Michelle O’Neill ‘truly sorry’ her actions at Bobby Storey funeral caused hurt

Apr 1, 2021
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Stormont’s deputy First Minister has offered a “heartfelt and unreserved apology” to families bereaved in the pandemic for her actions in relation to her attendance at a large republican funeral.
As the Northern Ireland Assembly was recalled from Easter recess to debate a motion of censure against her, Michelle O’Neill told MLAs she was “truly sorry” for the hurt caused to those who had lost loved ones.
Finance Minister Conor Murphy, who also attended the funeral of Bobby Storey last June, apologised “fully and unreservedly to those families who were hurt in any way by my actions”.
Speaking in the debate First Minister Arlene Foster accused Sinn Fein of “clear and premeditated breaches of the Covid regulations” at the funeral.
Referring to the decision earlier this week not to pursue prosecution against 24 members of Sinn Fein who attended the funeral, Mrs Foster added: “There is a rightful expectation of everyone that the police and the justice system shows that they are not above the law.”
SDLP deputy leader Nichola Mallon opened the debate, urging Sinn Fein to make an unequivocal apology, while in closing UUP MLA Doug Beattie said Sinn Fein had contributed just four minutes to the two-hour debate, which he slammed as “just not good enough”.
MLAs passed the motion by oral vote, however the outcome will have no practical consequences for Sinn Fein ministers.
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  • Lies...sick that the DPP are so terrified of Sinn Fein they did not want any prosecutions and the Police did not issue one fine to any of the 2000 attendees, yet the police issued fines to kids playing on the beach. Disgusting to see how a terrorist founded party has free reign to do as it wishes. Even a few nominal fines a few days after the funeral to non family members would have been a small token to the law abiding majority of people who have endured lockdown.

    ian sian s10 days ago
  • Would any one of you explain to me what contribution this makes to the "Peace Process"?????? We view it as a cynical exercise in provocation. But then this might be what America wants - an excuse to pander to the Irish/American voters, so desperately sought to defeat Trump.

    P HerrP Herr15 days ago
  • See her for what she is

    Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult16 days ago
  • Leave her alone.

    Addicted2PCBHAddicted2PCBH16 days ago
  • I can't go and camp on an island on my own miles from the nearest person, yet goldy locks here can party all she likes as long as she reads sorry off a piece of paper. How many different rule books are there???

    Terence MillerTerence Miller17 days ago
  • She comes across as a deceitful piece of work trying to keep her job!! Sorry? Please!!

    HafizŻ RHafizŻ R17 days ago
  • Oh God, I was really lucky to get away with that, and those idiots believed my response, what else can I get away with?

    john lawrencejohn lawrence17 days ago
  • Can't help but think of Father Jack "apologising" to Bishop Brennan 😒

    Alex ccAlex cc17 days ago
  • Kiss ass 🤮 this is all bs, protect your families and children from this poison and deceit

    dan davisdan davis17 days ago
  • Are we expecting an apology from the British Government anytime soon for the genocide and atrocities committed against the Irish people over the centuries, many in the last century?

    Mael UghranMael Ughran17 days ago
  • If Boris attended a national front funeral you'd have a different attitude

    Ross RowntreeRoss Rowntree17 days ago
  • Get all these tyrants out now!!! They offer nothing for us we need change before it's to late!!

    Kevin OdoyleKevin Odoyle17 days ago
  • Blah, blah, blah!!!!!! Blah, blah, blah!!!! Sip some juice...... Blah, blah, blah.... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!

    MissyMissy17 days ago

    Ben DarkerBen Darker18 days ago
    • That's dishonest.

      Ginger BakerGinger Baker17 days ago
  • All these politicians falling on their own sword lately, crazy times.

    Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one18 days ago
    • @Cowboy tyranny 😂yeah Northern Ireland is the home off that... so dramatic

      BLUgamingBLUgaming17 days ago
    • She’s still there. That’s a victory on her book of tyranny

      CowboyCowboy17 days ago
  • What else do you expect from a party that believes shooting their opponents in the back of the head or murdering innocent men, women and children was and still is justified.

    William CWilliam C18 days ago
  • RESIGN! Stand down! Apologises months later! Rules for thee not for me!!

