Police use a water cannon to disperse crowd breaking coronavirus restrictions in Brussels

Apr 2, 2021
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Clashes between Belgian police and a large crowd in one of Brussels’ biggest parks has left several people injured after revellers gathered for an unauthorised event despite coronavirus restrictions.
Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse Van de keere said that 22 people were arrested and several police officers were injured. She said eight revellers were wounded, including two who were taken to hospital.
The festival, dubbed “La Boum" ("the party"), had been advertised on social media and police had warned it was a fake event on April Fool’s Day.
According to Brussels police, up to 2,000 people still showed up in the Bois de la Cambre to attend.

  • They are washing the so called freedom out of people

    cas Tigercas Tiger14 days ago
  • Let’s all play the game of “try not to get wet”.

    Simon SmythSimon Smyth15 days ago
  • Good on em - the scamdemic is over.

    Sue NSue N15 days ago
  • The EU higher ups in Brussels want to give the UK "advice" when they can't even control their own country.

    MBCMBC15 days ago
    • The UK can’t control it themselves though... I mean look at places like Brighton... Cardiff... pretty much everywhere in the south.

      DD15 days ago
  • if this was in the uk it would be considered a good laugh lol

    Smoke_KushSmoke_Kush15 days ago
  • at lest they are watering the lawn....

    GothicTechGothicTech15 days ago
  • So they wash the virus on to everyone?

    mrsillywalkmrsillywalk15 days ago
  • We need this in the UK.

    Andrew HoultAndrew Hoult16 days ago
  • horrible repressive state

    4 Avenida4 Avenida17 days ago
  • Good!

    David 427David 42717 days ago
  • Good!

    David 427David 42717 days ago
  • fascist government scum will be on the run soon, and wherever they hide, we will find them and bring them to justice!

    Hans WallnerHans Wallner17 days ago
  • these scum are going to get broken bones for real this summer..

    VKVK17 days ago
  • thats what i call a fun day out :)

    david fasolidavid fasoli18 days ago
  • Aww no funny take downs this was disappointing

    Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat18 days ago
  • Hopefully the water had a sort of Yellow colour to it

    Mike5Mike518 days ago
  • Fight the power. Facism is taking over the eu and other countries because they have weaponised the virus.

    Dholqol BruksDholqol Bruks18 days ago
  • Power to the people, love seeing this.

    Harry 1Harry 118 days ago
  • Free water fight?

    BackByUnpopularDemandBackByUnpopularDemand18 days ago
  • Remember Boris got in some of these for London and the new bloke scrapped them?

    Chips1889Chips188918 days ago
    • @The Man I mean the Boris vaccines mate.

      Chips1889Chips188917 days ago
    • @Chips1889 what do you mean pal?

      The ManThe Man18 days ago
    • @The Man He knew than what to do, just as he does now.

      Chips1889Chips188918 days ago
    • Yep boris knew the plan years ago. He got them for what's going on now the climate change lockdowns are here. That is why the people of the world are under house arrest!

      The ManThe Man18 days ago