'One-metre plus’ rule could be ditched on June 21st, says Boris Johnson

May 3, 2021
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There is a “good chance” the one-metre plus rule for social distancing can be ditched next month, Boris Johnson said.
The final decision on whether the change can be brought in from June 21 will depend on the data, the Prime Minister added.
It comes as the Prime Minister gave his clearest signal that international travel will resume from May 17, but warned the Government will remain “cautious” to avoid an “influx” of cases.
The Prime Minister was pressed on the subject of travel during a campaign visit to Hartlepool on Monday, two weeks before the planned introduction of a new traffic lights scheme for foreign travel under the UK’s road map to end lockdown restrictions.
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  • NDL

    Adam 999Adam 9995 hours ago
  • 👍 Moira From England.

    Contact 360Contact 36018 hours ago
  • He's wallpapering over the cracks!

    ann bakerann baker20 hours ago
  • Boris is planning to introduce the six inch distancing rule using his own measuring device ...

    Mike5Mike522 hours ago
  • Women will be terrified if they have get within one meter of the Boris leering and groping distance.

    Garden GnomeGarden GnomeDay ago
  • As the jab deaths and side effects increase which they never mention they will blame the un jabed people for the variants and shedding the Jabs cause . watch the next 5 years .

    MinorRhoad'sMinorRhoad's2 days ago

    Ap MAp M2 days ago
  • Well of course They just finished putting 5G under every street by the end of the national lockdown & this is going to power all the RFID track n trace AI facial recognition smart grid YOU DUMMIES .... THEY PLANTED COVID TO BUILD SMART CITIES YOU PLONKERS

    BAT THINKBAT THINK2 days ago
  • Maybe the gravy train has ran out of money?

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 days ago
  • The Prime Ministers word is about as trustworthy as going bear back with the lady standing on the corner in soho !!!

    ben ferriggiben ferriggi2 days ago
  • Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

    LN KJV onlyLN KJV only2 days ago
  • In the thumb nail what did he do just pull the pin out of his head

    Cj JamesCj James2 days ago
  • This man is a comprised clown

    The TruthThe Truth2 days ago
  • But he just said they is going to be a Influx in the summer hahaha 😂 right when social distancing ends and who social distances anyway

    Cj JamesCj James2 days ago
  • Doris you are a cupid stunt

    Ray VenRay Ven2 days ago
  • Tolerance for this nonsence is on a thread

    pan ianpan ian2 days ago
  • Not for everyone as there are still masses of people carrying Covid like those who flew in through the back door from India carrying the "Ganges Strain"!! 👀🚩🦇💀

    Falstaff 1893Falstaff 18932 days ago
  • Wait, it wasn’t already gone?

    JetsinxJetsinx2 days ago
  • Lol did this even exist?

    Cammando GunnerCammando Gunner2 days ago
  • This will only be over when the people say we’ve had enough.

    papa shangopapa shango2 days ago
  • Wait until the teenage mutant ninja virus gets here from Japan, good by freedom

    Romani PhralRomani Phral2 days ago
  • "Could". If the Tories had replaced May with a brick we "could" have a decent government today.

    Decimus Septimus TutelusDecimus Septimus Tutelus2 days ago
  • Does that mean he is bringing in a 3 metre rule instead...🤔

    Mudskipper 007Mudskipper 0072 days ago
  • Ban elbow bumps and other social engineering

    Kris BrooksKris Brooks2 days ago
    • Totally agree, that is one of the most ridiculous, divisive actions ever devised. If they think I'm entertaining that nonsense at the local Sports Centre / Squash Club, they can go and swivel !!!

      HalleyHalley2 days ago
  • 1 metre? Well the bloody irritating male voice that comes on over the speakers in Aldi keeps on about 2 metres. That and the cringy stay safe slogan.

    J CJ C2 days ago
  • No one is doing it anyway you pleb

    DJ Jam FuDJ Jam Fu2 days ago
  • Well this isn't news. The initial plan in the road map states on 21st June all restrictions lift. Duh

    Sarah Jasmine MSarah Jasmine M2 days ago
    • Exactly ... is there something we've missed here !!!

