More than 70 MPs sign pledge against introducing Covid vaccine passports in England

Apr 2, 2021
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Ministers have been warned against introducing vaccine passports in England by a cross-party group of politicians including senior Conservative MPs and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
More than 70 MPs, including 40 Conservatives, as well as peers from the House of Lords, have launched a campaign to oppose the move which they say would be “divisive and discriminatory”.
It comes as a report in The Daily Telegraph suggested a series of pilot tests for Covid passports were being planned which could include the FA Cup final and other sporting events in May, although Number 10 maintained any proposals were still under review.
But a pledge, signed by Mr Corbyn as well as other prominent figures such as Conservative former leader Sir Iain Duncan-Smith, Labour former shadow chancellor John McDonnell and ex-Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warned the Government against bringing in the scheme.

  • For those interested there's a petition to the UK Government not to implement Covid passports- deadline June 2021

    Kat KaroKat Karo12 days ago
  • Not just that. As a hospitality sector worker I will quit if this is imposed. And so will many more I bet

    fu ck societyfu ck society15 days ago
  • All MP scum should be in jail

    mndflns LGNmndflns LGN15 days ago
  • Taking back control ha ha ha. Don’t say you didn’t vote for this. Silly you...

    Trance Voyage SessionsTrance Voyage Sessions16 days ago

    HeadsandTails HeadsandTailsHeadsandTails HeadsandTails16 days ago
  • Might as well have a number tattooed on our forearm.

    BatShitCrazyLeftiesBatShitCrazyLefties16 days ago
  • Please please please fight this in parliament - history will remember those who let this happen

    End the LockdownEnd the Lockdown16 days ago

    Chilled-out DudeChilled-out Dude16 days ago
  • Huge NO...stick your passports & vaccines.

    CityzenCityzen16 days ago
  • Huge NO...stick your passports & vaccines.

    CityzenCityzen16 days ago
  • Huge NO...stick your passports & vaccines.

    CityzenCityzen16 days ago
  • Same ones want public executions and flogging.

    Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult16 days ago
  • War was declared on the innocent. The veil is lifting, may the Light flood the earth, exposing the utter evil of those responsible.

    aindriu bradley marshallaindriu bradley marshall16 days ago
  • no vaccine passports

    UB TUB T17 days ago
  • This was orchestrated to get us all vaccinated. This was the plan all along. 'Their' time is up and that is why they are pushing for us to be vaccinated/exterminated.

    Raja KhanRaja Khan17 days ago
  • I don't remember any AIDS passport...

    Mini MoMini Mo17 days ago
    • I dont remember a vaccine being made for AIDS and I also dont remember it being contagious unless you have infected blood or you didnt wear a Johnny

      Alex RichAlex Rich15 days ago
  • It's not too late for civil war against state sponsored apartheid, domestic terrorism, and psychological warfare whilst wasting billions of your money and drip feeding and bastardising your inalienable freedoms. They've gone too far now. It's beyond words.

    Kevin HarrisonKevin Harrison17 days ago
  • No way if they introduce this bs then I will never ever go.into.a hospitality venue again

    jonny 5jonny 517 days ago
  • Be on the right side of history. Do ot comply, and Boycott anything that forces you to inject yourself with something!

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches17 days ago
  • Vaccine passports - EXCELLENT IDEA!!! As our multinational government says: 'BUILD BACK BETTER' - finally some sanity. Facial scans would be the BEST!! This is the only way to get back to normal! We must force everyone to take experimental vaccines (with no long term data) and get a vaccine passport which will be used by our government and large altruistic multinational corporations for our good. Of course, they would never use it to gradually take more power and crush our rights as they only care about our well being. I feel much better!!!

    nrc btnuenrc btnue17 days ago
  • Fair play to those MPs standing up for the MAJORITY of the population. They’re always banging on about inclusion and discrimination yet when it comes to vaccines they’ve completely forgotten because now it’s not their agenda

    J A R V A R TJ A R V A R T17 days ago
  • The other 650 or so either don't know or don't care that there are serial violations of the UN Charter of Human Rights, Nuremburg Code, Helsinki Accords, ECHR(Council of Europe not the EU) and much more.

    Jac CrystalJac Crystal17 days ago
  • Resist these rats, boycott every company that follows this covid lie.

    mark macthreemark macthree17 days ago
  • Vaccination is proven too alter your DNA, why? Oh yh 5g!

    Natural Born ChillerNatural Born Chiller17 days ago
  • Why does anyone believe this won’t happen one way or the other? Now go think about this!!!!!!!!!!

    J WJ W17 days ago
    • Opens up pandoras box in regards to discrimination in my eyes. Where do we stop, separate queues for haves and have nots etc. It's crazy

      BatShitCrazyLeftiesBatShitCrazyLefties16 days ago
  • If you have to have a passport/documentation/barcode you are being lured. Refuse the carrot or this is what you will be eating the rest of your lives.

    Hz HzHz Hz17 days ago
    • No to fussy on kazarian carrots 😊

      mark macthreemark macthree17 days ago
  • Thank you god there’s still people out there that aren’t complete morons

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherI Wouldn't Like Me Either17 days ago
  • You need a passport to travel abroad, you need a license to drive a car. Some holiday resorts have already said they will only allow tourists with covid passports to enter their country. Fair enough, they do not want more covid coming into their country. But you shouldn’t need one to enter a pub in your own country. Do people have to show proof they have had the flu jab ? No. Why cant you just have a test a couple of days before you leave to go abroad ? If it’s good enough for lorry drivers coming into the UK to be tested without a covid passport, then it should be good enough for joe public.

    Donny DeerDonny Deer18 days ago
  • 70 freedom fighters remain.

    No Mods No LaughterNo Mods No Laughter18 days ago
    • Make that 72

      CityzenCityzen16 days ago
  • To impose any medicine by restricting freedom is a “Human Right Violation”!!

    Aditya JainAditya Jain18 days ago
    • The fines are lies aswell t everyone has had them dropped.

      mark macthreemark macthree17 days ago
  • The rainbow lgbt strap on the nurses arm with the vaccines should tell you everything you need to know 0:24 also check out her NHS ID 0:29 Her picture looks like a demon 😈

    I AM JCI AM JC18 days ago

      Chilled-out DudeChilled-out Dude16 days ago
  • Folks, I highly recommend you go listen to Dr Yeadon on James Delingpole's latest podcast.. It explains everything.

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels18 days ago
    • @steve aldridge And you're a77th/13th *anchor.

      slackdeeslackdee16 days ago
    • @Misty Day2 Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues. Coleman's medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific.

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge17 days ago
    • Dr. Vernon Coleman and many others are against these injections.

      Misty Day2Misty Day217 days ago
  • What is the problem ? Chakrakarti on The Today programme this morning was totally unconvincing

    John HealyJohn Healy18 days ago
  • The only thing that this country needs to do get rid of these clown involved in the Covid. Strategy they’ve cocked up from day one. The lies they’ve pushed and are still trying to push is all about filling their pockets. They are a Disgrace and should be replaced I’m sure there one or two decent MPs there

    R&J Knight /R&J Knight /18 days ago
  • No to vaccine passports, no to forced or coerced vaccines. Disgrace

    Francisco ZurbaranFrancisco Zurbaran18 days ago
    • @Andrew Hoult Look everyone, a sheep.

      israelisrael16 days ago
    • yeah no antibiotics and doctors

      Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult16 days ago
  • Boris never did say he wanted an internal passport. Fake news.

    Chips1889Chips188918 days ago