UK records 22 further Covid deaths

Apr 29, 2021
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There have been 22 coronavirus-related deaths and 2,445 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to official government figures.
More than 14 million people are now fully vaccinated, having received their second Covid vaccine.
It comes as Matt Hancock received his vaccination at the Science Museum on Thursday, administered by England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam.
Government data up to April 28 shows that of the 48,138,009 jabs given in the UK so far, 34,094,048 were first doses - a rise of 134,140 on the previous day.
Some 14,043,961 were second doses, an increase of 462,885.
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  • You disgusting fear mongers! You should be ashamed of yourselves. It's plainly obvious the media has been weaponized against us.

    danrdgreendanrdgreen4 hours ago
  • Freedom rally 15 may downing Street 🙏

    Bob DavieBob Davie7 hours ago
  • Within 28 days of a faulty test...... Scamdemic

    N SN S7 hours ago
  • Go on the yellow card adverse effects site it will blow you're mind Wake up everybody 🙏 Crime's against humanity

    Bob DavieBob Davie7 hours ago
  • AND??????????

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherI Wouldn't Like Me Either7 hours ago
  • You could be eaten by a lion, provided your remains tested positive for covid that'd still be marked down as the cause of death

    Rupert MackenzieRupert Mackenzie8 hours ago
  • Oh really how interesting

    Roonil WazlibRoonil Wazlib8 hours ago
  • I don't believe you.

    Jan MargaretJan Margaret14 hours ago
  • VAER: "Covid -19 vaccines have more reported deaths than all other vaccines combined over the databases 30 year history"!

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels15 hours ago
  • Beep beep beep beep yeah

    Did WestDid West15 hours ago
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    RR17 hours ago
  • More people a year die from smoking and 3 million people have died in the world and there are 7 billion people that’s not even a dent

    Patrick stars Best matePatrick stars Best mate17 hours ago
  • At this point who still believes this is about a virus??

    Jimmy HarrisonJimmy Harrison17 hours ago

    Alex BAlex B17 hours ago
  • 6ft 6ft 6ft

    underyourskinunderyourskin19 hours ago
  • Missinformation !!!!!! Someone has to be sick before its a case of covid 19. Sarscov2 is the virus, covid 19 is supposed to be the disease caused by Sarscov2 so if you are not sick then you are not a case of covid 19 you merely supposedly tested positive for the virus Sarscov2 so its a positive test for the virus not the disease so if you don't have the disease then you can not spread it. I'm sick of this lie and how its perpetuated.

    james millerjames miller19 hours ago
  • Can you stop encouraging them?

    Kay AdeKay Ade19 hours ago
  • Died with, not of !

    james millerjames miller19 hours ago
  • Yer they won’t tell us the usual flu death rate v the current death rate Cos people are that stupid they don’t realise what the circle of life is.

    mhoward181mhoward18119 hours ago
  • But remember the other 67 million still have to suffer because 22 died

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguard19 hours ago
  • I don't understand... Isn't 22 death good? Of course no death is good, but I remember when we had over 2k death with covid... I hope they are not setting a target of 0 deaths..? Because I personally think that's impossible. Covid will become like our flu every season, so every year (just like the flu) we're going to have covid death too. It's part of life. You can't get rid of death all together. Have you completely lost your marbles! ?

    Salim Al-JabrySalim Al-Jabry20 hours ago
  • more lies and scaremongering , these mfs have no intention of giving us back our freedom.

    skylander dad and skylander boy show skylandersskylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders20 hours ago
  • rip to those 22 people but.......... loooooooooooooool. record suicides, cancer deaths, unemployment and I could go on and on

    Awake not wokeAwake not woke20 hours ago
  • Putting this in perspective 1,597 people die on average every day in the UK from all causes in a country of 67 million people. Last year in England under the age of 65 only around 3000 people died with covid in England out of 55 million people. The fear mongering is beyond ridiculous.

