Violence breaks out on Northern Ireland streets again despite appeals for calm

Apr 6, 2021
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Police were attacked during another night of violence and disorder in a number of loyalist areas in Northern Ireland on Monday.
Further unrest swept across parts of Carrickfergus and Londonderry, with petrol bombs and other missiles thrown at officers.
Cars, a JCB digger and a phone box were set alight in the Waterside area of Londonderry.
Officers from the PSNI Tactical Support Group (TSG) attended the loyalist Nelson Drive Estate, where a group of youths clashed with police.
The surrounding roads were blocked with fires and barricades.
Elsewhere, petrol bombs were thrown at police officers in Carrickfergus, near Belfast.
A crowd of young people gathered in the North Road area and lit a fire in the middle of the road.
Petrol bombs were sporadically thrown at police, according to witnesses.
Earlier, the PSNI had appealed to community leaders to put a stop to the disorder that has taken place throughout much of the last week.
On Monday afternoon, a group of masked loyalists marched through the streets in towns across the region, including Portadown, Ballymena and Markethill.
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  • Instead of just standing there while these vermin toss petrol bombs, why not send a load of 50cal lead back at them? They'd soon run once a few had been ripped to pieces by a GPMG... It'd be no loss and they certainly would think twice.

    The Black ScorpionThe Black Scorpion11 days ago
  • I watch is disblief............Not the street violence, destruction and vandalism...........but the media reports of Brexit...How does the media, academics and so called experts.......jump from these act of lawlessness and criminal damage to some sort of rationale........I see no leaders prcolaiming the reason for the unrest. I see no banners or solgans. All I see are a load of children in jogging suits, hoddies and masks.......seemingly without any parental guideance putting lies at risk........damaging both public and private property....apparently with ANY regard or understanding. Other than going out the roam in gangs, having what appears to be a bit of a, instead of educating themselves guided by dedicated parents to create something of NI and their communities..So shame on you.........the persons who wish to speak out in the media, and the media for contributing to misleading everone about the nature and intend of those involved.............Report what you see........and not what there is no evidence to support........Has anyone bothered to question to question those involved.............No mention of the law breaking of senior Republican Mp's in the burial of an IRA terrorist..........The Police taking no action other than to condone the actions ....and no apology from the Deputy 1st Minister.......mmmmh?.....Basically the media is make up their own "news"....and giving airtime to anyone who will support their made up stories of Brexit or other similar decisive claims.

    Ron HindRon Hind11 days ago
  • No social distancing hmmmm🤔

    Jimmy IrelandJimmy Ireland11 days ago
  • Come work in England we need you . We don't care about religion any more grab ye shovel get on the ferry come get rich 🖐️

    martin jonesmartin jones11 days ago
  • It’s no coincidence that this violence began after Foster and other DUP reps along with Orange Order reps met with leaders of Loyalist Paramilitary groups to develop a strategy to get rid of the Irish Sea customs border. Their thinking might be right about how shambolic this Protocol is but they have to realize it affects all the citizens of Northern Ireland , it’s not solely a unionist problem so to exclude the concerns of dubious Nationalists/ Republicans etc is counter productive, they should invite all groups to a forum and explain why this is bad for everyone not just unionists. Orchestrating interface violence is not only politically regressive it’s a very dangerous strategy which will alienate a lot of non- unionists who are happy living within the UK , bottom line is we are all Northern Ireland citizens regardless of religion and a common front for the greater good should be paramount and not narrow , entrenched parochial politics, we’ve been there and done that , time to take our society out of gutter , sectarian violence and aspire to greater things.

    Mike O'CeallaighMike O'Ceallaigh12 days ago
  • Lockdowns are responsible for This

    Could have been a hippieCould have been a hippie12 days ago
  • Ha ha Boris sold ye out get used to it

    Frank KelleherFrank Kelleher12 days ago
  • How British of these kids,burn their "british" towns and cost real British taxpayers thousands! Mess

    n hn h12 days ago
  • Leave the rubbish and debris where it lies, let them clear it up. I always hoped that these people might one day be able to act like adults but I was obviously wrong.

