The Front Page: AstraZeneca vaccine branded 'safe'; plus Sadiq Khan leads in mayoral election polls

Apr 7, 2021
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Scientists and ministers say the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is “safe” and are appealing to the public to take it when offered.
It comes ahead of an expected statement from the official medicines regulator over a possible link between the jab and a rare form of blood clots in a small number of adults.
Trials on children in the UK have been paused while parts of Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and France have restricted the roll-out to younger people pending further announcements.
Experts say the risks of not having an AstraZeneca jab far outweighed any risk of having one.
Meanwhile, The UK’s first dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine has been given in Wales to a young woman who cares for her grandmother.
24-year-old Elle Taylor who works at a further education college in Llanelli, received the Moderna jab from staff nurse Laura French at West Wales General Hospital’s outpatients department on Wednesday morning.
Speaking after receiving the vaccine, the 24-year-old said she is very excited and very happy and the jab allows her to care for her grandmother properly and safely.
Hundreds of Deliveroo riders went on strike over working conditions as small investors were able to start trading in the app’s shares for the first time.
An estimated 400 riders were due to attend socially distanced protests organised by the Independent Workers of Great Britain union in London, York, Reading, Sheffield and Wolverhampton.
They are demanding rights to holiday and sick pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and an end to unpaid waiting times.
An exclusive new poll shows Sadiq Khan is coasting towards a clear victory in the battle for Mayor of London against Shaun Bailey.
The YouGov research for the Mile End Institute reveals the sitting Labour mayor is ahead of his Conservative rival by 47 per cent to 26 per cent with a month to go.
Unless he picks up support, Mr Bailey looks set to go down to the worst defeat of any Conservative candidate since the mayoralty was established more than two decades ago.
And finally,
TV presenter Dec Donnelly and his family were reportedly targeted by professional burglars who attempted to break into their £5 million house in west London.
The gang tried to enter the property while Donnelly, his wife Ali and two-year-old daughter Isla were sleeping in the early hours of yesterday.
But they failed to force open iron gates at the front of the seven-bedroom home.
The criminals sped away in a car moments before police arrived at 1am on Tuesday following a 999 call.
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  • Khan out now.

    S HS H5 days ago
  • Oh joy of joys... it's Faeces Sadiq!!

    Paul ClothierPaul Clothier8 days ago
  • Lollll as safe as a paper bag full of sharks ffs

    Jen BeageJen Beage11 days ago

    Michael learMichael lear11 days ago
  • You know - all you anti - vaxxers : DON’T get vaccinated, I hope you then get infected with Covid ( esp. the rampant “ British”. Variant now ! ) , end up in hospital , and get very, very ill ... YOUR CHOICE ( also , NO NHS vaccination card “ passport “ for you ! 😀)

    CKZ FCKZ F12 days ago
  • £

    CKZ FCKZ F12 days ago
  • Fo

    Richie RichRichie Rich12 days ago
  • Benefits outweigh the risks.Tell that to those families who have lost loved ones.

    Decimus Septimus TutelusDecimus Septimus Tutelus12 days ago
    • Ha, exactly 👍

  • Try telling it to the people who have died of blood clots.... Russian roulette more like...

    Francelee ParisFrancelee Paris12 days ago
  • Having mine on saturday, pooing myself

    pl conpl con12 days ago
    • @tasiawful1 good luck I’m having my first dose but hearing these horror stories is making me feel unwoke , have you had yours done?

      pl conpl con12 days ago
    • Good luck my husband is also going for his 2nd one I’m so worried for him I’m not having any of these vaccines but my doctor just won’t stop hassling me

      tasiawful1tasiawful112 days ago
  • Of course they are going to say it's safe, I remember when females were saying that the pip breast implants were bursting and a lot of them were saying they wanted them out. The government were saying it's safe so I dont think I'll take them at their word when they say that the vaccine is safe

    Blue DwarfBlue Dwarf12 days ago
  • Does anyone believe anything this lying government says? When they said just 2 weeks on lockdown to flatten the curve, and just look what they did with that. The tyrriny continues, now blackmailing people in to taking the so called vaccine to go to pubs, restraints and events, wake up people unless we say no to this, our new normal will be locked in our homes, and tracked and traced everywhere we go, and every little thing we do. It's time to say no to all of this. No protests, they don't do anything, our only option is to go back to doing what we used to do, with out asking the people of this corrupt governments consent. We do not need it, we employ them to do a job, and serve us. Not for us to serve them!