    Ahmed TAhmed T20 hours ago
  • '22 coronavirus related deaths' What does that mean exactly?

    Jack FortyFourJack FortyFour20 hours ago
  • When covid patients are treated with Ivermectin, covid deaths will fall dramatically. Why is the health service refusing this cure? Why is the government not even trying it. Top British virologists have recomended Ivermectin use to the W.H.O. I feel they are deliberately refusing its use, but cannot think why. I am sure we will find out though, then politicians will need heavens help.

    Victor BurgerVictor Burger20 hours ago
  • Next lockdown will be sometime during or before flu season then another lockdown 😂😂😂

    Lugo KLugo K20 hours ago
    • but you need to have a lockdown to stop another lockdown, so that there isnt' another lockdown after that.

      lolly lollylolly lolly11 hours ago
  • So many delusional, disturbed people commenting here that it's all a hoax etc. The arrogance and the cruelty with it is ugly.

    Full EnglishFull English20 hours ago
    • only arrogant people call others delusional and disturbed for having an opposing opinion to the said arrogant person - which it looks like you are , just saying !

      ben ferriggiben ferriggi4 hours ago
    • You better wake up soon their coming for the kids in September ,!

      G WG W19 hours ago
  • Remember that it is May...their favourite month for rituals In fact I'll bet that something big will happen on 22nd May

    FishMancFishManc20 hours ago
  • 335 views in 5 days? And they said MSM was dead 😂 How are they even managing to pay staff to push this agenda at this point!?

    Fusion BunkerFusion Bunker20 hours ago
    • Haha they must have read this and pushed this video to the top of the search pile.

      Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror14 hours ago
    • These outlets as many more are bankrolled by the rothschilds and this proves they are not profit reliant so purely a propaganda tool.

      james millerjames miller19 hours ago
    • The £320 million Gov advertising campaign ! We are paying the bill for the lies and deceit !

      G WG W19 hours ago
  • Millions die from alcohol Mcdonald Pepsi Junk food Cigarettes daily how about that ?

    Moodi ShoodiMoodi Shoodi20 hours ago
  • Ready

    Freddie PirasFreddie Piras20 hours ago
  • Well at least no one has died with a flu in the last year or so....

    Mr MMr M20 hours ago
    • @Jordan Blake why ruin a good story with the facts.

      Dr LogicDr LogicHour ago
    • @Jordan Blake I know this and they do too but that wouldn't make them pull that silly face with wide eyes open mouth and staring at eachother like they have just figured everything out from their mommy's basement so they choose to ignore the facts.

      Dr LogicDr LogicHour ago
    • @Dr Logic They could easily just check the ONS official site for specific data, in January it was about 4.5k+ deaths from flu in the 2020/2021 season.

      Jordan BlakeJordan Blake6 hours ago
    • @Soyman the Sorceror you don't need to send me your "sources" compiled of fb posts and basement dwelling USworldsr uploads🤣😂 or perhaps some clippings from your newspapers🤣🤣😂

      Dr LogicDr Logic13 hours ago
    • @Soyman the Sorceror I have just stated where to look. NHS flu cases in Google gives you all the cases in plain English. Also if you type in flu cases thai health service it will show you about the cases in my country too. Google will translate it for you

      Dr LogicDr Logic13 hours ago
  • Cringe comments. When lockdown 3 comes we know who to blame.

    boggoboggo20 hours ago
    • Yeah blame the people who accept and follow the lockdowns

      SolaireSolaire7 hours ago
  • What is the age group of the people that died, don't they think that should be put down after all the over 80s were the ones that where dieing before and they have all had the jab haven't they according to the government

    tim colestim coles20 hours ago
    • Watch UK Column news

      Frank ButcherFrank Butcher20 hours ago
  • 34 million EXPERIMENTAL vaccines.......what could go wrong?

