Petrol bombs hurled at police in third night of violence in Northern Ireland

Apr 4, 2021
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Police have come under attack as violence flared during another night of sporadic disorder in parts of Northern Ireland.
Petrol bombs and bricks were thrown at officers in loyalist areas in Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus on Sunday night.
It was the second night in a row that trouble broke out at the Cloughfern roundabout in Newtownabbey on the outskirts of Belfast, although the violence was not as prolonged as on Saturday night.
There was also disorder in the North Road area of nearby Carrickfergus on Sunday night.
On Saturday, 30 petrol bombs were thrown at officers in Newtownabbey in what police described as an “orchestrated attack”.
On Friday, there were violent scenes in the Sandy Row area of Belfast as well.
While in Londonderry, police have been subjected to sustained attacks across several nights in the last week in loyalist areas of the Waterside part of the city.
Some 27 police officers were injured on Friday night across Belfast and Derry.
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  • Here in HK lots of protestors and activists are in support of this.

    SonySony9 days ago
  • All this because some meat and egg transport trucks have extra paperwork getting the ferry to holyhead!! Oh the oppression!! Those loyalist terrorists are pathetic.

    K DK D11 days ago
  • So this is happening because Brits don’t want to give independence to Ireland but left the EU because they were losing their identity. Am I right?

    Justin XJustin X11 days ago
  • How were 27 of them injured sat in armoured land rovers?lol

    Christine MolloyChristine Molloy11 days ago
  • Troubles it seems coming back to northern ireland.

    Sarfaraz NawazSarfaraz Nawaz11 days ago
  • all kids

    GRA TayGRA Tay11 days ago
  • The police are in for some fun this summer

    David BarrDavid Barr11 days ago
  • Things finally getting back to normal

    Fishandoinon SoupFishandoinon Soup11 days ago
  • Why do police allow rioters to throw petrol bombs. Why don’t they baton charge them like in the English mainland.

    perky9458perky945811 days ago
  • Yet they have UK military in northern Ireland, ha what a joke man...

    i mi m11 days ago
  • C.C.T.V has left the chat! Plot twist- Loyalist police force filmed training along side civilian loyalists in preparation for Irish invasion!

    Lone StarLone Star12 days ago
  • Good job northern ireland fight and cast away UK

    Lincoln WikipediaLincoln Wikipedia12 days ago
  • Old bill etc don't like it when the people responded with petrol bombs, but its alright for old bill to batter and kick the people..Power to the people... . Regards Tony

    Crap HeadCrap Head12 days ago
  • Yes, this was caused by Brexit.🤣🤣 Not the fact that there have been several large drug raids by the police in the area recently.

    Alex LashmanAlex Lashman12 days ago
    • Leaders of these drug gangs r funded "in order to encourage them away from violence" madness

      Conor FieldsConor Fields11 days ago
  • They attack the same state that's feeds clothes and shelters them for free

    Musheo PeausMusheo Peaus12 days ago
    • True...these young yobs are just that, any excuse to vent their frustrations and hate of the establishment....even if it is their own!!! Scumbags, it doesn't make a difference what "side" they are from...they are just useless scum.

      Andrew LyngAndrew Lyng12 days ago
  • Are there no community spokes people who could air whatever these grievances are and work this stuff out before things get to this level?

    Mister jammy pantsMister jammy pants12 days ago
  • Wait till the realisation comes that there is no Corona virus, and the rest of the world will see what an uprising looks like, the green and the orange should be put aside until everyone of the politicians in Ireland England Wales and Scotland have been threw out on their ass

    party packparty pack12 days ago
  • Love from the USA 🇺🇸

    Erick RaderErick Rader12 days ago
  • If that’s the last of them it should be no problem when the republic is reestablished

    bonkerzisgoodbonkerzisgood12 days ago
  • God bless The great united Iralnd

    Mathew BlacksmithMathew Blacksmith12 days ago
  • They want to remain British by attacking British security forces. Makes sense...

    Karl91Karl9112 days ago
    • Its the police doesn't matter what state they belong too also the psni has more taigs in its ranks than they let on. Would of been a different story in the RUC days

      john smithjohn smith12 days ago
  • Remember your lovely Johnson PM, these are his people who wanted Brexit, you reep what you sow, and these people burning everything in sight are the ones loyal to Queen and country, very sad people indeed.

