What are the plans for Covid vaccine passports?

Apr 7, 2021
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People who have tested positive for coronavirus within the past six months will potentially be considered to have natural immunity from Covid as part of a UK vaccine passport scheme.
Interim findings of the Government’s review into the domestic use of Covid status certification states that ministers believe such a scheme could have an “important role to play both domestically and internationally, as a temporary measure”.
The taskforce review, led by Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, is looking at “what standards” should be required for so-called vaccine passports if they are used domestically.
Mr Gove’s review, which is due to be finalised in the summer, has initially found that vaccine passports could “potentially play a role in settings such as theatres, nightclubs, and mass events such as festivals or sports events to help manage risks where large numbers of people are brought together in close proximity”.
According to an eight-page Downing Street paper, those who have tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 180 days would qualify for access to a venue or event requiring Covid certification.
“The Government expects that Covid-status certification could be demonstrated by: an up-to-date vaccine status, a negative lateral flow or PCR test taken at a test site on the same day or the day before their admission to a venue, or by proof of natural immunity, such as through a previous positive PCR for a time limit of 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period,” the document said.
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  • Guys, there is a website called WriteToThem. It finds your local MP and acts as a portal to write to him/her. If you want to stop vaccine passports write to your MP and tell them politely that if they want your vote in future they need to vote against the vaccine passport proposals (there is an upcoming vote in Parliament) MP's earn an 81K salary and as such don't want to lose their jobs. If enough of us Write To Them and let them know they might be replaced it might change things.

    J SoaresJ Soares7 days ago
  • LOL they are just trying to get in ID cards again.

    A Google UserA Google User11 days ago
  • I’ve done everything my government asked of me through this pandemic. I’ve had the jab, I stayed in my bubble, I worked but this, this is too far. Please look to history, when governments start making identification cards mandatory. It’s almost always used to track and control a flow of a populous and when added to the new crime bill. The picture being painted is Grim. Freedom to travel, freedom to work, freedom to gather and the very freedom to speak. Will be taken away under the cloak of safety. Left or right this should scare you because it will be used to shut us all up

    The UnionThe Union12 days ago
  • I got called tin foil hat when I commented on this a year ago. The universal basic income will be the next step when furlough ends and a cashless society and social credit system just like China.

    Pat BurnsyPat Burnsy12 days ago
  • Music sounds like it belongs in Mass Effect

    MrRubixOfficialMrRubixOfficial12 days ago
  • Save the nhs. Stop the spread. Save lives. Now vaccine passports. When will it stop and when will the goal posts stop moving?

    Matt MottleyMatt Mottley12 days ago
  • Whats the point of a passport?... Bojo just said 2 fully vaccinated people still can't meet indoors. This is ridiculous like what is the point of vaccines then!?

    _getfree_getfree12 days ago
  • @BorisJohnson an empty straight jacket is required to prove you're not a lunatic but you can't meet indoors unless you wear a straight jacket because you're a lunatic. I. Said. You're. A. Lunatic.

    Simon JeppsSimon Jepps12 days ago
  • Fact is you can't gain more control with less freedom

    Navy The DestroyerNavy The Destroyer12 days ago
  • Social Credit Score.

    Gary O'NeillGary O'Neill13 days ago
  • We stand firm against this!!

    Peter HughesPeter Hughes13 days ago
  • Eff Boris, cheers mate,happy are you now,good

    Did WestDid West13 days ago
  • Vaccine Passport “NOT WELCOME” !! 🙏🏼

    Aditya JainAditya Jain13 days ago
  • To think a year ago we was called conspiracy theorists You still sleeping sheep or waking up yet

    NathanNathan13 days ago
    • Plenty clowns still lapping up this farce as gospel.

      cattlewrangler walshcattlewrangler walsh9 days ago
  • There is no virus... just world governments trying to implement a one world, new world order technocratic surveillance state where they monitor your EVERY move and listen to EVERY conversation while bringing in digital currency so you can’t do any dodgy deals or get cash in hand work

    Succ deez NutzSucc deez Nutz13 days ago
  • This is a time everyone needs to unite

    S AS A13 days ago
  • This will lead to more tyranny and authoritarianism in Britain. This is our last chance to stop it

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguard13 days ago
  • none as I know that I along with many others will never use this tyrannical system

    Paultootall1971Paultootall197113 days ago
  • ive been all over the country and never worn a mask once..its a massive con.

    burrowsgodburrowsgod13 days ago
    • Texas has stopped making them compulsory since the start of March and guess what, so far cases continuing down like most other places. No difference whatsoever.