      HalleyHalley2 days ago
  • I,of like too give you 2 jabs Doris, followed by a good left hook, then an uppercut!!!

    Barry OconnorBarry Oconnor2 days ago
  • Expect this for another 9 years... TAKE BACK BETTER

    Tekno TonyTekno Tony2 days ago
  • The Johnsons ladies & gents: Stanley: "if the number of births each year cannot be reduced then deaths must be increased until the net growth of the worlds population is cut down to a more manageable number" -His book 'life without birth' 1970 Boris: "I simply cannot understand why no one discusses this impending calamity… and why no world statesman has the guts to treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves.. we seem to have given up on population control" -Writing in the telegraph 07 Stanley Johnson also wrote a novel in 1982 called the virus in which the government releases a virus as cover for population control through forced vaccine. He's also a former employee of the World Bank, one of the most prominent promoters of 'Carbon' taxation; which would increase the cost of both food and fuel, exponentially. Resolving, they hope, the 'population issue'. When will ppl realise what this guy really is? All this eccentric, quirky affable buffoon.. give me a break

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels2 days ago
  • Flip flop mop top

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels2 days ago
  • Don't be fooled by all this sudden lifting of restrictions. They want us to let our guards down. Restrictions will return as soon as they are lifted. Mark my words.

    Jacob ScoffschildJacob Scoffschild2 days ago
  • getting rid of the useless mask of obedience and oppression is more important as its just their as psychological barrier

    unionjackunionjack2 days ago
  • The joke of the day!

    PrankphobiaPrankphobia2 days ago
  • Scandemic covid 19 84 Round up all the criminals in this sleezy communist government We're never forget what you've done to this nation Crime's against humanity 🙏

    Bob DavieBob Davie2 days ago
  • Social distancing in particular is crippling businesses; it results in significantly less footfall, turnover, profits & makes trading extremely difficult, whilst still having to bear all the usual costs & expenses. Businesses everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief when these damaging restrictions finally end.

    Rupert MackenzieRupert Mackenzie2 days ago
    • Especially the hospitality trade ,they have done everything asked of them and always been the scapegoat, nightclubs may actually never open again it might not be financially viable....

      Mudskipper 007Mudskipper 0072 days ago
  • Crime's against humanity Nuremberg awaits 🤔 This dictatorship needs desolving, Go on the yellow card adverse effect site it will blow you're mind

    Bob DavieBob Davie2 days ago
  • get your ass down to dover you trator of the worst kind

    George ManningGeorge Manning2 days ago
  • Ew imagine throwing a thumbs up with him 🤮🤮

    JakubJakub2 days ago
  • boris you are worse then your friend bideneven macron is laughing at you

    George ManningGeorge Manning2 days ago
  • Yay 😀

    ross nolanross nolan2 days ago
  • If you was following the data we would already be opening. Frauds

    Where'sTheHiddenHandWhere'sTheHiddenHand2 days ago
  • Yesterday

    CHIBE YTCHIBE YT2 days ago

    joyce guestjoyce guest2 days ago
  • This guy couldn’t lie straight in bed! You are going to have to be very careful Johnson, the majority are sick and tired of this ! They will “open the gates” if you don’t!

    Nicholas DaviesNicholas Davies2 days ago
    • The people should have opened the gates long before this.

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • Who's going to say all the millions of chinese/hong kong folk coming here ready to take the homes of the fallen in the next few years

    Tippy Tappy ManTippy Tappy Man2 days ago
  • They said similar last year

    Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower2 days ago
  • Mask boris

    Horatio hornblowerHoratio hornblower2 days ago
    • 😷

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • Our Govt had just paid £320m for covid media adverts to cover up to 2022 (see Hugo Talks).

    misterbojanglesmisterbojangles2 days ago
  • Just the thought of coming Within 2 meters of someone is making me feel sick

    AlcrakerAlcraker2 days ago
    • Alcraker I get what you mean, virus or no virus people need to practice personal space as is polite but the answer isn’t masks or it’s not always possible to practice personal space.