    Chris MullanChris Mullan12 days ago
  • Each and every one of those children should have either been shot or run over by those police. It absolutely disgusts me that people still riot like this. They all deserve to die

    That Guy JezzaThat Guy Jezza12 days ago
  • It's called 'Molotovs' ye dummies

    Yash SinojiaYash Sinojia12 days ago
  • Cute x

    N MacN Mac12 days ago
  • The police up there are getting some overtime

    walter mittywalter mitty12 days ago
  • Johnsons silence on this is in stark contrast with his defence of the police in Bristol and at the Sarah Everard vigil.

    ArgentocoxosArgentocoxos12 days ago
  • People down south be like, ah ye can keep it.

    JMKJMK12 days ago
  • The UK seems like us playing the long game..

    Charlie SeftonCharlie Sefton12 days ago
  • You orange men are starting to see your demonic queen couldn't care less both you

    I Am a child of God ministryI Am a child of God ministry12 days ago
  • Grow up lads for heavens sake

    River WolfRiver Wolf12 days ago
  • Those of us old enough to remember the 70s, 80s and 90s will be hoping that all this is just ' a flash in the pan', forgive the pun.

    VeegermanVeegerman12 days ago
    • The British state army RUC generated the 70s80s90s all a theatre followed by the usual propaganda from BBC and MSM. We can’t see until We can see

      David BarrDavid Barr11 days ago
    • @Loki &Loki revised * loyalists r armed and still selling drugs/extorting businesses together

      Conor FieldsConor Fields11 days ago
    • @Conor Fields "organised" 😂

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki12 days ago
    • Loyalists r still armed and organized

      Conor FieldsConor Fields12 days ago
  • if the police weren't there these people would have nothing to attack.

    Pete HillPete Hill12 days ago
    • Ehh the next bus, maybe with people on it.

      TRAOLACHTRAOLACH11 days ago
  • Let's go potty about something that happened 300 years ago . Do these people ever want to live like civilized human beings ? Better for the planet if that island disappeared under the ocean

    Ray PringleRay Pringle12 days ago
  • These people should have been sent back long ago.

    smurphsmurph12 days ago
  • you'd think this would make headlines

    uyarumuyarum13 days ago
  • It’s a pity the police can’t use live rounds and see them run home like pigs 🐷

    Johnny KageJohnny Kage13 days ago
  • Those defenders are worth a pretty penny these days lmao

    DefensivebeastDefensivebeast13 days ago
  • British people DO NOT understand their history. The plantations of northern ireland was part of a systematic attempt over hundreds of years to eradicate the native irish. That was called the irish plantations and is a part of the british colonisation of ireland and pretty much destroyed the fabric of our society. The people planted HAD to be protestant AND loyal to the british crown. The were effectively instructed to HATE the native irish. The british then brought in laws to make it illegal for irish people to speak irish or participate in irish culture. Have you any idea how that impacts on a society in terms of conflict? Do british people have any clue about the real history?

    K DK D13 days ago
    • The English invaded Ireland in the 1100s due to the Catholic church who believed the Irish church was becoming to independent. The Catholic church then collected a tax from the Irish natives [Peters pence]. In the 1300s due to Englands long running war with the Scots, Edward Bruce the Scots king invaded Ireland. Edward's main mission in invading Ireland was to create a second front in the ongoing war against England, draining her of much needed men, materials and finance by creating havoc in Ireland. As rule over Ireland had been offered to the English by the papal bull Laudabiliter in 1155, Edward's allies which was the Irish natives led by Donall O'Neill, sent a remonstrance to Pope John XXII in 1317. This asked for Laudabiliter to be revoked and informed the Pope that they had chosen Edward as their king: The Papacy neither recognised Edward's claim, nor agreed with the Remonstrance, and his rule remained de facto over parts of Ireland and never de jure over the whole island. Due to this long time link between the Irish and the Scots we had Scottish lords in Ireland particularly the North with it being closer to Scotland for example the Macdonnels of Antrim. This would be why if you look at a map of the plantation youll see that Antrim and Down had been privately planted by the Scottish lords before the official plantation these lords planted there lands with Presbyterians [Antrim and Down is the Protestant heartland today and makes up 2 thirds of the population of Northern Ireland]. The British crown wouldnt have had much time for Presbyterians [ The religion of the majority of Protestants in N I ] as they where seen as dissenters. In the 19th century, Protestants were instrumental in initiating the Gaelic Revival, arguably much more so than the burgeoning Catholic middle class which was ridding itself of Irish as quickly as possible. Daniel Oconnell and the Catholic church wanted to abandon the Irish language.