      Peter DuffPeter Duff13 days ago
  • We are still contagious after vaccination as soon as you contract the virus. The only difference after vaccination is that you yourself have no symptoms. That is also one of the major drawbacks of vaccination. Hundreds of thousands of vaccinated people walk around who, because they themselves do not experience any symptoms of disease, do not know that they are sick and infect others after vaccination. So they just go to work, to visit, to festivals and so on. Such a Vaccination Passport and CoronaCheck app are therefore demonstrably counterproductive. Hordes of people who do not know themselves that they are contagious and who, according to their App, can go anywhere. As a result, you have let in a concentrated group that will infect the other partygoers who have been vaccinated but not yet infected. As a result, there are even more vaccinated, infectious people who do not know themselves that they are infected because they themselves do not experience any symptoms of disease.

    Peter Van den BergPeter Van den Berg13 days ago

    Kats SketchesKats Sketches13 days ago
  • No.

    Lee PenLee Pen13 days ago
  • Imagine you find a prisoner in an unlocked jail cell. Confused, you ask him why he’s sitting there when the door to his cell isn’t even locked. “Oh, it’s unlocked? I didn’t check.” You assure him it’s unlocked and ask again why he doesn’t leave. “Why bother? They’ll probably catch me before I get out.” You look around in confusion. You explain to him that this isn’t even a prison. That he’s simply been told to wear an orange jumpsuit and stay in an unlocked room, but he doesn’t have to comply. All he has to do is leave. “Even if I get away, they’ll just find me and bring me back here. Might as well just stay put.” This is called learned helplessness and 90% of the population are in this state

    averagegameraveragegamer13 days ago
    • @Howard Denny don't know what Corbett report is, this is a quote from Martin seligman who is a psychologist. This is from an experiment in which compliance becomes a natural state of mind and how to instill depression in a subject.

      averagegameraveragegamer12 days ago
    • @Donny Deer they won't let me out

      Rocky SalcitoRocky Salcito12 days ago
    • Somebody needs to get out more 😂😷👍

      Donny DeerDonny Deer13 days ago
  • We can comment about resisting it all we want but it will never happen. Whatever plan they have to roll out these sort of things will work wonderfully, it has done so far with covid. Whatever way possible they will make it a thing. Make it trend, make it necessary. "Well I'll get one if it means I can get a job and go on holiday". There's no stopping this now, if there was any chance it was not going to succeed they wouldn't attempt it. Can only apologise to future generations who will truly suffer from what's occurring here. I'm glad I don't have kids and I'm glad I won't be around to experience the full weight of totalitarianism.

    Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror13 days ago
  • The coronavirus vaccine produced by the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company is now called Vaxzevria, the Swedish medicine agency Läkemedelsverket announced based on data from the European Medicines Agency. Whyyyy? Not because astrazenica are getting a bad rep by any chance?

    Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror13 days ago
  • The plan is that they will try and force and coerce them on an unsuspecting public.

    N SN S13 days ago
  • None of this is necessary. Time to stop complying enough is enough

    Judith KenworthyJudith Kenworthy13 days ago
    • Too late

      Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror13 days ago
  • I will tell you this now I will never have a vaccine passport or certificate. This is not a Communist police state country this is a free democratic country and human rights and Civil Liberties are already under attack and this is literally a step of no return. Once we go down this path that is it will be coming off a totalitarian Police state borderline Communist country. If all of the good men and women that fought and died for freedom for this country could see this now I think they would’ve surrendered and let it been won by the Germans. Say no to this vaccine passport app and certificates don’t download it don’t use it and then it will not happen. Just lightly tried to do back in the 1930s with ID cards that people said no they told them up and it ended. Don’t let them bring back a new 21st-century version of it right back say no say no say no resist today and never surrender

    Samuel WestSamuel West13 days ago
  • So you can opt for frequent tests instead of a vaccine, that's alright.

    Archimedes BirdArchimedes Bird13 days ago
  • I won't be having one or a vaccine. Anyone trying the deny myself entry to any establishment needs to be prepared to get beaten up. If you go along with Boris BS you are part of the problem

    Mat SimmonsMat Simmons13 days ago
  • Middle finger to all cov-pass supporters

    Patryk JarockiPatryk Jarocki13 days ago
  • It would create a two tier system over night. Much like the ccp run China. This is not a good idea, it will be the beginning of the end for civilisation as we know it.