    Rosemary GriffinRosemary Griffin12 days ago
  • The blood clot drop dead vaccine ! 😆😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😊😋😎🙄😏☹️ get your vaccine cull now !

    Anthony WoodroffeAnthony Woodroffe12 days ago
  • Yes and no long term safety data or liability for issues that may come up will exist. It is at your own risk for a virus that nearly 98% survive from just over 6% of the U.K infected. Also it doesn't stop transmission between people vaxxed or not. So F the VAX Passports too. You just now they will name them something else but it will amount to the same thing. Soft boiling totalitarian tactics.

    DarthRanger55DarthRanger5512 days ago
  • Doctors once sold cigarettes as healthy & nothing has changed 🙄

    GarryGarry12 days ago
  • 😂🤣😂🤣🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

    G HaG Ha12 days ago
  • Trials on children sweet jesus

    jonny 5jonny 512 days ago
  • Don’t forget to be scared today, everybody!

    nick jimmynick jimmy12 days ago
  • No thanks

    J CJ C12 days ago
  • Imagine, if you will, a vaccine so safe........ oh wait.

    andylaaukandylaauk12 days ago
  • No to forced or coerced vaccines/tests/passports.

    BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred12 days ago
    • Why not testing?

      Archimedes BirdArchimedes Bird12 days ago
  • They prefer us to have these experimental jabs voluntarily because it is easier for them. Then they will come for the rest.

    Birds AloudBirds Aloud12 days ago
  • Former Special Constable Dr Jade Norris: ‘ one backbench conservative MP told me last week that he has recently come to believe that government’s ‘no return to lockdown’ promise is built upon mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.’

    Birds AloudBirds Aloud12 days ago
  • Without testing for long-term side-effects over a number of years, no one can classify a vaccine as "safe".

    ChrisChris12 days ago
    • Finally someone with sense.

      DarthRanger55DarthRanger5512 days ago
  • "Our thalidomide is safe!" "Our vaccine is safe!"

    David DavidsonDavid Davidson12 days ago
    • We all know how that one turned out...

      james hjames h12 days ago
  • Why did they not give us the adverse and death stats until today??? Yesterday it was 7 deaths and 30 cases... over night its 19 deaths and 79 cases .... Deceipt and lies.... Who trusts them now?

    Red JulmarRed Julmar12 days ago
    • Trust has gone.

      Birds AloudBirds Aloud12 days ago
  • your gov parrots no more . Do an article on the yellow card reporting system . You know the one where 1000's of adverse reactions up to and including death are recorded .

    nickspydivernickspydiver12 days ago
  • BAD luck if you're a Brit suffering vaccine damage from the AZ shot. You CAN'T SUE!! Boris GAVE AWAY your right to do that! A Get-out-of-Jail Free card to AstraZeneca. That's right, the vaccine maker is NOT LIABLE! Now, the EU, being sensible and prudent, made AZ responsible for any blunders - AND, the EU got the vaccine 700% CHEAPER than the UK. Remember this when you next hear about the EU's 'vaccine fiasco'.... that an EU citizen can get vaccine injury compensation and you CANNOT! Your health, sold by Johnson for political gain...

    Alastair BarkleyAlastair Barkley12 days ago
  • I don’t want a blood clot. Look up Dr Mike Yeadon he has worked out the mechanism for the blood clots. Will we be able to fly again with these bio active spikes?

    Margaret ChantMargaret Chant12 days ago
  • If you're old and we have to pay you your pension take the AZ vaccine, if your young don't take it! Take the one that pfizer made that doesn't even work instead because we need you to pay taxes!