      Dave AlexDave Alex12 days ago
  • There’s no need tbh the police are only doing their job why should they get targeted

    Aiden RobertsonAiden Robertson13 days ago
    • Because they are republican bootlickers.

      Gazza NorthGazza North9 days ago
  • why?

    Matt KMatt K13 days ago
  • This is so sad. The massive efforts we all made 25 years ago ... I feel like we are witnessing a miscarriage. It makes me want to weep.

    Sarah ByrneSarah Byrne13 days ago
    • Yep and for what? Because some eggs and meat transport trucks have some extra paperwork when getting the ferry to holyhead? As if they have any clue why they are protesting! LOL

      K DK D11 days ago
    • I have to agree, the age of some of these lads is also quite worrying, they're all too young to remember how awful it was for so long. We're all so used to peace on our wee island that some have forgotten (or never knew) how hard it was won.

      micknotfromleitrimmicknotfromleitrim13 days ago
  • Well here we go again

    DullahanDullahan13 days ago
  • Nothing new

    Thomas O brienThomas O brien13 days ago
  • And we want to unite the Republic with these savages? Screw that

    BeelzebossBeelzeboss13 days ago
    • Shut your cake hole they don't want reunited it's the other peaceful half that want a united Ireland you know nothing of the North of Ireland

      wheaten breadwheaten bread12 days ago
    • Let northern Ireland become independent from the rest of the UK and have nothing to do with ROI either....Let them to their own devices...let them at it. 👋

      Andrew LyngAndrew Lyng12 days ago
  • The most Loyal of Loyal Loyalists will in Loyalty loyally fling petrol bombs at their own British police officers.

    Goetz DushlanGoetz Dushlan13 days ago
  • I have met many relatives both Protestant and Catholic on Ancestry DNA. 99.9 pc of them are a mix of native Northern Irish and Scots. THEY ARE ALL CELTS!!!

    I Saw You ComingI Saw You Coming13 days ago
    • Celt is not a race. The planters here are of Presbyterian, lowland scottish origin.

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki13 days ago
  • Don't ever vote for a United Ireland! It would not be worth it!!

    Colors 66Colors 6613 days ago
  • Here we go again boys

    Oisin HewittOisin Hewitt13 days ago
  • a typical weekend

    Malcolm MulvihillMalcolm Mulvihill13 days ago
  • Is this the holy lands that I keep hearing about?

    Aviation IcemanAviation Iceman13 days ago
    • @Aviation Iceman No they aren't students. They are youths from the ages of 13 to 16 apparently according to the community workers on the ground

      Red RoverRed Rover12 days ago
    • @Red Rover the people that are rioting at the minute are they students?

      Aviation IcemanAviation Iceman12 days ago
    • @Aviation Iceman You probably saw them on St Patrick's day, it's probably a mixed area of south Belfast. But most if not all the students would be Catholic and go to Queens University

      Red RoverRed Rover12 days ago
    • @Red Rover ok ! But I see pictures and videos with Irish flags in them, is this a Protestant area ?

      Aviation IcemanAviation Iceman12 days ago
    • @Aviation Iceman It's actually students partying all the time in the Holylands nothing to do with racism or sectarianism

      Red RoverRed Rover12 days ago
  • Terrorist attacks oh wait they don’t have an Islamic name. So it’s a mob attack isn’t it ?

    VoiceSriLankaVoiceSriLanka13 days ago
    • just think everything is bad for you lol

      PhilPhil13 days ago
    • ira were named terrorists before most of the recent terrorist organisations lol

      PhilPhil13 days ago
  • It's about covid !!! Now the msm are making it about separatism! War mongering at it worst !!