    Chloe WinneyChloe Winney13 days ago
  • Once children are offered vaccines, then vaccine passports will be printed for everyone to carry to go shopping or even visiting parks you'll find council guards checking documents! The government is tricking people telling them to take 1st jab and you can fly, but actually very few can fly as countries will be put under traffic light system and many will be under red and amber colours which means it will cost lot of money to go abroad! My advice don't go abroad this year and stuff their vaccines because AstraZeneca is working on booster jabs, so anyone who's taken a jab will end up getting a call for booster jab before winter!

    Billy BillyBilly Billy13 days ago
  • Useful to discriminate the ones that do not what the vaccine

    J tecateJ tecate13 days ago
  • not a chance

    chris Bamochris Bamo13 days ago
  • Bullshot review they just trying to figure out a way to implement it without getting back lash

    Rathan DevlishRathan Devlish13 days ago
  • The social scoring system begins... This is going to just be the start of it. I hope to god we don't end up like china.

    Delta BoXeRDelta BoXeR13 days ago
    • May Jesus be with you, keep praying!

      [[Day ago
  • 0:51 they’ll soon change their minds if everyone gets a passport! Don’t get the passport!

    Tobey TransportTobey Transport13 days ago
  • Show us your paper's.....

    loveday bebeloveday bebe13 days ago
  • Guys, just don't take it. Those businesses will go bankrupt and will eventually realise this covid ID BS won't work. Just dont take it and resist

    Uzi VertUzi Vert13 days ago
  • welcome to communist Britain everyone

    piston fourpiston four13 days ago
  • Digital trap

    Stop Fake pandemicStop Fake pandemic13 days ago
  • Look at the Like-Dislike Ratio. That is great news because it means people don’t want it. Don’t get the passport, if only 10% of people get it they’ll soon have to backtrack. Don’t give into temptation. NEVER give into the temptation of their tyranny.

    Tobey TransportTobey Transport13 days ago
    • It’s other countries that started the vaccine passport idea. They want the return of tourists and are putting pressure on the UK gov to comply. The airline industry is shouting for covid passports as well to kickstart the aviation recovery. If the EU had made a better job of its vaccine rollout, passports would not have been necessary.

      Donny DeerDonny Deer13 days ago
  • I like how the only possible ethical problem with they can come up with, is that some people have health conditions so can't get the vaccine.

    Juicy BoizJuicy Boiz13 days ago
  • We just resist this

    Gabé ItchèzGabé Itchèz13 days ago
  • Every day a step closer to social credit like china ... disgusting.

    A Magnificent CuntA Magnificent Cunt13 days ago
  • Yes, what are the plans for surveillance capitalism and government digital tyranny? 🤔

    MrB1923MrB192313 days ago
  • The government just won’t leave us alone ...instead of humans uniting ..the money and power got to their heads thinking they are superior from us and we don’t matter ...Anyway afterlife is waiting for you lot

    Mad MoMad Mo13 days ago
  • If the majority of the country is vaccinated they won't need proof as they will have the data already...this is a very contradictive and draconian measure that makes absolutely no sense.

    Tom BentonTom Benton13 days ago
  • We’re being forced to take an experimental jab, one that’s been proven to be fatal, if the so called vaccine worked, why is there so many different variants of it? Surely we only need one but companies are competing to make their own jabs

  • And if you don't have a certificate, then what? Trapped in your home forever? Trapped in the UK? treated like a pariah? Smh. And ppl choose not to believe the government is trying to implement a big brother environment fully now.

    God's ChildGod's Child13 days ago
    • From what I have read you can get a certificate in one of two ways . The first is to have the vaccine the second is to have a negative covid19 test result ( valid for 3-4 days before you need another test ) . That is fair enough . I think any responsible person wouldn't want to risk spreading a potentially deadly virus to others . Legislation will also be time limited to a year when it will be reviewed . That means it only will last as long as covid19 is a significant threat . From what I understand of the app being developed will use the government database of your status but it will be confidential and not track your whereabouts . I would have a big problem if it were otherwise . But again this seems to be reasonable . As for being trapped in the UK , if you haven't had the vaccine why should a foreign country let you in ? There is nothing out government can do about what foreign countries decide to do .

      Roger MellyRoger Melly9 days ago
  • I don’t understand what the government want from us ..They tax us already ...If the government actually become good people this world will be lovely but as they say Flithy money and power is the root to all evil 90% of the time ..

    Mad MoMad Mo13 days ago
  • Don't want that!!

    Greenpoloboy3Greenpoloboy313 days ago
  • Whats with the odd sinister music

    HassanPoyoHassanPoyo13 days ago
  • North Korea's looking better with each day that passes.