    TheMan UnderTheStairsTheMan UnderTheStairs18 days ago
  • Vermin

    Tim KirkpatrickTim Kirkpatrick18 days ago
  • It's not double standards its like when dominic Cummings got caught breaking the lockdown rules the newspapers the BBC sky everyone was having a fit including politicians all screaming hysterically he should be sacked. But go back a short space in time mr kinnock(labour) drive from Wales to London for one of his parents birthdays but it was hushed up by the papers and what TV news channels accidentally mentioned it there was a move along nothing to see here. Actually 3 .members of the labour party broke the lockdown rules before mr Cummings did. There is no such thing as double standards that's a white patriarchal racist phrase to elevate whiteness. So just in case you haven't understood how a fair none racist happy loving society should run is this . If you are as far left as possible example you should be aiming to be enlightened by a socialist marxist communist mind set then no matter what you do burning businesses and homes to the ground physically violently attacking anyone who disagrees with you and then making sure they never get employed again Have the general population in fear of speaking just incase they say the wrong thing. Have a police force that will get on there knees to you and who refuse to arrest anyone from the left who are committing acts of arson acts of wanton destruction or acts of violence. But who will instantly crack down on any peaceful protests from the right Where anyone who isn't sold out for the socialist marxist communist agenda is classified as a racist far right nazi and its only right to destroy nazi's by any means possible. Iam sure someone from the right could of put all this in fewer words but for all you who keep getting shocked by what's happening especially in the political arena i would say WAKE UP WAKE UP what's up with you open your eyes and see the truth that your actually deluded if you think politicians actually take any notice of the voters except of course when its coming up for re election time . And please stop crying like a 3year old child who keeps shouting THATS NOT FAIR you elected them you dim wits so you have no one but yourselves to blame grow up

    Michael learMichael lear18 days ago
  • Resign. Simple really. No apology required. Politicians who enforce or vote for lockdown rules which are destroying people’s lives and then break them themselves should resign.

    Free Speech Is Never WrongFree Speech Is Never Wrong18 days ago
    • She isn’t sorry. She just crocodile crying which means she is pretending to care.

      Hydrxychloroquine ZincHydrxychloroquine Zinc16 days ago
  • What’s all this about now and who is she?

    Sky-viewSky-view18 days ago
  • Yet another distraction while they pull other strings, tragic.

    The Drunken GamersThe Drunken Gamers18 days ago
  • Absolutely disgraceful Michelle O'Neill should resign

    Kathy GrayKathy Gray18 days ago
    • @Kathy Gray only two out of so many

      Tyrone WynnTyrone Wynn17 days ago
    • @Tyrone Wynn look there is no point debating this with you. You clearly not getting it. 2 UK government officials broke covid rules and they resigned. She is supposed to be leading by example and she failed full stop. So she needs to do the right thing and resign. Anyway you take care all the best.

      Kathy GrayKathy Gray17 days ago
    • @Kathy Gray many many funerals have taken place above the 30 mark

      Tyrone WynnTyrone Wynn17 days ago
    • @Tyrone Wynn I am not upset in anyway shape or form. I am merely stating the truth. Plus you can not deny it is one rule for Michelle O'Neill and another rule for the citizens of Northern Ireland. If your family had a funeral and 100 people attended covid fines and possible arrest whoud have certainly taken place.

      Kathy GrayKathy Gray17 days ago
    • @Kathy Gray and now we see why you are really upset

      Tyrone WynnTyrone Wynn17 days ago
  • She attended a funeral folks, are we really going to turn on each other and police each other. Remember divide and conquer is the msm best tool. Aye I'm an Irish fenian but if a Protestant was to get buried then all should be allowed to attend. The virus has killed less than 0.00035%of the worlds population. Don't believe me the type into Google 2.7 million divided by 7.8 billion and you will get the answer. The chorona is all smoke and mirrors/ bread and circus

    Aaron O ' CathainAaron O ' Cathain18 days ago
  • She is a fascist. Why should anyone be surprised.

    king jamesking james18 days ago
  • Double standards what a hypocrite

    SajaadSajaad18 days ago
    • @Tyrone Wynn Silly sausage.

      Renegade BiscuitRenegade Biscuit18 days ago
    • that's what the right does

      Tyrone WynnTyrone Wynn18 days ago
    • That’s liberals for you:

      Black Slate MediaBlack Slate Media18 days ago
    • That's the left.

      Renegade BiscuitRenegade Biscuit18 days ago