    Stephen HollinrakeStephen Hollinrake13 days ago
  • They will soon get tired of it petrol not cheap and there benefits could be stopped

    Pat DeburcaPat Deburca13 days ago
  • if there was a riot in northern ireland in 1999 it wouldve been a gun fight. a riot in northern ireland in 2021 is just a few teenagers throwing stones. the media is exaggerating this way to much. if there is a bomb or guns involved, then i will know it is a northern ireland riot. all this is is a bunch of teenagers throwing stones because their parents told them to and they dont even know what its about.

    ciaran mckennaciaran mckenna13 days ago
  • Return to the bad old days

    Donald WainwrightDonald Wainwright13 days ago
  • The NI protocol, Irish Sea Border and complete disregard for the British citizens of NI by the EU is responsible for this. Notwithstanding the lack of arrests or prosecution of SF members, breaching Covid restrictions and the draconian closure and takeover Roselawn Cemetery for the Bobby Storey funeral. There comes a point where the straw breaks the Camels back.

    Drifty40Drifty4013 days ago
    • @Drifty40 sure thing lil buddy 👍

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki13 days ago
    • @Loki &Loki Steps are being taken in those shoes and feet.

      Drifty40Drifty4013 days ago
    • Not nice when the shoes on the other foot?

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki13 days ago
  • Time to send in the paddywackers I think!! The army with a few snipers on roofs to pick a couple of the grey tracksuit club off!!!!

    Andy fAndy f13 days ago
    • @Andy f probably the same amount as there are irish in england xD

      PhilPhil13 days ago
    • @Phil yeah but who's to know, so many guns there anyway 😉

      Andy fAndy f13 days ago
    • thanks to their own greed they cant even do that or it would be an attack on european citizens.

      PhilPhil13 days ago
  • Northern Ireland getting back to a bit of normality after covid I see

    Dub DonZDub DonZ13 days ago
  • If that has been in nationalist area the rubber bullets and water cannon would be well out.

    emmet kemmet k14 days ago
    • Emmet surprise surprise your knowledge is correct. First night the catholics come out

      Conor FieldsConor Fields9 days ago
    • Peelers would be making them cups of tea..

      Gazza NorthGazza North9 days ago
    • So true

      Conor FieldsConor Fields12 days ago
    • Doubt

      Charlie SeftonCharlie Sefton12 days ago
  • let us carry on till we find our freedom! we are no slave of evil UK

    Y YY Y14 days ago
    • @Phil no it won't

      Charlie SeftonCharlie Sefton12 days ago
    • tiocfaidh ár lá

      PhilPhil13 days ago
  • let us carry on till we find our freedom! we are no slave of evil UK

    Y YY Y14 days ago
    • These are prods rioting idiot

      Charlie SeftonCharlie Sefton12 days ago
  • Loyalist? Well thank God there not against us. Just mindless thugs, any excuse for a riot.

    Great UnwashedGreat Unwashed14 days ago
  • Allah Akbar

    Agent NinjaAgent Ninja14 days ago
    • Indeed Allah is great 🙏

      AmmarSKAmmarSK12 days ago
  • Scrap the protocol

    jasonjason14 days ago
  • YOU can't keep blaming "The Brits".

    Gary FletcherGary Fletcher14 days ago
    • @Error Code #421 Loyal to whom? Our country doesn't want them. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Soon England won't be with the Scots or Welsh. We will hand you over to its rightful owner Ireland. You are not British. You are stateless unless you accept you have horribly ruled someone's land despicably for hundreds of years. Accept Irish citizenship.

      Gary FletcherGary Fletcher12 days ago
    • @Gary Fletcher That same s.cum of the earth as you put it are loyalist. Might not be the loyalist idea you have but they are sons of loyalists and in loyalist areas. In other words they are still loyalist.

      Error Code #421Error Code #42112 days ago
    • @Error Code #421 No. Scum of the earth are throwing petrol bombs at the police. Decent loyalists want a peaceful solution.

      Gary FletcherGary Fletcher12 days ago
    • Hahahahaha good man Mr Fletcher. "You can't keep blaming the Brits" while it's the loyalist Brits throwing the petrol bombs at police 🙄

      Error Code #421Error Code #42112 days ago
    • @Gary Fletcher yes you can blame the brits lol. and we will continue to till they take responsibility.

      PhilPhil12 days ago
  • True love of loyalist protesters for the health of Sinn Fein demonstrated by throwing petrol bombs and stones. Why not join Sinn Fein instead ? or donate your welfare checks ? A Curious contradiction these loyalists are!!

    fergal746fergal74614 days ago
  • Staged

    analiensaturnanaliensaturn14 days ago
    • dumb

      PhilPhil12 days ago
  • Why are these people so hell bent on bringing destruction to their community

    CoeusCoeus14 days ago
    • @Coeus. The DUP have done more for a United Ireland than terrorists could with 30 years of murder mayhem. DUP also helped create the Irish Sea border. IRA will likely invite DUP to their reunited Isle of EIRE Celebrations party.