    Mart YMart Y12 days ago
  • Riots and violence by scumbags whatever side your on is totally wrong. It's a petty excuse to use Brexit because your cultured thugs are bankrupt of decency. The loyalists are trouble making dole heads. I heard this from a loyalist himself....Now tell me....Am I wrong?

  • I see Boris Johnsons’ foreign policy is going down a storm again. What a complete mess he has now made of Ireland.

    Garden GnomeGarden Gnome12 days ago
  • When they had the London riots in 2011, they should have shipped the PSNI across en masse. Apart from being pitiful riots compared to even your bog-standard Northern Ireland riot, the rioters of London would not have known what hit them. (NB: The PSNI regularly use water cannon and plastic bullets, are an armed police force as well, and have decades of front-line riot experience to draw on.)

    James UptonJames Upton12 days ago
  • This is a direct result of the NI Protocol and Irish Sea Border including the lack of prosecutions by the PSNI and DPP of the Sinn Fein leadership attending the mass funeral of Republican terrorist Bobby Storey in breach of Covid restrictions, culminating in the takeover and lockdown of Roselawn Cemetery, by the Sinn Fein led Belfast City council to accommodate them. The British NI people have had enough of being used as pawns, despite abiding to the Good Friday Agreement, in the face of continued dissident Republican violence, resulting in the murder of Police officers, journalists, Prison officers, the bombing of Londonderry Courthouse, 3 beer keg bombs in Camlough last week and the Republican bomb making hide by a rogue Royal Marine in Carnfunnock Country Park, where families and children are concentrated. All of this since the signing of the GFA which the NI unionists have adhered to. There is always the straw that breaks the Camels back. The British Northern Ireland citizens are sick and tired of being used as pawns ! Enough has become enough !

    Drifty40Drifty4012 days ago
  • I feel like Evening Standard should do a follow up video how we got everything wrong on brexit. Because I remember when this was apparently all just fearmongering.

    We say no to pay to winWe say no to pay to win12 days ago
  • I was told that Northern Ireland was a red hearing by brexiters and the Troubles are already starting and with how many police they were able to injure they are just as devistatingly effective as they used to be.

    We say no to pay to winWe say no to pay to win12 days ago
  • God bless The great united Iralnd

    Mathew BlacksmithMathew Blacksmith12 days ago
  • Gee thanks Tories. Gee thanks Brexiteers. Signed... the future innocent dead of Northern Ireland.

  • Yet all you see on the news is "AstraZeneca vaccine might not be safe". Christ on a bike, if that doesn't show how isolated Northern Ireland is in the union I really don't know what would.

    West Side is da bestWest Side is da best12 days ago
  • Well Done Lads 💪

    NatureTunesNatureTunes12 days ago
  • Welcome back to the 70 s and Blair thought he could stop the violence welcome to reality.

    Eleanor CrawfordEleanor Crawford12 days ago
    • Blair always lived in cloud cuckoo land, he and his wife were only interested in thier bank accounts, period.

      peter williamspeter williams11 days ago
  • Blame sinn fein for their "we'll do what ever we want attitude"

    dd7aadd7aa12 days ago
    • So Sinn Féin made these Loyalists riot?

      cameron burkecameron burke12 days ago
  • Chavs

    EdgeEdge12 days ago
  • This behaviour is bad for Northern Ireland

    James AndersonJames Anderson12 days ago
  • Lets all thank the EU for their slavish obsession with borders

    Tim HullTim Hull12 days ago
  • These people are programmed from birth to hate anybody who simply has a different take on religion or who does, or doesn't want to be an independent country. Hate, hate, hate, and more hate.

    dave jamesdave james12 days ago
  • A new civil war is coming to Ireland

    The-X-SkullThe-X-Skull12 days ago
  • They have said why. There’s a tension in politics building

    Zash OrionZash Orion12 days ago
  • 'Project Fear' they bleated

    morgan coxmorgan cox12 days ago
  • In thee words of John Lennon "blain it all on the kids & the IRA"

    Christian TateChristian Tate12 days ago
  • freedom

    Ministry of the truthMinistry of the truth12 days ago
  • And that is Northern Ireland gone. To be honest apart from a minority groups, people of Northern Ireland these days wouldn't min uniting with Ireland and forming a single country, rather than being a part of United Kingdom, where it is kind of in a limbo. Then the next in line will be Scotland. Prince George unfortunately will only have Wales and England left for him, if that....

