Murdered PCSO Julia James died of ‘blunt trauma’ to head as police warn public to be ‘cautious’

Apr 30, 2021
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Murdered community support officer Julia James died of “significant injuries” after receiving “blunt trauma to the head”, it has been revealed.
Police said there was no suspect and they did not know what the motive for the attack was, as they warned people “should be cautious of their surroundings”.
Kent Police Assistant Chief Constable Tom Richards paid tribute to Ms James at a press conference on Friday, calling her a “hugely devoted, passionate individual” who will be “missed by her colleagues”.
He told reporters that officers were “keeping all options open” including the possibility of a sexually motivated attack but said there was “no evidence of a robbery”.
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  • I wonder where this fabricated story will take us. This police theme is neverending, how many more to go? I always love the glossy cheesy pictures.

    DeOranjedDeOranjedHour ago

    Michael James ChisholmMichael James Chisholm3 days ago
  • I think whoever did it was local to the area or knew the location well. So sad. I hope they swiftly catch the culprit.

    faithoffaithfaithoffaith3 days ago
  • Everyone in the comments is a detective, straight outta Police Academy.

    Ama teursAma teurs4 days ago
  • When I go out walking I take a weapon with me ....I think she was followed on purpose I don't think was a chance attacked. The dog a Yorkie I can't see stealing a Yorkie I just can't. Think more to it. Anyhow Yorkie wasent taken was found with owner. This is horrendous I really shocked but I look on line today and their been sexual attacks ,assaults different areas is this result of a heavey lock down?😱🙈

    Ally LouAlly Lou4 days ago
  • has anyone mentioned what became of Julia's dog ? With all the pet snatchings there have been in the UK I'm just wondering if this was an attempt to grab her dog that went wrong ?

    Elizabeth HairElizabeth Hair4 days ago
    • @faithoffaith wish it could lead them to the killer.

      Elizabeth HairElizabeth Hair3 days ago
    • Her dog was found unharmed by her side

      faithoffaithfaithoffaith3 days ago
  • The Police Are Hated By The Youths Of Today No Respect For The Law Hatred Is Amongst Us. We Pray That She Rests In Peace & The Killer Pays The Price...A Life For A Life?

    Sofia CollinsSofia Collins5 days ago
  • Blunt trauma to the head... This story, this fabrication, is a blunt trauma to the head... Get it? We now reside in Lucifer sick cauldron. Jesus come quickly.

    Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac5 days ago
    • obAma [he's rising to claim his kingdom]

      OhgoshwatnowOhgoshwatnow5 days ago
  • Jill Dando

    Peanut DustPeanut Dust5 days ago
    • Vera duckworth.

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one4 days ago
  • R,I.P maam heart n thoughts go out to family, friends n work mates ......heartbreaking

    Noddy tiddlywinksNoddy tiddlywinks5 days ago
  • No motive, no clue.........worrying.

    Dread Pirate RobertsDread Pirate Roberts5 days ago
    • They will know a lot more than they let on... also its only been a few days 😄

      Ama teursAma teurs4 days ago
  • I know it was wrong now I'm grow but was young

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor5 days ago
  • Why did I need to take off my pants Jim spanner

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor5 days ago
  • That screams former lover.

    Man RansomMan Ransom5 days ago
    • Yeah, and probably a cop. She probably threatened to tell his wife.

      Ian SmithIan Smith5 days ago
  • This copper doesn't seem too bright. How do we know it was a human, could have been an animal if she was in a forest?

    Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one5 days ago
    • I heard it was a badger & a fox

      Pure DieselPure Diesel5 days ago
    • @Jeanette Devereux So where have you got this info that a hammer was used? Even the coppers haven't told us that?

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one5 days ago
    • @C F I was questioning his brightness not hers. Ironic that you're not exactly paying attention are you. I was referring to an escaped animal, they do escape sometimes.

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one5 days ago
    • You question her brightness then suggest an animal did it?? She died of a blunt trauma to her head... unless a cow fell out of a tree or Bigfoot has migrated south, I would suggest your brightness is more questionable than hers.

      C FC F5 days ago
  • Hmm It's probley someone she knows as her dog would of attacked the person if it was someone random I would of thourt. Really sorry to hear someone has been killed but what happened to her dog ?

    MrTipsy 2k16MrTipsy 2k165 days ago
    • Looks like we've got ourselves a detective

      Ama teursAma teurs4 days ago
    • In custody. Prime suspect.

      Brian BrianBrian Brian5 days ago
  • Get that scum bag who killed here

    sgt houndsgt hound5 days ago
  • I can guarantee the killer is also a cop.