      Charlie MunsterCharlie Munster12 days ago
    • It's there culture

      Andy KaneAndy Kane13 days ago
  • This is DUP orchestrated violence, they wanted Brexit, now they are against Brexit.

    Clint IrelandClint Ireland14 days ago
    • well done, this is peaceful protest, not violent compare to Hong Kong violent that supported and organised by western countries especially US and UK, more such kind of peaceful protest is healthy to democratic countries like UK, US etc, it is considered as Beautiful Scenery, NOT VIOLENT.

      KL CHAIKL CHAI10 days ago
    • @PaddyPump - You are 100% correct. Despite the fact that the planted scots are a Gaelic people, the condition of the original plantations in northern ireland, and the planted scots getting their free land, was they had to be protestant and fiercely loyal to the british crown. To this day they remain so despite how the world has changed around them. They are stuck in a toxic hate filled timewarp that they cannot seem to get out of. They are fiercely loyal to "the crown", the british establishment that could not care less about them and woudl barely bother to bend down to scrape them off their shoe. Its so sad. I am an irish nationalist, i am an atheist, i hope that someday the nothern unionists accept that the island of ireland is their home and all of us on this ireland need to be loyal to our home and not a foreign power that couldnt care less about us.

      K DK D11 days ago
    • @Charlie Sefton They do, thats what "British" means. The Scots (planters, colonists whatever ya want to call them) have been completely anglicized, what's really disturbing is how much they despise Gaelic culture.. it makes no sense as they are a Gaelic people. Ive had a lovely summer, no little scrotes throwing petrol bombs down here.

      PaddyPumpPaddyPump11 days ago
    • @Atomic Fairy 💚🤍🧡

      James O,NeillJames O,Neill11 days ago
    • ​@James O,Neill The only real IRISH MAN in the village!

      Atomic FairyAtomic Fairy11 days ago
  • Where's Tory Blair's peace process ??

    Falstaff 1893Falstaff 189314 days ago
  • Thanks to the nationalist Tories ( who we foolishly had voted in to run the country) and duped Brexiteers, Northern Ireland faces rise in violence . To who gain ?

    Allan DaviesAllan Davies14 days ago
    • @Paul McCormack You are quite right. Thanks for the correction! I'll edit my comment accordingly.

      Allan DaviesAllan Davies14 days ago
    • That's Northern Ireland (The UK) faces more violence. There's no riots in Ireland

      Paul McCormackPaul McCormack14 days ago
  • Alrighty then! Now it is OK to throw petrol bombs. And what exactly is going to be done about it?!

    Rita LamyRita Lamy14 days ago
  • Them unionist politicians voted for this. Now they're winding up their own community because of the situation they themselves created

    Gerard ScottGerard Scott14 days ago
    • @K D I never voted for anything, I am not a UK resident therefore can not vote. Boris was not the PM when the vote was made years ago, you seem a bit confused.

      george barnesgeorge barnes10 days ago
    • @george barnes - people in ireland are losing their minds because of the covid movement restrictions adn the checkpoints. literally people are losing their minds. the only saving grace is that it is hopefully only for another few weeks. the unionists however want the brexit border (with a guarded customs checkpoint) at the Ireland/Northern Ireland border. This would be permanent. Forever. How do you not understand why everyone except the dumb unionists dont want this???

      K DK D11 days ago
    • @george barnes - Are you english? Did you support brexit? Is everyone in england as clueless as you about ireland and northern ireland?

      K DK D11 days ago
    • @george barnes - oh my god thats why i asked you what border you are talking about. now you say you're talking about the Ireland/Northern Ireland border? Fine. The irish never ever ever claimed there is not an Ireland/Northern Ireland border. You idiot. What we said is there isnt a hard border, i.e. a customs checkpoint one with border guards. Thats what the northern ireland protocol is about, its to prevent a hard border on the island of ireland. There are now covid checkpoints all across ireland including at the border but that is a completely different subject to brexit / northern ireland protocol and the riots up north at the moment. Honestly, i've had enough trying to educate you. Please go away and educate yourself about brexit, ireland, northern ireland, the protocol. Please please please dont make another comment on youtube until you know what youre talking about. You are an idiot.