    CLhighlightsfulCLhighlightsful12 days ago
  • there not kicking off for nothing though how is it right that all these politicians an higher ups keep breaking all the rules an nothing happens but if 24 irish people infact any 24 everday individuals did the same police would be raiding the funeral making arrests and handing out fines..

    theodore buntheodore bun12 days ago
  • honestly this happens so often, i barely even pay attention to it anymore.

    First NameFirst Name12 days ago
  • Ireland belongs to the Irish & Catholics🤺🕊🤍

    St Louis IXSt Louis IX12 days ago
  • This thing are happening because someone messed up with the HUMAN RIGHT .. . So i;m really happy to see that the people keep fighting for their rights and lives , FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

    Rune HawKRune HawK12 days ago
  • The eu is going to cause terrible death and destruction. Please rethink your actions eu leader! Peace and love should rule 🕊

    Marky markMarky mark12 days ago
  • Arlene Foster has been inciting this for weeks with her sectarian B.S. and she should be in prison not parliament.

    Martin SpamerMartin Spamer12 days ago
  • Send ( Jackie Chan ) in .

    Exodia1986NecrossExodia1986Necross12 days ago
  • Welcome to Brexit sir

    geoff obriengeoff obrien12 days ago
  • Hmm... Not going well for UK

    Samir KhanSamir Khan12 days ago
  • will be on the mainland in june.....i think .we heading for a 1980s scenario toxteth..tottenham, bristol to name a few that were burned to the groumd n weeks of serious rioting... i gotta feelin this aint goin to end well for mr johnson..or any in the political circles... the peoples trust in police or polititions..very very low..and corrupt msn networks...all imgredients for a very very hot few months... of riots n chaos

    Paul HarveyPaul Harvey12 days ago
  • This text is too fast to read.

    Nat FordNat Ford12 days ago
  • It is very low level stuff. yobs, a few of their friends got arrested, you know arrest us we make trouble. Nolan going on about the shinner funeral didn't help.

    Alexander JohnsonAlexander Johnson12 days ago
  • This is down to Nolan going on everyday about the Shinner funeral, Nolan your part of the problem.

    Alexander JohnsonAlexander Johnson12 days ago
  • Take it to em lads, they are not going to report that it's against the new bill

    BrahminnBrahminn12 days ago
    • Because its not, these knuckle daggers riot as a pass time.

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki11 days ago
  • All I see are peaceful protesters

    Chris LeeChris Lee12 days ago
  • Good, more people seriously need to stand up against this covid scam and the tyranny we're living through.

    Worldwide GhostsWorldwide Ghosts12 days ago
    • Think it’s about the Irish Sea border but locking people down can’t help the frustration either. Tinder box.

      willem17willem1712 days ago
  • They're never happy one or another!

    esflxianesflxian12 days ago
  • Leaving aside lockdowns, being left in the EU, sensing increased loss of freedom and increased police powers and a two tier justice system, just WHAT have they got to complain about ?

    Arthur DickArthur Dick12 days ago
    • @Arthur Dick this has to do with a Sinn Fein, a funeral and increasing tensions for the last few years

      Cian MacGanaCian MacGana12 days ago
    • @Cian MacGana I was expecting you to explain the inaccuracies in my first reply. Providing your description of what are the reasons for the recent disturbances ?

      Arthur DickArthur Dick12 days ago
    • @Arthur Dick what do you want to know?

      Cian MacGanaCian MacGana12 days ago
    • @Cian MacGana Well why don’t you educate me. Because the MSM ignore what happens there. Go on, I am genuinely interested.

      Arthur DickArthur Dick12 days ago
    • This has zero to do with the EU. Don't you dare push your narrative, you know nothing about Northern Ireland

      Cian MacGanaCian MacGana12 days ago
  • Coming too a city near you soon.if they try to lock us down again !!