    Babar KhanBabar Khan5 days ago
  • Every woman's fear whenever we are walking alone. I am so very sorry this happened to you, Julia. Thank you for your service to your community. Condolences to her family and friends. Heart breaking.

    olesammieolesammie5 days ago
    • Most people attacked on the streets in the UK are young men. Most people stabbed in the UK are young men.

      Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult2 days ago
    • It’s not every woman’s fear it’s everyone’s fear

      Fat BababoeyFat Bababoey5 days ago
    • @Dilly Dally girls listening to peo ple like you is the problem Nd that will continue to be the problem only until people put a stop to it all ! Nobody asleep no more

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad5 days ago
    • @ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad Mister , this is not the time or the place for your rant , behave yourself and act your age .

      Dilly DallyDilly Dally5 days ago
    • Girls need to take the blame of alot of this stuff tho with the Stuff they do the music they'd listen to.. The sort of vibe they bring about themselves! Not good.

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad5 days ago
  • Hope you find the lowlife responsible for this awful cowardly act 🌹

    paul Walkerpaul Walker5 days ago
  • Remember it's definitely nothing to do with the undocumented migrants coming in daily, romping across the Kent countryside shhhhhhh!!

    I'm all out of BubblegumI'm all out of Bubblegum5 days ago
  • Bless her

    Mark WheelerMark Wheeler5 days ago
  • This is why I rather see criminals being battered and police even use excessive force on them without them being able to hold the officer responsible

    Sully KhanSully Khan5 days ago
    • @Sully Khan u aren't invisible to all of us. Know that.

      Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac5 days ago
    • @Sully Khan I'm wondering how much they pay u per hour to be a total sellout... 30 pieces of silver, perhaps.

      Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac5 days ago
    • @Sully Khan clearly u have mastered the art of strawmanning... What next, onafuckinmatteopiah..?

      Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac5 days ago
    • @Daemon Zodiac make me cry baby clearly u love and support criminals

      Sully KhanSully Khan5 days ago
    • Shut up

      Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac5 days ago
  • This is what happens when a ''Hobby Bobby'' plays at being a PLOD....!!

    Terry DavidTerry David5 days ago
    • @Terry David Ha ha. You made a definitive and slightly pejorative statement without any supporting facts. As yet there is no evidence at all so your statement is at best a supposition and at worst an insensitive and unjustified jibe as I would guess you have no idea how good she was at her job. The role of PCSO is a support role and is not "playing at being a PC". It is generally something done by conscientious individuals who would like to contribute something positive to their community.

      PH-121PH-1215 days ago
    • @PH-121 Then maybe someone knew her!! You will Never make a detective!!

      Terry DavidTerry David5 days ago
    • Fair point I suppose. I don't think women are cut out to be police officers.

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one5 days ago
    • Your comment makes no sense as she was not in uniform and was off duty.

      PH-121PH-1215 days ago
  • This dont add up , so a "random" person attacks her and leaves her where shes killed AND NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE PERSON COULD BE

    ivan carterivan carter5 days ago
    • @MultiZero1968 someone that complains alot

      Luke YeetLuke Yeet2 hours ago
    • @Luke Yeet Luke I don’t know that expression, what does it mean?

      MultiZero1968MultiZero19682 hours ago
    • @MultiZero1968 shes a karen

      Luke YeetLuke Yeet3 hours ago
    • Apparently she made a complaint to her employees about the blue medical masks having cancer causing chemicals in them. Only her poor family will know the truth.

      MultiZero1968MultiZero19685 days ago
  • Poor poor lady, i woman thats dedicated her life to help others! If this person is caught they should be made an example of! This is disgusting behaviour! What is happening to the human race? Vile people

    Ben BrothersBen Brothers5 days ago
  • They haven't said whether this lady was on or off duty but I do have a feeling this will be a domestic situation. A high percentage of murders are by those who are known the offender.

    Barry RudgeBarry Rudge5 days ago
    • erm. 15 seconds into the video... she was off duty and not in uniform

      Shmelly FannyShmelly Fanny5 days ago
    • 0:12

      PAUL KPAUL K5 days ago
    • They literally said she was off duty in this video.