    Emma CarterEmma Carter12 days ago
  • If Khann gets in it will be the end for London. Do not vote for him

    MichaelMichael12 days ago
  • Never trust power....................

    aindriu bradley marshallaindriu bradley marshall12 days ago
  • If these vaccines were some or other product (for 'health' or cosmetic use, for example) being marketed by a company they'd have had the book thrown at them and a major scandal would have arisen.

    misc. endeavoursmisc. endeavours12 days ago
    • Yeah cookies get withdrawn from morrisons if deemed a risk0

      Red JulmarRed Julmar12 days ago
  • Sadiq Khan is leading 🤣😂🤣😂yeah right🤣😂

    K KK K12 days ago
  • The adverse reactions which have shown up thus far are immediate proof of just how dangerous these poisoned concoctions (and their promoters) are. What awaits to be discovered in the fulness of time?!

    misc. endeavoursmisc. endeavours12 days ago
    • @misc. endeavours you need to be more efficient in your use of language to convey your point. I have no problem reading a 15,000 word dissertation by you if every word and sentence served to support your underlying thesis. However, you have provided no proof for your theories which contradict the overwhelming evidence produced by the scientifically trained and experienced professional community.

      Something ElseSomething Else11 days ago
    • @Something Else Like I said, no point going over old ground ad infinitum. I've been clear and as brief as possible (the subject matter deserves more than one-liners and if you insist on asking a person to explain then you should be prepared to let them do so on their terms. Otherwise what are you - an impatient bully or semi-literate? Yes, most people are sadly conditioned to follow standard official-think (whether they understand it or not) and are proving foolish enough to opt for the vaccine in spite of expert advice to the contrary and what should be their own common sense. They're a lost cause now and I choose to not waste time with them.

      misc. endeavoursmisc. endeavours12 days ago
    • @misc. endeavours erm tis one big wall of text, care to be clearer and more succinct? There is only so much patience one has had for the ill educated spouting twaddle about subjects they know little because of their very rudimentary research skills. You do know that most people are going to trust the majority of subject matter experts with years of training and experience than the ill informed on the internet. Hence why vaccine take up has been good.

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
    • @Something Else The claims being:- inflated figures . . 'cases'/'with or from' criteria . . . massive chance of surviving the disease . . . concerns about the vaccine (many and several, reaching far back) . . . manipulation of VAERS data . . . all this and more has been thrashed out for fifteen long and tedious months, ongoing, with plenty of material supporting theory and argument on all sides - scholarly articles, statements from accredited scientists, doctors, virologists, etc. and I'm sure you're as aware of them as anyone. At this stage there's little to be gained from repeatedly itemising these - comments become nothing more than ping-pong, links will probably be deleted anyway, and longhand descriptions of relevant papers, statistics, and so on and so on create airless, never-ending threads. Suffice to say, from what I've encountered together with longstanding ideas I'm satisfied that the whole thing is part of an agenda, a contrivance, and I'm no longer tempted to engage in 'back to square one' debate, going over old ground yet again. How far back would be appropriate? First reports from China? That reports on adverse reactions to the vaccine, including blood clots, have emerged is not odd at all. This area of concern and study has only arisen because of the vaccine but the creation and application of the vaccine does not prove the [alleged] disease is real or what it's said to be. If I tell you houses are falling apart and that I have a treatment to protect your home from this eventuality that does not mean my initial claim is truthful, nor does it mean the treatment is effective or safe; if after application of this treatment your house begins to develop other problems would you not be suspicious of me, my claims and the treatment? All the same, you might find that the contract you signed in accepting the treatment covers me against all liability but leaves you unable to follow any right to recourse. Further suspicions, much? Add to that the weight of government coercive tactics to accept the treatment and you have an agenda that's pretty much bound to succeed (achieve competent execution). I'm not sure what you mean in saying the truth about the virus has not come out . . . there are numerous theories abroad about what 'it' is and is to do with, all of them disputed, ofc, by official narrative. I'd also ask you to be more specific in your question re. Swedish and Brazilian governments, etc.

      misc. endeavoursmisc. endeavours12 days ago
    • @misc. endeavours I had a wee hunch regarding your viewpoint... Have you any proof for your claims from peer reviewed research papers? Also it seems odd that the truth came out about vaccines but not the virus? That surely means it’s a really incompetently executed conspiracy then? How comes the Swedish and Brazilian governments haven’t been brought on board?