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
    • @Daydream Star people just love being right up close next to their faces breathing nothing weird or gross about it even if it could kill you people love it 🥰 💕

      AlcrakerAlcraker2 days ago
    • Were you always anti social? lol

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • Even if it does get scrapped in June, no doubt they will bring it back in winter and we’ll probably be in another lockdown.

    Lozzy 25Lozzy 252 days ago
    • Hopefully

      joyce guestjoyce guest2 days ago
    • They HOPEFLY WONT BE THERE THEN 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇

      joyce guestjoyce guest2 days ago
    • Say no

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • wonder about the swine flu corruption has got anything to do with this????? glaxosmithkline are behind all this with the help of bill gates money!!

    trotter 69trotter 692 days ago
  • I’ll keep wearing masks and social distancing, especially if this bumbling spaffer thinks it’s unnecessary. I wouldn’t trust him with a paper round.

    Iain CIain C2 days ago
    • @Daydream Star of course it is. Go away now.

      Iain CIain C2 days ago
    • Is that because you’ve actually let yourself be brainwashed into complying for fear of an overly exaggerated virus that is only deadly to a very small minority?

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
    • Dont follow orders

      Lets SurviveLets Survive2 days ago
  • June 21st Summer Solstice.....hmmmm

    BashmentNan64 XBashmentNan64 X2 days ago
  • It already has at the snooker🤣🤣🤣

    John DouglasJohn Douglas2 days ago
  • The government need to realise that ALL restrictions will be lifted by June because the people have had e-fucking-nuff!

    Paul BrookesPaul Brookes2 days ago
  • Bojo where’s your 😷

    kibi plkibi pl2 days ago

    micky mouse123micky mouse1232 days ago
  • This rule and the rest of them ended for me when it hit the tier system and I said no, enough is enough.

    Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • ...may, ...could, ...might, ...perhaps, ...maybe, ...possibly

    Ed WalkerEd Walker2 days ago
    • Yh. The virus is unpredictable. No fake promises in case.

      Sarah Jasmine MSarah Jasmine M2 days ago
    • The Devil's in the detail 😉

      M SM S2 days ago
  • Bread and Circuses , ..... I do hope they’re not going to use the old “ South Africa variant resurgence plus vaccine production problems “ routine to avoid the June 21st release 🤔🤔🤔

    Stoic ScepticStoic Sceptic2 days ago
  • fake.........all preplanned...........if the virus was real allot more people would die considering the jabs dont even work. this is fake something else is going on and these people making allot of money

  • Is there people out here still really believing in what this clowns talking about?

    GreenfingersukGreenfingersuk2 days ago
  • The data😂

    LSDLSD2 days ago
  • This ends on the 21st of June !

    Spirit DancerSpirit Dancer2 days ago
    • Spirit Dancer Thank you 🙂

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
    • @Daydream Star And the same to you

      Spirit DancerSpirit Dancer2 days ago
    • Spirit Dancer I’m so glad to hear it. Me too, life is too short to be dictated to by people who have no legitimate control of our rights and freedoms. Best wishes to you and yours. 🤗

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
    • @Daydream Star It ended last year for me personally, they stop me doing things by keeping certain places closed. But the rest nope . I see my friends I hug my friends etc I'm free end of non negotiable!.

      Spirit DancerSpirit Dancer2 days ago
    • It ends now if you ignore their insane inhumane rules.

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • First I heard of one metre plus, all signs around here say 2 metres, but nobody paying any attention to any of it anymore

    Ace J. 7 MillionAce J. 7 Million2 days ago
  • Quiz time, What historic crime did Boris state, £60 million was a waste of money investigating.

    Mouthwash GloopMouthwash Gloop2 days ago
  • Wouldn't even be surprised if he walks about asking everyone he sees "have you had your jab yet"

    GOD Bless youGOD Bless you2 days ago
  • Maybe because nobody even does it anymore! Need to do the same with the proven to be useless masks!!

    Monkey KidsMonkey Kids2 days ago
  • What I forgot that was even in effect 😂 it was my birthday the other day and it was really nice receiving all the hugs 🤗 Boris can go repent or perish.