      K DK D11 days ago
    • @K D I never mentioned a Brexit border, the Irish claim they have no border yet their police force have closed it to UK travellers but not to Irish travellers who can cross into NI in their thousands every day unchecked, the Covid excuse is a load of nonsense when the Irish can travel to NI and back again.

      george barnesgeorge barnes11 days ago
  • It's a "third night of violence in Northern Ireland", but a "protest" if it happens in Bristol.

    Caras DawrCaras Dawr14 days ago
    • @charlie nicholl last summer why are they protesting now. Gway and stop lying to yourself

      John skypeJohn skype13 days ago
    • @Darragh Walsh they’re protesting about how sinn fein members were dealt with for breaking COVID guidelines by attending a funeral last summer so they are actually

      charlie nichollcharlie nicholl13 days ago
    • These people are attempting to terrorise. Not protest. You are a mong.

      Darragh WalshDarragh Walsh14 days ago
  • People have had enough, what did the goverment expect they've Litrally pushed people to breaking point.

    Laura PossibleLaura Possible14 days ago
  • Human beings, evolutions biggest mistake....

    Roger WilliamsRoger Williams14 days ago
  • UK COLUMN NEWS , the truth is out there

    Artie ShawArtie Shaw14 days ago
  • We all need to realise that we will face the justice of God. Will you be found wanting. The day dawns ever nearer. 🙏

    Pat WarburtonrPat Warburtonr14 days ago
    • Tosh!

      VeegermanVeegerman12 days ago
  • Love to see it

    Dragon Ball Z Uploads and MoreDragon Ball Z Uploads and More14 days ago
  • Boris! This is what happens, NI the last bastion of democratic expression. In London you cant even protest let alone chuck Molotov at a murderous piggy.

    Arthur TintArthur Tint14 days ago
  • When are the governments of our country and others bringing the army on these savages .put them on lock down this time in a 4×4 cell .

    Chase AChase A14 days ago
  • Welcome to Brexit Britain 🇬🇧

    Kris BrownKris Brown14 days ago
  • When the west realises that the elite are conspiring for biometric control and surveillance over us all, they will realise we have the power to control the narrative. Freedom is our birth right, it is not just a luxury for the greedy rich and its government puppets.

    Colin NicholasColin Nicholas14 days ago
  • How sad the Worlds gone mad .

    Colin CoxColin Cox14 days ago
  • Good

    Tommy RamTommy Ram14 days ago
  • This is about covid lockdown? Its nothing to do with brexit 😂😂 what are you talking about? The produce should get his facts right atleast I'm over in England and even I know that 🤦‍♂️ our media talks the biggest load of bo**ocks 'come tomorrow theyl be blaming the IRA for this, they must of had something to do with it 🙄 next time get the cameraman first because hes no different than the rest of english press.

    bigkey barsbigkey bars14 days ago
  • Good the police are to serve the people not the government as soon as the police realise this it will stop

    philip formbyphilip formby14 days ago
  • At least they are doing something, brilliant well done, them or us!

    Barbara pembBarbara pemb14 days ago
  • Enjoy the fruits of your Labour brexit BoJo

    DLHDLH14 days ago
  • It's about time we removed Northern Ireland from the UK, they can decide for themselves whether they want to go it alone, or unite with Ireland.

    David BowerDavid Bower14 days ago
    • @Error Code #421 They're over there, and I don't want them over here. I couldn't care less what nationality they identify as, they're from Northern Ireland, not Britain, It's a comments section and I expressed an opinion, if you don't like it then tough.

      David BowerDavid Bower12 days ago
    • @David Bower And they also get British birth certificates not UK birth certificates.

      Error Code #421Error Code #42112 days ago
    • @David Bower Removed from GB* there's no such thing as a UK passport, they are automatically entitled to *British* passports.

      Error Code #421Error Code #42112 days ago
    • @Error Code #421 Hence my opening comment saying that Northern Ireland should be removed from the UK.

      David BowerDavid Bower12 days ago
    • @David Bower Go tell them personally Big Dave. I couldn't care less about them and the UK of GB and NI literally states GB and NI are the UK. 😆

      Error Code #421Error Code #42112 days ago
  • The police are now our enemy, for they drink from the devils cup. They are willing to enslave their own families & children just by following orders. Our 'protectors' are just sold out hired thugs. Willing to bust their own family, cause 'laws'.