    James LJames L20 hours ago
    • India and next us, when the vaccinated come into contact with their next coronavirus this autumn, and the sheep, they will be slaughtered

      Frank ButcherFrank Butcher20 hours ago
  • I suspect there's been more deaths from untreated cancers suicides or from the poison jab

    Penelope WeblingPenelope Webling20 hours ago
    • I know of two people who have died in their homes, alone because of the pandemic... And they didn't die of the flu.

      Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror14 hours ago
    • @Penelope Webling They’re also sacrificing the lives of the young and healthy, or the young and ill with potential for redemption in an attempt to save the 80 plus generation or the over 50’s with obesity and other massive pre existing health conditions.

      ZZ19 hours ago
    • @Z Instead of saving lives they're adding to the deaths

      Penelope WeblingPenelope Webling20 hours ago
    • Watch UK Column news everyone

      Frank ButcherFrank Butcher20 hours ago
    • 22,000 died as a result of lockdown during the first lockdown alone- as per Sheffield University.

      ZZ20 hours ago
  • Houx

    Enara ElosuaEnara Elosua20 hours ago
  • Games over properganda media scum

    bc capone83bc capone8320 hours ago
  • Let's talk about the number of chickens killed crossing the road. It's more important and interesting.

    Triumph RiderTriumph Rider20 hours ago
    • No, what's more important is WHY were the chickens crossing the road in the first place!?

      Twey TweyunTwey Tweyun17 hours ago
    • @Full English You're the only one who looks like the psychopath from here.

      Fusion BunkerFusion Bunker20 hours ago
    • @Full English Ok Mr Psychologist

      Frank ButcherFrank Butcher20 hours ago
    • Because you psychopaths don't care about human beings. Shameful.

      Full EnglishFull English20 hours ago
  • Shock horror people die. If that is really news to you then I suggest you get a life!

    RonniePetersonRonniePeterson20 hours ago
    • @Full English The only person embarrassing themselves is you. Take a look at all the information rather than eating grass in a field. The death rate has been down for an eternity!

      RonniePetersonRonniePeterson17 hours ago
    • @Full English mhm. People don’t realise the sheer scope of what’s going on because they only hear numbers and after a while you become desensitised to this (I have) which takes the edge off it. If those who doubt really compared the stats of the UK to the rest of the world they’d be praising the vaccination effort because the numbers speak for themselves. I’m a bit paranoid of posting URLs even though I have no ill intentions so I’ll just say this, if anyone wants to see all the numbers just search “Roylab stats” and watch the pandemic stream, he has been streaming that since day one almost and all the official sources are included either in the video description or on the stream itself but there’s so much information it takes a while to cycle through to it. Just look at the UK’s severe and critical numbers and compare it to the other countries, it speaks for itself - the UK is the only one out of that group that is in the hundreds whereas the others are still in the thousands.

      ᚇ18 hours ago
    • The news is that the death rate from covid19 is going down sharpish. That you don't see the relevance of that is an endictment of your arrogance that keeps you dim as dust. Plus get yourself some self awareness, you're just embarrassing yourself.

      Full EnglishFull English20 hours ago
  • Oh, 22 more people died of any cause within 28 days of testing positive for a coronavirus?

    Wolfie StreetWolfie Street20 hours ago
  • No mention of the other 1,478 deaths on average that happen every day. They never get a mention because it doesn't fit the narrative. Heart decease, cancer and dementia - Seems unimportant eh.

    welditmickwelditmick20 hours ago
  • How many people have died in road accidents? Yet cars still use the road every day.

    Ken FullmanKen Fullman20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Here we go planned But are the intelligent folk of the uk going to take the next "lockdown" ? Ie. House arrest? Fight , with everything possible for your lives! Watch uk column news.

    Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Only 1 died WITH covid yesterday. Enough of the fear tactics now please.

    JJ20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago

    nick glenisternick glenister20 hours ago
    • @nick glenister fantastic!

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
    • @Paul Hoye I do .

      nick glenisternick glenister20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Fake news

    PickleThePigPickleThePig21 hour ago
    • @evies little Kingdom. It needs said.