    Sword of the SpiritSword of the Spirit2 days ago
    • Brilliant. Belayed Happy Birthday 🎂 Glad you got ALL THOSE HUGS. XXX NEEDED BY ALL.

      joyce guestjoyce guest2 days ago
    • There you go, some more 🤗🤗🤗 😁

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • It never worked anyway , as there was no deadly virus!!!, no vaccine , no mask !!!

    Greentruth420Greentruth4202 days ago
  • Where is your mask mr PM

    Man on MissionMan on Mission2 days ago
  • why is Bozzer wasting time going all the way to Seaton, do your job mate

    Ethan GatenbyEthan Gatenby2 days ago
  • Treason

    Sovereign RightsSovereign Rights2 days ago
  • Promoting the insertion of an untested medical device

    Lindsay SmithLindsay Smith2 days ago
  • Dangling another carrot, I wouldn't believe anything that gutter rat says 😆

    ben gunnben gunn2 days ago
    • Gutter rat 🐀😂

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • I never wear a mask. No one says a word. Masks aren’t law. No shop has a risk assessment for them and neither does our Government

    MultiZero1968MultiZero19682 days ago
  • They dropped it to one metre last summer yet everywhere we went stuck at two metre and the government allowed them to continue lying to the public because they didn't want to pay to change their signs

    Penny BunnyPenny Bunny2 days ago
  • ...do we believe or trust the sleazy corrupt tories?..... and especially boris, who has lied, deceived and generally is a little grubby pervy man who’d rather you die than go for another lockdown and be at odds with his incompetent greedy private sector spiv friends.

    Nick NameNick Name2 days ago
  • Let’s hug 🤗

    Stewart HStewart H2 days ago
    • Hugs to all 🤗🤗🤗

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • Patience guys, patience

    AC 86AC 862 days ago
    • Nice to know that over a year of patience is nothing to you.

      Daydream StarDaydream Star2 days ago
  • Shut up Boris.

    Joanne ButcherJoanne Butcher2 days ago
  • Should be ditched already - they are absolute fools.

    Joanne ButcherJoanne Butcher2 days ago
  • 20% of the population have been fully vaccinated, and with the Indian variant in the uk we had last count 400 cases, that the covid vaccine doesn't help with.. this moron wants to get rid of masks and social distancing... what is it he said.. "let the bodies pile high". This man doesn't care about the uk public only himself and the money he can make.

    StormX 2233StormX 22332 days ago
  • Don’t be a Pratt.

    Preacher BearPreacher Bear2 days ago
  • Then why are they continuing spending money on propaganda adverts & covid marshalls until 2022? I don't believe a word that comes from this Government

    Wayne MooreWayne Moore2 days ago
  • The only thing that should be ditched on the 21st are all the politicians

    Big CheeseBig Cheese2 days ago
    • @joyce guest That would be a great day, but I fear these treasonous people will get away with all their crimes because they have all the people who could send them down in their back pockets

      Big CheeseBig Cheese2 days ago

      joyce guestjoyce guest2 days ago
  • Prime Minister because of so much stress he has a strong black wrinkles round the eyes 👀

    Stock ImageStock Image2 days ago
  • Is that the same ditch he said he'd rather be found dead in?

    adi varsoadi varso2 days ago
  • Then let's ditch all the people that enforced it too.

    Wewlius EvolaWewlius Evola2 days ago
  • Body language says something else 😒

    Stay safeStay safe2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Steven TolleySteven Tolley2 days ago
  • The likes and dislikes were 49:49, but i made them 49:50 :D

    Wenegade WaiderWenegade Waider2 days ago
  • Brexit's the biggest act of sleaze since 1945.

    M RM R2 days ago
  • I've got news for Bloater boy, the one-metre rule was ditched many months ago.

    Tommy HughesTommy Hughes2 days ago
  • If anybody comes within 2m of me I will fart in their general direction...

    Poo SlingerPoo Slinger2 days ago
  • Johnson is talking that means he's lying

    Paul HavrylakPaul Havrylak2 days ago
  • More to do with filling the offices in London again than any safety consideration me thinks........

    Volvo 90Volvo 902 days ago
  • You dont make the rules no more , Just sod off the lot of you

    Fat RuntFat Runt2 days ago
  • Is Bojo trying to win people's votes back

    Michael FisherMichael Fisher2 days ago