    The Drunken GamersThe Drunken Gamers14 days ago
  • Omg 😳

    Jonathan Lemon Wrestling ShowJonathan Lemon Wrestling Show14 days ago
  • Sometimes it s not free of charge.But it must be unacceptably expensive.

    Евгений ЛузгинЕвгений Лузгин14 days ago
  • I was told that Northern Ireland was a red hearing by brexiters and the Troubles are already starting and with how many police they were able to injure they are just as devistatingly effective as they used to be.

    We say no to pay to winWe say no to pay to win14 days ago
    • @Seamus Padraig Sanders what?

      We say no to pay to winWe say no to pay to win12 days ago
  • Loyalists? Loyal to who? And why? And what for? Are the Irish really that thick?

    WMV GamingWMV Gaming14 days ago
    • They're not Irish they're British. Ireland is not involved in this

      Paul McCormackPaul McCormack14 days ago
    • @WMV Gaming I didn't say most intelligent or best I said most powerful. Which I am not wrong in saying. And I mean being from the UK and talking about idiots getting t.v. shows I have two words to respond to that "Love Island"

      ckelly5336ckelly533614 days ago
    • @ckelly5336 Powerful? Not by a long shot, they just THINK they are powerful, when in reality its crumbling from the inside out and is home to morons and retards that carry guns around for fun, the other oxygen thieves just sit around getting fat or injecting outlandish amounts of silicone into every body part then getting a tv show. If thats what freedom looks like then ill move to North Korea thanks

      WMV GamingWMV Gaming14 days ago
    • @WMV Gaming Yeah they got it and are now the most powerful nation in the world. Don't see your point there 😂

      ckelly5336ckelly533614 days ago
    • @ckelly5336 America said that too, look how that turned out...

      WMV GamingWMV Gaming14 days ago
  • footage seems to show police out in force with fire bombs but no protesters.....???????????????

    Donna LambtonDonna Lambton14 days ago
  • lol liberals. What can you expect from such creatures. They claim to love thy neighbour but will happily light them in fire. Goerge Floyd is the Christ of the Church of Woke.

    Chud ChadanstudChud Chadanstud14 days ago
    • @Chud Chadanstud who is? I'm saying you haven't a clue about the history here. These riots are all orchestrated by loyalist drug gangs eg. The UDA

      GAZEGAZE14 days ago
    • @GAZE oh nooo he's throwing a tantrum! This one is definitely a reasonable one.

      Chud ChadanstudChud Chadanstud14 days ago
    • @Chud Chadanstud you know nothing about here just shut up

      GAZEGAZE14 days ago
    • @GAZE Loyalists? These guys are burning their fellow man. They're not loyalists. We have a process for sorting out problems peacefully in this country. Go the government's website, start a petition. Make your voices heard to to local MPs. Don't go out burning the people who have sworn to protect you. They're just doing their jobs. They have to feed their families.

      Chud ChadanstudChud Chadanstud14 days ago
    • loyalists are liberals according to you... some weird logic there

      GAZEGAZE14 days ago
  • its as if they dont wanna be part of the UK

    ThePizzabhoyThePizzabhoy14 days ago
    • @ckelly5336 Yes, it's loyalists.

      heron's warheron's war14 days ago
    • Swear it was by loyalists tho

      ckelly5336ckelly533614 days ago
  • Those police vans look a lot tougher than the Sprinter vans in London 😏

    ThurocziThuroczi14 days ago
    • @Nicole exactly 😁

      Paul HamillPaul Hamill12 days ago
    • @Paul Hamill people who are not from here dont understand how quick things can get really bad..police looking like they are doing nothing are actually saving alot of damage and lives ..altho i agree one blast from that cannon is sending some boys home lol 😂

      NicoleNicole12 days ago
    • @Nicole I agree, from here also. Strange they haven't put the water cannons out yet as a good soaking in that cold evening would settle them down. In saying that maybe if the police did that the guns and blast bombs will be brought out.

      Paul HamillPaul Hamill12 days ago
    • Thats because they are ...when you get a riot you phone us ...we come and help i will say i been in belfast my whole life ..never once seen a police man or woman point a gun at someone in a riot ...they get the watee cannons out

      NicoleNicole12 days ago
    • Far harder to burn out or explode

      SeanSean13 days ago