      Necromitzu1Necromitzu15 days ago
  • Check the aaaaaaffff ri cans in the area

    Big FatmonsterBig Fatmonster5 days ago
  • Rip

    Illumifarti OneIllumifarti One5 days ago
  • RiP , the police need to stop enforcing BS on people it could be someone that has had it bad off the police an just snapped am holding a grudge so I bet it is

    Gaming Kingkong0581 PSNGaming Kingkong0581 PSN5 days ago
  • Rest in peace, my deepest condolences to her family and friends

    JB _JB _5 days ago
  • Sadly I get the feeling this like thousands of other crimes will go unsolved

    CMBCMB5 days ago
  • I've got a feeling another cop did this

    Bruce Van PoopensphinctBruce Van Poopensphinct5 days ago
    • @The Truth he's talking about the word cop being American

      Stonecold ParkinStonecold Parkin7 hours ago
    • @Ian Smith that was my thought too. Could be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me

      Bruce Van PoopensphinctBruce Van Poopensphinct5 days ago
    • She probably threatened to tell his wife about their affair.

      Ian SmithIan Smith5 days ago
    • @RagingWolf12 you would be very suprised

      The TruthThe Truth5 days ago
    • “Cop” this is not America, this is England Things are different

      RagingWolf12RagingWolf125 days ago
  • Sadly it was probably someone known to her, RIP.

    the Lying Scotsmanthe Lying Scotsman5 days ago
  • Its not a safe place for any woman it seems... Rip so very sad

    A bA b5 days ago
    • @Barry Rudge I never said a man or a woman did it I said it's not safe for woman...

      A bA b5 days ago
    • Unloyal girls in Europe Nd USA are dum.! They have made loads of young fit men hate the sight and thought of them! So to them I say good luck with that love 👋

      ahh sure good luck talk to Yeh ladahh sure good luck talk to Yeh lad5 days ago
    • @Barry Rudge even if it was a woman (probably wasn't) it doesn't make it any more safe.

      JB _JB _5 days ago
    • That's an extremely limited point of view. For all you know the offender could be a woman

      Barry RudgeBarry Rudge5 days ago
  • So do only black people or women get reported by the msm when they’re murdered or?

    corey warmancorey warman5 days ago
    • No, remember PC Harper?

      JB _JB _5 days ago
  • I bet it’s someone close to her !!! I can garentee that!

    Singers UniteSingers Unite5 days ago
    • What if the dog did it?

      Brian BrianBrian Brian5 days ago
    • @RagingWolf12 yeah human pigs

      D LD L5 days ago
    • @Lol LOL yeah, still human

      RagingWolf12RagingWolf125 days ago
    • @D L well police arent pigs there humans mate

      Lol LOLLol LOL5 days ago
    • @RagingWolf12 yeah we all call them pigs here.

      D LD L5 days ago
  • Dreadful, I hope that they find the low life that took this poor lady's life soon 🤞🏻. Deepest condolences to this lady's family 😔.

    Reverend Jim SpannerReverend Jim Spanner5 days ago
    • @Paul Taylor Why do you think we are all the same? There are good and bad in all walks of life. I am sorry for what happened to you.

      Reverend Jim SpannerReverend Jim Spanner5 days ago
    • Are you really about Jesus if you are that's good but wen I was in care a person close to u made me do things are you the same bet you are

      Paul TaylorPaul Taylor5 days ago
  • Probably her colleague done her in.

    nomad with a cameranomad with a camera5 days ago
  • All I can say is GET THE PERSON PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Paul NicollPaul Nicoll5 days ago
  • R.I.P.

    tinamar flynntinamar flynn5 days ago
  • If its a migrant they wont tell you,if its a white man he will be caught quickly

    CiaranCiaran5 days ago
    • @Eddy otu There is no institutional racism in the UK unless it's against the native British population , just ask the 50000 or more english girls who have been abused by migrant gangs .

      Nora LarsenNora Larsen5 days ago
    • And how did you for that opinion? when there has been a history of institutional racism which has seen police focuses on being harder on different races for crime and even framing them. Theres been witness accounts and inquests so where did you get that fallacy?

      Eddy otuEddy otu5 days ago
  • 😢 this is terrible, i think all vulnerable people ,male and female should be armed at least with a stun gun.!

    The MessengerThe Messenger5 days ago
    • And the stun guns will get stolen from the less vulnerable to stun the vulnerable

      Ama teursAma teurs4 days ago
    • @Dan I agree with the sentiment but more men are murdered or the victims of violent crimes in the UK, doesn't mean it's right and things definitely need to change there's far too much civil unrest at moment and not enough discourse to find the middle ground

      SlyASpiESlyASpiE5 days ago
    • Agreed

      Tharun ThiruseelanTharun Thiruseelan5 days ago
    • Unfortunately the world is now a dangerous place, both men and women but mainly women. must keep safe and not put themselves into dangerous situations. Predators are evil cowards and will take advantage where no one can see. Use mace, carry it but don't abuse it

      DanDan5 days ago
    • Honestly, I get we don’t want Dunblane Massacre 2.0 but I think Brits should have something akin to a 2A!