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
  • It is not Safe

    The Tin Foil Hat ChannelThe Tin Foil Hat Channel12 days ago
  • Deceit, blackmail and coercion. Protect your children and families from this poison

    dan davisdan davis12 days ago
    • @Something Else don’t be silly, I suppose the government have all out best interests at heart and they’ve never lied to or deceived the people? protect your children and families from this poison and deceit, blackmail and coercion. Isn’t it obvious? Btw your a fraud too matey it’s easy to see 🤮🍄

      dan davisdan davis11 days ago
    • @dan davis so you have no peer reviewed research to back up your claims? Look I’m sure you’re finding life hard, whether that’s because of pandemic or other factors, and you’re trying to find reasons and patterns in the world to explain its complexity. I’m sure you think you’re on to something and believe ‘if only the world could see things the way you do’ it would be a better place. However, how much of what you believe is based on proper evidence, that can be checked and verified? Why don’t you trust thousands of scientists and clinicians who have dedicated their lives to education and research? Do you have any science qualifications? Would you ask a plumber to to check you pipes or an accountant who believes the leaking sink is because someone is out to get you?

      Something ElseSomething Else11 days ago
    • @Something Else what do you think? I’m not here to argue like children, it is what is is and if you can’t see it then it’s a shame

      dan davisdan davis12 days ago
    • @dan davis what you saying is not true. Do you have any peer reviewed research in scientific/medical journals to support your claims? Do you think COVID doesn’t exist?

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
    • @Something Else I don’t believe this bs agenda that’s being forced on people, it’s obvious. SCIENCE is based on a fair test and none of this is, this is deceit trying to use science to fool people, look at what is really going on

      dan davisdan davis12 days ago
  • Astra Zeneca is safe as it outweighs the risks! Yeah right, tell that to the families of loved ones that have died. Stick it up your a..e WHO

    Grey LineGrey Line12 days ago
  • "Sadiq Khan is coasting towards a clear victory". Dear lord, I dread to think how terrible the opposition must be.

    Chris FChris F12 days ago
    • Why do you think they let all the savages in. To vote...

      farley boofarley boo12 days ago
    • Yep, the Right winger, Brexiteer, hater types realised they were on a hiding to nothing and ran away leaving only a bunch of Monster ravin' Loony types to oppose Khan. I'm delighted Khan is heading for a landslide - as all the rest of the decent, older, Christian white folks I know. Gonna crack some real Bubbly on the night.

      Alastair BarkleyAlastair Barkley12 days ago
    • There pretty much isnt any opposition, its ridiculous. Its nothing but jokers running for mayor.

      eraldorheraldorh12 days ago
  • The only way Khan will win that election is if they're using dominion voting machines !! The mans a corrupt rat !!!!

    Tony PriceTony Price12 days ago
  • Seems a bit suss they dont want younger people and children to take it but are ramping up trying to coerce older people to have it..... Almost like they have an agenda 🤔🤔

    Tony PriceTony Price12 days ago
    • Exactly

      tasiawful1tasiawful112 days ago
    • Depopulation

      DarthRanger55DarthRanger5512 days ago
  • The vaccine should simply be banned for now until they resolve the issue. It doesn’t make sense to band it only certain age group as that means the older ones are likely to have that going forward! To me, that’s ridiculous!

    Paddy OltenPaddy Olten12 days ago
  • Astra zeneca vaccine branded safe by astra zeneca. Now stop asking questions.

    Happyapple42Happyapple4212 days ago
    • But we still demanded blanket immunity from prosecution in case of side effects and death, but honest guv it's safe 🤔🤔🤔

      Tony PriceTony Price12 days ago
  • Doctors in england scotland refusing to report side affects of jab why who told them not to are they getting paid

    E ClarkeE Clarke12 days ago
    • Too busy rehearsal for next ticcy toccy show

      Red beardRed beard12 days ago
  • Over 2 thousand died in scotland a month after getting the jab yet the jab will not be blamed

    E ClarkeE Clarke12 days ago
  • Khan is losing only nonsense lefty loonies think otherwise

    GWLADGWLAD12 days ago
  • Lab rats

    BalthazaarBalthazaar13 days ago
  • 19 people have died from blood clot complications after taking the vacvine, but, never mind that, just do as you're told.

    Daemon ZodiacDaemon Zodiac13 days ago
    • It's a lot more than that. And a lot more than just blood clots complications...