    Principia MathematicaPrincipia Mathematica13 days ago
    • Oh my 🤣

      White NinjaWhite Ninja12 days ago
    • 🤣

      God's ChildGod's Child13 days ago
  • Bloody disgusting....

    goldy girlgoldy girl13 days ago
  • They can't do it because there are far too many human rights laws around discrimination. So don't let this rile you up or rush out to get the vaccine because that's exactly what all this is intended to do. If you want it and you've read up on it and you believe it's good for you, take it. If you're the opposite good for you too. Just make an informed choice, not a coerced one.

    Glynn _ShadyGlynn _Shady13 days ago
    • @Glynn _Shady What do criminal prosecutions under the Coronavirus Act have to do with claims of discrimination? Different legislation, different area of law, different courts.

      Jack PearsonJack Pearson13 days ago
    • @Jack Pearson is that why 100% of covid related arrests have been proven to be unlawful?

      Glynn _ShadyGlynn _Shady13 days ago
    • @Glynn _Shady And Art. 8 of the ECHR is equally derogable when the action is proportionate to protect public safety or health. Furthermore the Human Rights Act only applies to government bodies, not to private companies. I don't know why you're so determined to think you're legally protected from new Covid policies. Denial is the worst form of protest.

      Jack PearsonJack Pearson13 days ago
    • @Jack Pearson The human rights court has confirmed that article 8 protects our physical, moral and psychological integrity as well as our right to choose. Failing to respect somebody's competent refusal of medical treatment, and providing treatment against their will (including coercion), is therefore protected against by article 8.

      Glynn _ShadyGlynn _Shady13 days ago
    • @Glynn _Shady Discrimination is legal in any case where it is a 'proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim'. You would need the courts to accept: (1) Your beliefs about the safety of Covid vaccines are effectively equivalent to a religious belief (the standards on this are set very high - you won't hit them). And either, (2) Covid passports, recommended at this point by the government, are disproportionate, or (3) preventing the spread of Covid is not a legitimate aim. If you think you can pass all those legal tests then you have a lot more faith in the courts than I do.

      Jack PearsonJack Pearson13 days ago
  • Look up IVERMECT1N

    FrontRow MOVIESFrontRow MOVIES13 days ago
  • We must resist this

    mark amesmark ames13 days ago
  • A gateway to ID cards.

    sutatssutats13 days ago
    • No need for cards.

      MrB1923MrB192313 days ago
  • Wont happen. Cant see my employer forcing me or fellow colleagues to have it therefore what right have i got to demand covid psssports from customers? If customers are asked to provide proof of vaccine then they deserve to know if the staff have been vaccinated. And no judge or court in the land will allow any kind of freedom of information like that.

    TomjTomj13 days ago
    • @Mr Mann yep, begins with a lot of "no way" "I won't do it" and before you know it they have turned it into normality..it will be the same with vaccinations and passports. This is a done deal. We can't stop the ball rolling now. Face masks, vaccinations, passports and social distancing are never going away.. we allowed them into our society and they won't be going anywhere.

      Soyman the SorcerorSoyman the Sorceror13 days ago
    • thats what everyone said about masks at first, now look at you all.

      Mr MannMr Mann13 days ago
    • It's financial suicide for any business requiring them.

      FrontRow MOVIESFrontRow MOVIES13 days ago
  • who is saying if this is not a mass production chip implant

    Cristian BularcaCristian Bularca13 days ago
    • Lol

      Mefas RMefas R13 days ago
  • And yet vaccination does not stop transmission of the virus

    Tibby TibblesTibby Tibbles13 days ago
    • @I am Prosperity I heard some clown of a pub owner being interviewed on radio about vaccine passports lately and he said that we are so used to new rules now that the passports shouldn't be a problem, is it any wonder with clowns like him that they can keep this farce going?

      cattlewrangler walshcattlewrangler walsh9 days ago
    • @Donny Deer Yes. Some people do have symptoms. But most people just don’t. And that is the real danger after vaccination. You do Not know you have got it. And spread the virus.

      Peter Van den BergPeter Van den Berg12 days ago
    • @Peter Van den Berg the 'vaccine' lessens the symptoms not prevent them.

      averagegameraveragegamer12 days ago
    • @Peter Van den Berg after vaccination you can still catch covid and the symptoms will show for sure. I know two people who were vaccinated twice and still caught covid. They felt as if they had a very bad dose of flu and were told if they hadn’t been vaccinated they would probably have ended up in hospital. You do get symptoms.