    Paul BoyhanPaul Boyhan12 days ago
  • the police need to be bombed. they are reinforcing these lies

    Time for Wakey WakeyTime for Wakey Wakey12 days ago
  • PSNI..... Rearranged... It means they are.. PISN in the wind

    Totally AwemazingTotally Awemazing12 days ago
  • The inevitable is happening. The NI Protocol needs scrapping or this will escalate. It's not down to us to protect the EUs single market.

    BritishFreedomBritishFreedom12 days ago
    • Please tell your leaders you don’t want the north of Ireland then

      John RuddyJohn Ruddy11 days ago
    • Exactly, why are we protecting the EU, tell them to get lost once and for all, after all what are they going to do.

      peter williamspeter williams11 days ago
  • 0:12... Hmmm... Need a bit of air in your tyres mate

    Totally AwemazingTotally Awemazing12 days ago
  • This isn't a lockdown protest.. Don't believe the maintstream news.

    Josh90b Shadow CommunityJosh90b Shadow Community12 days ago
  • Prod tw@s

    Ní Síocháin Gan SaoirseNí Síocháin Gan Saoirse12 days ago
  • Does Northern Ireland want to remain in the EU?

    Andy CameronAndy Cameron13 days ago
    • a majority voted remain, this bunch of muppets voted leave because the DUP told them to, now they are having a tantrum because they dont like the results..

      Kevin WillisKevin Willis12 days ago
  • LOL i am from Belfast and didnt even know this was happening....

    Cerbcerb8Cerbcerb813 days ago
  • Destroying the area they live. Don't clear the streets. What's next, letter box's, primary schools, zebra crossings, street lighting, bus shelters etc ?

    Kevin GraingerKevin Grainger13 days ago
  • Why is it breaking out ?

    GWLADGWLAD13 days ago
  • Situation normal then, once the agreement was signed a time limit should have been imposed several years , if you want to come to the mainland we will accommodate that, commensurate job housing etc but as of a certain date the 6 countries go back to the free state..The unpalatable truth is that in this situation Eire doesn't want them back..Still better minds than mine I suppose..Hmmmm

    Jay TurnerJay Turner13 days ago
  • So . . . Is this a *REAL* case of Orangeman Bad . . . ?

    The Gods Right-Hand ManThe Gods Right-Hand Man13 days ago
  • Can someone tell me why this is happening

    jamesgood10jamesgood1013 days ago
  • brought to you by the people that claim to 'protect' us......nice country, be a shame if anything were to happen to it

    Paul McKnightPaul McKnight13 days ago
  • As the last flames of Empire flicker around the coals of Brexit and the demographic shift in Northern Ireland to a majority Nationalist vote the Peepel realise no one really gives a toss in Westminster about them but rather about the fact that the inevitable hand back and reunification of Ireland will save the British Economy £10bn a year.

    Brown WarriorBrown Warrior13 days ago
  • On the news the other night one of the dudes throwing a petrol bomb set himself on fire. Was so funny.

    satnav1980satnav198013 days ago
  • trying the divide trick again are you? i think we all know your evil games. good job you are satanic as you are all going to hell for all the evil you have done.

    jack jonesjack jones13 days ago
  • "us Catholics need to teach them how to riot FFS"-my granda

    Michael GormanMichael Gorman13 days ago
  • Notice how they will not tell us why this is happening, they just will not tell us anything but lies.

    Stephen RyanStephen Ryan13 days ago
    • All media do is lie this world is a bloody lie

    • If there was a high ranking loyalists funeral would there not be hundreds at it ?

      Connor FoyConnor Foy11 days ago
    • @cameron burke Yes, but the Inquiry into the police handling of it only came out recently - and the PSNI came out in the clear, which made many loyalists unhappy, thinking that SinnFein was getting preferential treatment.