      Garry YoungGarry Young20 hours ago
    • @Wolfie Street its necessary, so many still believe the evil globalists..and I have no way of telling who has heard of it..

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
    • @evies little Kingdom. gotta spread that message. It might save you.

      Wolfie StreetWolfie Street20 hours ago
    • @Paul Hoye you've said this on every post

      evies little Kingdom.evies little Kingdom.20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Here we go again.....return of the Bat. ! What's with all this nonesense...? cases's ridiculous !

    John AldredJohn Aldred21 hour ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Jheeeaze lockdown 3 coming to a cinema near you.

    Tony MontanaTony Montana21 hour ago
    • @Frank Butcher the irony of you calling someone who actually uses critical thinking skills a sheep is hilarious to me; you’re so far gone from reality you have no idea. I used to be like you years ago when I was younger and stupid too though so I get it, I know how it works and how you think. If you’re a conspiracy theorist (and I’m 100% certain that you are because no one who unironically calls people sheep isn’t one) - you are the actual sheep. You are the one who blindly and immediately accepts/believes everything a well known conspiracy theorist says without question. Whoever it is you listen to has you wrapped around their finger and they tell you everyone else is wrong and that they’re always right (no one is always right - especially not conspiracy theorists) as that shuts off your critical thinking skills because otherwise the facade falls apart and when it does it falls apart real quick because there’s no logic behind any of what they say.

      ᚇ18 hours ago
    • @Full English you're the minority now....

      Kojo MackKojo Mack19 hours ago
    • @FishManc well said mate!

      Kojo MackKojo Mack19 hours ago
    • @Full English man eats kentucky fried bat and the world goes into lockdown 🤔 yep we're delusional you sheep 🐑 baaaaaaa baaaaaaa

      Random-TVRandom-TV20 hours ago
    • @FishManc Well said

      Fusion BunkerFusion Bunker20 hours ago
  • Personally, I have died 47 times from / with Covid.

    Mr BMr B21 hour ago
    • @Full English utter wetwipe

      Wayne DavidWayne David7 hours ago
    • @Full English Richard the third died....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A LOSER! HE'S DEAD HAHAHAHA

      Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror14 hours ago
    • @Kojo Mack and let's end with making fun of people that use the word sheeple. If you really want that combo so bad mate just come to Wales, I'll give you a sheep for free!

      Alex BAlex B17 hours ago
    • @Full English Using the term psychopathic so freely is emotionallyUnstable and dumb. Shut yo mouth!

      Alex BAlex B17 hours ago
    • @Full English Watch you don't choke on your soy latte.

      Mr BMr B19 hours ago
  • Boris has beaten covid

    Red dogRed dog2 days ago
    • Sacarism right ?

      G WG W19 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Cases not deaths!

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith6 days ago
    • @Fusion Bunker I wouldn't be surprised

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
    • At this point it's likely Matt Hancock murdering OAPs by hand.

      Fusion BunkerFusion Bunker20 hours ago
    • Not specifically deaths from covid, only covid related. Hope that clears things up.

      Please permit me to speak oh great onePlease permit me to speak oh great one20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news..

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
    • 22 deaths. Get your gene therapy...I mean vaccine, NOW!

      Captain my CaptainCaptain my Captain20 hours ago
  • "Cases, cases" based on PCR tests whose own designer said were never intended to diagnose anything.

    slackdeeslackdee6 days ago
    • Watch uk column news..these vile creatures will never give up

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
  • Cases cases cases cases cases....all other illnesses don't exist anymore...

    The TThe T6 days ago
  • 22 cases !!! Their are satanist in power !!

    • I believe the same ..

      Malamin CeesayMalamin Ceesay19 hours ago
    • Its illegal to use a legal name. . . . . . google legal name fraud.

      your nans baldyour nans bald20 hours ago
    • Watch uk column news

      Paul HoyePaul Hoye20 hours ago
    • 22 deaths....still laughable tho.

      Captain my CaptainCaptain my Captain20 hours ago