Taiwan train crash: At least 36 dead, dozens still trapped

Apr 2, 2021
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At least 34 people have died after a passenger train smashed into a vehicle on its tracks and partially derailed outside a tunnel in Taiwan.
Dozens more have been injured and survivors were pictured climbing out of windows and onto roofs to reach safety in the island’s worst railway disaster in decades.
The crash occurred near the Toroko Gorge scenic area at around 9am on a public holiday, and officials in Hualien county said rescue efforts are continuing.
It is thought around 350 passengers were on board and 70 people could still be trapped.

  • CAI YINGWEN can resurrect them!

    tom0900060tom090006018 days ago
  • Aaw my God, condolences to everyone involved from the UK

    RealEyesRealiseRealLiesRealEyesRealiseRealLies18 days ago
  • Rest in peace to all the people who sadly lost their lives. I hope they get the rest of the survivors out and home to their loved ones as quickly as possible.

    TomTom18 days ago
  • How would the UK react? "let's ban trains."

    IkarusIkarus18 days ago
    • How many people died in the tram?

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing17 days ago
    • @RJ Boxing tram crash in Croydon few years back and railroad crossings in the UK are so dangerous even Top Gear has addressed it.

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis17 days ago
    • @ Courtz Francis - when’s the last time your heard of a train being derailed in the UK? Or a car crashing into a train in the UK? Lol 🤦🏻‍♂️ The only thing that happens in the UK is people jumping in front of them to commit suicide.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing17 days ago
    • Its not like trains haven't crashed in the UK...🤡

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis17 days ago
    • Test

      IkarusIkarus18 days ago
  • I am sure China will rush to help?

    D MomcilovicD Momcilovic18 days ago
    • I'm more sure than china caused this.

      GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
  • *Please pray for Taiwan* 😭

    D CD C18 days ago
  • Oh well

    Oldie Acid TripOldie Acid Trip18 days ago
    • All lives matter.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing17 days ago
  • Oh look everyone... there's that numerology again with the 3s and 6s.... Nothing to see here folks, just another "accident"

    GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
    • @Helen Pauls No.

      GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
    • @Buckfast Hero hahahaha you bots try way too hard nobody cares about your gaslighting anymore have you not realised this?

      GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
    • @GoogleHave BetrayedHumanity American?

      Helen PaulsHelen Pauls18 days ago
    • @GoogleHave BetrayedHumanity It's 48 people now, so why are those numbers special? Or the next death toll that's released? Muppet.

      Buckfast HeroBuckfast Hero18 days ago
    • @GoogleHave BetrayedHumanity so, you don't know why the 3s and 6s have any significance to this train crash, only that they are somehow mysteriously significant in a way you are sure of, but just don't know how or why. Glad you cleared that up.

      Buckfast HeroBuckfast Hero18 days ago
  • That's a weird evacuation, over the roof. It puts the passengers very close to the 25kV overhead line, as well as the obvious risk of falling from that height.

    Paul MurphyPaul Murphy18 days ago
  • RIP 🙏

    Angela DallimoreAngela Dallimore18 days ago
  • Please tell us the important facts.....

    Jaz DdJaz Dd18 days ago
  • RIP to people who died good luck to make the people injured survive

    MiracleDance XMMiracleDance XM18 days ago
  • China did it

    Wagner RochaWagner Rocha18 days ago
  • 0:23 dude be taking every single chance to grope people

    Steven ChenSteven Chen18 days ago
    • Not funny at all, have some respect. The man is helping survivors.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
  • What a democratic crash.

    Jie ZhaoJie Zhao18 days ago
  • Lord have mercy 😭😭😭

    icyhugsicyhugs18 days ago
  • GG😂

    VIERAVIERA18 days ago
    • What’s funny about this??

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
  • Wasn't there a train crash in Egypt like a few days ago?!

    Turbo AddictTurbo Addict18 days ago
    • 38 dead? d

      sxli3340sxli334018 days ago
  • All the best to the survivors, RIP to the people who didnt make it and condolences to the families effected from the uk.

    TheAngryGamer 89TheAngryGamer 8918 days ago
    • চগ্যভ ইগভুগ

      Pradhan SelimPradhan Selim18 days ago
  • RIP. 😓 accidents like this need to be prevented.

    RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
    • It’s sad coz nothing will get done about it the will keep using it

      No name No bodyNo name No body18 days ago
    • @ KianChopper

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
    • @ iron barriers near train tracks to prevent cars crashing into train tracks would be a start.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
    • How do you suggest?