      Mary BerryMary Berry12 days ago
    • It was 30 last i read & the blood clots are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adverse reactions.

      BetterdeadthanredBetterdeadthanred12 days ago
    • 19 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that never had to fear Covid19-84.

      Birds AloudBirds Aloud12 days ago
    • Never mind the fact that we have a 99.7% natural survivability if we get Covid 19, yet you still want to use vaccines that offer less protection than your own immune system, Just do as you're told!

      Emma CarterEmma Carter12 days ago
  • London hates sadiq so much he's banned from going outside . In 2 -3 years the vaccinne will cause mass die offs of humans . Very sad ....

    Tex RexTex Rex13 days ago
  • Never forget, every vaccine ever produced nets millions of dollars in profit annually for Big Pharma. This ain't about health

    JJ13 days ago
  • The Oxford Astra Zeneca Vaccine is safe .. just as long as you’re a native of Mars and don’t have any blood coursing thru your Veins ..

    vapete 123vapete 12313 days ago
  • Shove them all up ya rse

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches13 days ago
  • AStraZeneca is a poison.

    Kris PalKris Pal13 days ago
  • Are you feeling lucky....

    rob Marshallrob Marshall13 days ago
  • I didn't realise its been through the 10 year testing phase required by other vaccines. If they've cracked time travel it should've been bigger news.

    jezz2kjezz2k13 days ago
    • @jezz2k flue rates would have fallen because the measures that stop the transmission of COVID also work with other respiratory illnesses, that’s just common sense. Deaths within 28 days excludes and deaths that were linked to COVID but the person didn’t get a test or those that occurred after 28 days because they were weakened by the disease. The evidence for the link between deaths and the virus is backed up by the excess death count as well. However, you go on to talk about mortality statistics that, however, do seem to support the notion that you believe that the virus can kill people. As for the claim the virus only kills the over 80s it is true that group is disproportionately affected. However, the under 80s do die from the virus as well. For example there have been 4,717 Covid-19 deaths of people aged between 0 and 59 in the England up to 21 January in hospitals. That excludes people dying in their home and Wales, NI and Scotland. If they had access to the vaccine between 70-95% may have survived and based on the current data there so the odds are none of them would have succumbed to blood clots.

      Something ElseSomething Else11 days ago
    • @Something Else @Something Else A vaccine for something that mostly kills those over the age of 82 and is 99% survivable? Even the BBC, when they choose to be honest, state on their news programmes "deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test". So if you got shot, or eaten or even killed yourself, and you tested positive within 28 days beforehand and even if you recovered from it, you'd be counted as a covid death. Chris Whitty himself acknowledged that the virus is no more deadly than season flu. Quote: "A significant proportion of people will not get this virus at all, in any point in the epidemic which is going to go on for a long period of time. Of those who do, some will get the virus without even knowing it. They will have the virus with no symptoms at all - asymptomatic carriage. We know that happens. Of those who do get symptoms, the great majority, probably 80% will have a mild or moderate disease. Might be bad enough for them to have to go to bed for a few days, not bad enough for them to have to go to the Doctor. An unfortunate minority will have to go as far as hospital and then a minority of those will end up having to to severe and critical care and some of those sadly will die. But that's a minority. Its 1% or or possibly less than 1% overall. Even in the highest risk groups this is significantly less than 20% i.e the great majority of people, even the highest groups, if they catch this virus, will not die". Edward Leigh MP in Parliament on the 6th of January said "with every successive lockdown, they are less and less effective, because whilst every death is tragic, young people will have noticed reports that out of a population of tens of millions, only 400 have have actually died who are healthy between 16 and 60." It is important to to remember that the average daily death rate has been for many years, and continues to be 1,500. This hasn't changed during this "pandemic". Have you noticed that flu deaths have gone through the floor?

      jezz2kjezz2k11 days ago
    • @jezz2k well that’s not true because a vaccine doesn’t magically appear one day one and do you know how many people will die if we wait a decade to send distribute the vaccine?

      Something ElseSomething Else11 days ago
    • @Something Else The ten year testing phase is required to find out if there are any long-term side effects. We can't possibly know what the long-term effects are this early.

      jezz2kjezz2k12 days ago
    • Ten years includes the time to get funding and presuming you don’t have hundreds or thousands of scientists thrown at it to speed things along. Projects have three dimensions, - time, quality/scope and resources. Throw resources at something you can preserve quality but cut down on time.