      Amazingly AwkwardAmazingly Awkward5 days ago
  • MDK is not cool.

    sutatssutats5 days ago
  • terrible news, poor lady.

    Steve McIlroySteve McIlroy5 days ago
  • made up story to swerve the scamdemic

    burrowsgodburrowsgod5 days ago
  • Rest in peace

    Patty MarshallPatty Marshall5 days ago
  • Pandemic entertainment continues 🤧🎙💯 All signs and symbols 💥💯 Mek the agenda run 🎙🤧

    Anonymous JayAnonymous Jay5 days ago
    • @Anonymous Jay hahahahahahha. That is some serious trolling mate good job maybe a bit dark but I've told darker ones

      Stonecold ParkinStonecold Parkin7 hours ago
    • @Anonymous Jay someone dieing isn't a distraction. Does your mum know you are on the internet

      Stonecold ParkinStonecold Parkin7 hours ago
    • @ Anonymous Jay - this has nothing to do with Corona virus you’re either thicc as 💩 or you’re trolling. It has nothing to do with the virus. I don’t believe in the plandemic either but to say this murder is something to do with the pandemic is comical.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing5 days ago
    • @Anonymous Jay omg you're still trying! Bore off 😴

      Alfred TGAlfred TG5 days ago
    • @RagingWolf12 go to bitchute and watch Mag Bitter Truth... your answers are there fellow. Stop indulging this USworlds no truth comes from algorithm matrix. Question it all, and when you understand the numbers are coding, they love signs and symbols, it’s all part of the agenda for the masses! Last month a cop kills a woman, this month a man kills a cop. Wake up! 💥

      Anonymous JayAnonymous Jay5 days ago
  • Police officer killed women solved in 4 days 2 weeks of riots/protests against police Someone kills police officer nothing weres the riots weres the protests weres the very quick solve time weres the every news station covering it 12 times a day oh wait I forgot its a officer so most seem to not care

    RenconRencon5 days ago
  • 😪 Tragic.....R.I.P

    Shelagh FrankeShelagh Franke5 days ago
  • Rip to an innocent woman, may be beautiful soul rest in peace.

    Nic WalkerNic Walker5 days ago
    • Really!!!

      Terry DavidTerry David3 days ago
  • Not a big deal xuz it's a white office what a surprise

    Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower5 days ago
    • @Eddy otu take it you at least know what Floyd's done last 30 years?

      Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower5 days ago
    • @Eddy otu you need to use individual cases in order to argue this point so feel free to point any out, with undisputed evidence of it being race from officers

      Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower5 days ago
    • @Eddy otu dude if you knew my job you wouldn't be telling me to do research on criminal cases, and what I've worked on you'd realise how silly that comment is. Maybe it was race but what's the evidence? Understand how law works along with the beyond reasonable doubt rule

      Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower5 days ago
    • @Eddy otu well that's not true, however the argument is George floyd not another case, so keep it simple how was it racial? What's the evidence George floyd was killed cuz he was black?

      Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower5 days ago
    • @Horatio hornblower lmao, it is a race thing cos there is a pattern of that needless violence on black people in america! Do your research!!! White unarmed people are not killed in plain sight like that but black people are.

      Eddy otuEddy otu5 days ago
  • So sad. Poor lady.

    Angi RAngi R5 days ago
  • I hope the police surprise everyone and catch this guy quickly.

    Mr AMr A5 days ago
    • @Mr A This story isn't fabricated, just stop!😺

      DeOranjedDeOranjedHour ago
    • @waylingtons it maybe ?

      Lone WolfLone Wolf5 days ago
    • How dare you guess the gender of this suspect, they identify as a green double midget penguin

      Carlos GiraldoCarlos Giraldo5 days ago
    • @waylingtons seriously? Think before you speak 🤣

      Lizard609Lizard6095 days ago
    • @waylingtonshe means she was a fellow officer (pcso) they will put the resources and time into catching the person who has committed the murder.

      Barry ScottBarry Scott5 days ago
  • not even gonna get attention cuz its a policewoman and u know they hate police now

    kiing radiantkiing radiant5 days ago
    • Stop tryna bring Americas issues into the UK. It’s actually pathetic. Go and live in America

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing5 days ago
    • I dont hate the police ,We need them ,

      June MusgroveJune Musgrove5 days ago
    • Maybe is America but in the UK people respect police

      Fat BababoeyFat Bababoey5 days ago
  • R IP

    Youtubers fan And dj tooYoutubers fan And dj too5 days ago