      KianChopperKianChopper18 days ago
  • Planned set up divide war tell your kids too say no to murdering humans this is what evil wants dont let evil win

    E ClarkeE Clarke18 days ago
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    D & P SteelD & P Steel18 days ago
  • 36 .. interesting number

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels18 days ago
    • Don't worry james these goons are just a bunch of government bots who are told to make sure that comments like yours get blasted on videos like this, literally their job to spread disinformation and deny the truth.

      GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
    • wow the bots are out in force tonight with the denialism of numerology and pretending to converse with each other, pure gaslighting, *yawn* try harder 77th.

      GoogleHave BetrayedHumanityGoogleHave BetrayedHumanity18 days ago
    • a halfwit who couldn't make it intellectually so buries himself in number conspiracies to make himself seem clever in his own head.

      Buckfast HeroBuckfast Hero18 days ago
    • @1Crafter I think he's a complete nutter

      James BrownJames Brown18 days ago
    • Tf? What you mean? It's literally just the number of people who died??

      1Crafter1Crafter18 days ago
  • Someone please tell the chinese their gov r puppets controlled by uk gov french usa do some homework and wake up stand up before its to late

    E ClarkeE Clarke18 days ago
  • That sucks man RIP

    John JonesJohn Jones18 days ago
  • Tragic and ridiculous of the cause.

    sutatssutats18 days ago
  • Wtf train crashed in Egypt like last week

    Oni AnonOni Anon18 days ago
  • Thats another 36 people died with covid 😂😂😂

    Steven TolleySteven Tolley18 days ago
    • @Courtz Francis and you're still not smart no matter how much you parrot the television actors.

      Seventy Seventh Reserve SockpuppetSeventy Seventh Reserve Sockpuppet17 days ago
    • @Seventy Seventh Reserve Sockpuppet you are a sad man😂

      Courtz FrancisCourtz Francis17 days ago
    • @RJ Boxing npc

      VIERAVIERA18 days ago
    • @RJ Boxing nobody is "joking" about this you mug, the fact we're pointing out blatant use of esocteric symbolism is not a "joke" you cretin.

      Seventy Seventh Reserve SockpuppetSeventy Seventh Reserve Sockpuppet18 days ago
    • @ Seventy Seventh Reserve Sockpuppet - this has nothing to do with Covid. And you’re assuming it is and assuming I’m on the opposite side to your stance on Covid, I think Covid is a sham !! But you are others are laughing and joking about a serious incident. I bet you laughed at the Paris terror attacks didn’t you. Have some respect mate.

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
  • Probably China

    ShadowDugifyShadowDugify18 days ago
    • @RJ Boxing You do realise both the UK and the US acknowledge Taiwan is part of China officially, but obviously to counter China's rise in recent years its been saying otherwise? Taiwan is a Chinese territory/region, I mean it is not even in the UN lmao 😂

      Shark BShark B18 days ago
    • @ Shark B - I’m not brainwashed at all actually you’re assuming I am based on what? I’m just letting you know you don’t k ow geography you seem to think Taiwan is a province in China 🤣🤣

      RJ BoxingRJ Boxing18 days ago
    • @ShadowDugify There has been feud since the Commies defeated the nationalists in mainland China and rhe loser ran away to Taiwan with all of China's gold

      Shark BShark B18 days ago
    • @Shark B only in recent years, this has been a long ongoing feud between the two. The west chose to recognise PRC over ROC to their detriment

      ShadowDugifyShadowDugify18 days ago
    • @ShadowDugify You are right mate, but can you seriously look at Taiwan province and make the claim that it seriously represents China? Taiwan has been propped up by Anglo Saxon powers, mainly the US, as a way to counter China's rise

      Shark BShark B18 days ago
  • There was a hst crash in my home country not long ago then the one in Cairo now this 😢

    gouldarr liagouldarr lia18 days ago
  • Asdf fans know who's responsible...

    Làtom -SenseiLàtom -Sensei18 days ago
    • @Charlotte Xue i admittedly smirked a little bit myself, but thanks for being the adult here lol

      RorynatorRorynator18 days ago
    • @Rorynator hm yeah I should delete it I’m sorry

      Charlotte XueCharlotte Xue18 days ago
    • @Charlotte Xue 36 people died charlotte

      RorynatorRorynator18 days ago
    • No I like turtles

      namednamed18 days ago