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
  • "vaccines are safe" Reminds me of that film mars attacks. "we come in peace" then they start killing everyone.

    Riley fozzRiley fozz13 days ago
    • @Happyapple42 so the mortality rate looks like it is between 0.5 - 1% or the general population. I’m afraid the odds of winning the lottery once are not even close to the percentage you claim, try 45,057,474 to 1

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
    • You have more chance of winning the lottery 3 weeks in a row than you have dying from covid. 99.7% survival rate. The deaths are manufactured. Nothing but a number on the bottom of your TV screen.

      Happyapple42Happyapple4212 days ago
    • It’s an odds game, take the vaccine and your chances of dying from COVID are reduced considerably and more Han makes up for any apparent (although unproven) blood clots linked to the vaccine.

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
  • When under 30s are not having it then EVERYONE should reject it. Also why are the under 30s having a vaccine they don't need?

    PengWin76PengWin7613 days ago
    • @Dannysince1985the general population taken as an average has a 0.5 - 1% dying of COVID if they catch it. To reduce the chances of dying of COVID either continue with lockdown (which prevents people catching the virus) or vaccinate against it which gives a 70-95% chance of immunity against it. The chances of developing a blood clot look like near one in a million odds just now (I recognise that figure could be revised up or down as scientists investigate) although no direct evidence has yet been found to prove cause and effect (which is still under investigation). Also why do you believe the scientists who say there is a correlation (not the same a causal link) between clots and the vaccine but not the vast majority of the scientific and medical community who show there is a causal link between COVID and death amongst some of those people who catch it?

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
    • @David Davidson so have you ever gone a year up to this point without catching a cold? Why do you think you would avoid COVID without any mitigation in place, especially with it’s more virulent forms? That means, before vaccination you could expected high mortality rate of between 300,000 - 600,000 (which is starting to get into WWII British deaths category). In comparison how many deaths do you think you would get from the vaccine? It’s a risk reward game, and so far the odds are in favour of the vaccine (unless you want to live in lockdown forever or you are fine with thousands more deaths).

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
    • @Something Else so you have just proven there is very little chance of dieing from it, even though you say you are far far more likely to die from it!!!! So what is it???

      Dannysince1985Dannysince198512 days ago
    • @Something Else Yes, if you catch it. As I stated the number I gave is for you to both catch it and die from it. Pretty sure I put that in bold text but I'll just say it again in case it didn't sink in. Even the mortality rate if you do catch it is still plenty low enough to not require an untested vaccine.

      David DavidsonDavid Davidson12 days ago
    • @David Davidson look at the vastly increased number of cases in Sweden compared to other Scandinavian countries. Also look at a map, Sweden is huge so has a lower population density. Look at few cards there are in the Scottish Highlands. Then look at Brazil and what having no proper lockdown has done... Oh and did Sweden miss the world conspiracy memo?

      Something ElseSomething Else12 days ago
  • Conspiracy theorist nutters keep telling them story lines like they have a crystal ball. Makes me wonder.

    K WoodK Wood13 days ago
  • Yet its banned for under 30s in UK now, banned for over 60s in parts of Europe whilst banned for under 60s in other parts😂🤣in over a year I know of 4 people who've tested positive for BS19 yet in 3 months I know hundreds who've been vaccinated against this "invisible" killer😂🤣😂🤣😂wake up

    real cookingreal cooking13 days ago
  • Gfy.

    Mooky Mook of FartvilleMooky Mook of Fartville13 days ago
  • It's almost like they rushed these experimental vaccines out without knowing their long-term side-effects and potential health risks isn't it.. Jesus Christ 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣.. how the fk are this government getting away with all this?! I hope you all know that there is no comeback for the vaccine manufacturers.. they are exempt from civil liability!

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels13 days ago
  • Stop harrasing and begging

    Susan KeelanSusan Keelan13 days ago
  • Yes the AV vaccine is so safe, the gov has announced that alternative vaccines will be offered if people do not want the AV one. I smell poo poo !

    Donny DeerDonny Deer13 days ago