      James UptonJames Upton12 days ago
    • @TheKingStayKing that funeral happened almost a year ago, that's just a Loyalist Lie.

      cameron burkecameron burke12 days ago
    • Three reasons: 1. The police clamping down on organised drug crime run by loyalist paramilitaries - big arrests - who can always get the disaffected out for a riot. 2. The perception of unfair treatment of the loyalist community by the PSNI - a big Sinn Fein Funeral last year, mass attendance, and no prosecutions. Public Inquiry held into this and found the police had acted fine. 3. Brexit - Unionists object to trade barriers with the UK, because Northern Ireland remains in regulatory alignment with the EU. Johnson breaking his impossible promise. This one's going to run and run. The DUP never supported the GFA anyway. The information is all out there. And Northern Ireland has always been prone to riots - they happen every year, especially during the marching season.

      James UptonJames Upton12 days ago
  • It’s all because of Brexit lol

    flavio pereiraflavio pereira13 days ago
  • “A beautiful sight to behold”

    Chen JunqianChen Junqian13 days ago
  • Really terrible to see.😞 People doing this kind of thing at a time like this.

    Daniel WhyattDaniel Whyatt13 days ago
    • What “time like this” there is no pandemic grow up

      John RuddyJohn Ruddy11 days ago
  • The government are too arrogant to understand how deep peoples feelings really are. They are too busy bleeding the whole place dry before they walk away with full pockets and leave the peasants to it. This is only the start of their wake up call. They are there to represent us not to own and abuse.

    Pete MorbyPete Morby13 days ago
  • brexit means brexit

    Earth ManEarth Man13 days ago
  • It's about time Eire was reunited with the north. Anybody who doesn't like it in NI then clear off to UK

    ciara respectciara respect13 days ago
  • It's weird to "like" a video just to tell an algorithm to show you real news even though you don't "like" the content

    anonanon13 days ago
  • But there is no violence or conflict in Ireland that nice Mr Blair told us so There is no burning resentment over what happened hundreds of years ago

    gowd sakegowd sake13 days ago
    • He should've been locked up years ago for war crimes

      ciara respectciara respect13 days ago
  • We have to be more proactive,stop masking, stop obeying.

    Berti BearBerti Bear13 days ago
  • People are fed lockdown even though is wrong people enough it might all over the world then maybe goverment might listened to people its thier going to be damage and maybe hurt because of it

    Fay StalkerFay Stalker13 days ago
  • Need to fight against global dictatorship guys not your neighbours! Unfortunately there is history but every one wants peace ✌️

    Heber MoloneyHeber Moloney13 days ago
  • Whats it going to take to stop this spiral into chaos once more. Maybe Biden should pay us a visit and stop funding terrorism.

    David MillsDavid Mills13 days ago
  • LOYALIST's they wanted BREXIT so they voted for it, now they have buyers remorse and they get to hurt 41 cops but they arrest only 9, because it all among them now lol

    Misty HillMisty Hill13 days ago
  • No suprises

    chaddypaddychaddypaddy13 days ago
  • Just unite Ireland problem solved

    DAZZADAZZA13 days ago
  • A couple of hundred scumbags running around with petrol bombs. No big deal.

    Tasker MaticTasker Matic13 days ago
  • Is this means that north Ireland wants back to Ireland or this something else?

    GP ScrapperGP Scrapper13 days ago
    • Ni has always wanted to be part of Eire but cheating at votes and ancestors of British in NI obviously staying loyal to the UK after brits stole it .it's a fixed

      ciara respectciara respect13 days ago
  • what do u expect use were warned months ago that this will happen with eu getting involved cut all ties and treaties with eu hard border between north and south job done unless the south wants to join uk and get outve eu and they get there united ireland under uk simples .

    Paul BrownePaul Browne13 days ago
  • Honestly the English need to stop occupying Northern Ireland...this is 21st century colonisation

    Hipsta JohnyyHipsta Johnyy13 days ago
    • i think if you read the actual subtitles that those responsible were in the loyalist community...

      Stephen ParryStephen Parry13 days ago
  • This happens a lot it’s just the media have decided to print this. It’ll be fine just close your curtains

    Lee BirchallLee Birchall13 days ago
  • The BBC has refused point blank to cover this at all. All news is being censored massively or not even reported on at all because of the covid19 great reset agenda.

    robert caseyrobert casey13 days ago
  • Seems like kids up to no good atm as there hasn't been targeted attacks... yet.

