rights over people. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg but God knows exactly what they are about. They have crossed that line that all other tyrants have crossed. They can bastardise the history books but what is coming will expose them for what they really stand for.

      BadiaBadia14 days ago
    • They want control/ power/ money/ people information . That's the beginning of a police state. There Be no opposition soon 🤔💯 Torys party have been En-power for 10 - 11 years. Has our life got better . Don't believe them . They're keep making law's to stop opposition/ new idea's. It's clear that lock-down is smoke ?.. So Torys can make peo's law's

      Joy HouseJoy House14 days ago