    Justin ChambersJustin Chambers13 days ago
  • LUV IT!! its so retro!

    Willie LastWillie Last13 days ago
  • Cleggy (LotSW) put it best... Belfast, Dodge City with Guiness! You guys are really going to have to sit down sometime and, regardless of politics or borders, work out what's best for the people and learn to work together; sadly, I do not see this happening anytime soon.

    Riley AnoidRiley Anoid13 days ago
    • @James amy the DUP lobbied for brexit.

      Loki &LokiLoki &Loki11 days ago
    • We did that with the Belfast Agreement in 1998 and despite voting against Brexit, had all these problems forced upon us yet again by an incompetent, corrupt and cynical English Government.

      James amyJames amy13 days ago
  • Well someone brought the petrol for them.... They can't afford it

    Super Kami GuruSuper Kami Guru13 days ago
  • Scotland, you want to leave. Just go. NI, you are more trouble than you are worth. Either become a sovereign state or join the rest of Ireland. I don’t care. Wales, you’re very quiet. What do you want?

    essenceofmanessenceofman13 days ago
  • lmao this is light work over here in mexico

    Felipe MorilloFelipe Morillo13 days ago
  • I don't understand how we have a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland AND down the Irish sea? Either north/south is open or the Irish sea is open you don't close both!

    Dave of YorkshireDave of Yorkshire13 days ago
    • @Alan Roddy So these are imaginary checks on an imaginary "political border"? So is this an imaginary conversation about an imaginary article published in the imaginary press? I didn't know my imagination was so fertile.

      Dave of YorkshireDave of Yorkshire11 days ago
    • @Alan Roddy As of late last year there are reports of border checks, it's kind of difficult to do border checks without a border. I'm reading reports like this... _IRISH Sea border checks remained suspended yesterday at several northern ports. Physical checks were suspended at Larne Port and Belfast on Monday after council and Department of Agriculture_ And _Police to operate cross-border checks from today in bid to halt Covid-19 Police on both sides of the Irish border will be operating "rolling cross-border checkpoints" from today in an effort to_ ... Are you saying these are wrong?

      Dave of YorkshireDave of Yorkshire11 days ago
    • @Alan Roddy Then enlighten me, where am I going wrong?

      Dave of YorkshireDave of Yorkshire11 days ago
    • @James Upton (rhetorical do not reply or don't expect one) For cryin out loud how can you discuss sovereignty when you have no idea what it is, what value it holds or how it changes international relations. As for the sanctions statement. If you stop shopping at Asda (by your own choice) and go to Tesco are you putting sanctions on yourself because you don't trade with Asda anymore? Even if Asda refuse to sell to you anymore - despite the fact you don't shop there anymore, have you put sanctions on yourself? Grow up...

      Dave of YorkshireDave of Yorkshire11 days ago
    • @Dave of Yorkshire Sorry you feel that way. You clearly did not follow up the reference I suggested, about the Constitutional relevance of the GFA. I'm arguing that the reality of international arrangements among blocs and states is far more complex than you envisage. and that patently the GFA has constitutional import in the UK. Sovereignty in pro-Brexit terms at the moment is surrounded by a fog of rubbish being spouted. Britain is supposed to have regained sovereignty , yet follows more, not less rules, loses trade and influence in the world. Is weaker. You're right - this is becoming tedious. My main point stands. Brexit as far as NI is concerned is an omnishambles. - Let alone for the UK : - as someone pointed out: Britain is the only country in history to place economic sanctions on itself. Tschuss.

      James UptonJames Upton11 days ago
  • Fecin pig's why dose msn think people are stupid there not kicking off without a reason too

    Sam FletcherSam Fletcher13 days ago
  • Goodluck to the PSNI, as an Irish Catholic its always baffled me when loyalists are violent towards the service. "We love the Queen so much we're gonna try and hurt the people who represent her and enforce her laws".

    Dragonslayer McReedyDragonslayer McReedy13 days ago
  • Just another day in Northern Ireland nothing new here folks..!!

    The BatThe Bat13 days ago