      Donny DeerDonny Deer13 days ago
    • We are still contagious after vaccination as soon as you contract the virus. The only difference after vaccination is that you yourself have no symptoms. That is also one of the major drawbacks of vaccination. Hundreds of thousands of vaccinated people walk around who, because they themselves do not experience any symptoms of disease, do not know that they are sick and infect others after vaccination. So they just go to work, to visit, to festivals and so on. Such a Vaccination Passport and CoronaCheck app are therefore demonstrably counterproductive. Hordes of people who do not know themselves that they are contagious and who, according to their App, can go anywhere. As a result, you have let in a concentrated group that will infect the other partygoers who have been vaccinated but not yet infected. As a result, there are even more vaccinated, infectious people who do not know themselves that they are infected because they themselves do not experience any symptoms of disease.

      Peter Van den BergPeter Van den Berg13 days ago
  • This is so horrible

    Tdr94 19Tdr94 1913 days ago
  • Throw the lot in the bin boris when are you going to tell the truth this is corrupt

    Susan KeelanSusan Keelan13 days ago
  • Yo bro do you enjoy playing solos mode? I have seen a youtuber who is really good named “TTV RAMIM” looking to play 1v1 mode with someone. Wanna play alongside him?

    0 00 013 days ago
  • discrimination ...i wont stand for it

    Different DimensionsDifferent Dimensions13 days ago
  • "They could potentially play a role in theatres, nightclubs, and mass events." Later they will be used in shopping centers, hospitals, schools

    VictorDVictorD13 days ago
    • @Mat Simmons exactly, then what will happen?more police/ military on the streets, which is what they want

      RobbieRobbie5 days ago
    • The government is targeting the young to start off with.

      Ford PrefectFord Prefect13 days ago
    • And the next round of v@,.cCines will bypass all (laughable) safety tests as they are reported to be so similar to the original, no further testing required. Listen to former Pfizer head of research, Mike Yeadon, express his concerns whilst being interviewed by James Delingpole over on Spotify. Search 'the Delingpod'. Warning - not for the faint hearted.

      Helmut SchmackerHelmut Schmacker13 days ago
    • Do what happens when a group rocks up to a boozer looking for a drink,only to be told no sorry lads not today. Violent conduct on a large scale.

      Mat SimmonsMat Simmons13 days ago
    • its just the WEF, Davos Elite and Billionaires "good club" all going to plan!!!

      I am ProsperityI am Prosperity13 days ago
  • When the Chinese social credit score is brought to the west. You get this travesty.

    IndiIngleIndiIngle13 days ago
  • They are illegal. Any business asking for them will in court.

    Kevin ThornleyKevin Thornley13 days ago
    • @steve aldridge Once again, you're hypothesising - "potentially allowing hundreds of millions..." you haven't been using Neil Ferguson's defunct modelling predictions, how many decimal places are those out every time? The fact that the government still uses him is testament to the dishonesty that is wrapping easily influenced people like yourself into a panic about easing lockdowns. It's not so much the size of the population but the density of the settlements where that population mainly resides surely, and to take a snapshot of time for any conclusion as you do, is less relevant than looking at the overall picture to date. So, closer analysis of the US and Sweden reveals since the start - Lockdown US = 1 death per 586 people; non-Lockdown Sweden 1 death per 735 people. That is the important statistic you should be paying attention to, not the gradient of a curve at any specific point of the pandemic.

      Peter DuffPeter Duff11 days ago
    • @Peter Duff Has Sweden achieved its aims? Far from it. For a start, its death rate is significantly worse than that of its Nordic neighbours. Denmark’s deaths-per-capita rate is nearly five times lower, while the rate is almost 10 times lower in both Finland and Norway. Indeed, a study published on October 12 in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Sweden has been among the least effective in containing the virus. Of the countries included in the research, only Sweden and the United States fell into the category of having both high initial mortality rates and having failed to bring those numbers down since then. It is also worth noting that at 10 million people, Sweden’s population is on the smaller side. Adopting herd immunity in much bigger countries such as the US would mean potentially allowing hundreds of millions of people to contract the illness and many of those to die.

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge11 days ago
    • @steve aldridge Yes, Sweden's next door neighbours are doing better, but overall in Europe Sweden is in the middle of the table, and less deaths than Italy, UK, France or the US for example, all of which have had lockdowns. The case fatality rate you quote is meaningless - lockdowns are supposed to slow the spread of the disease, they will have no effect on the fatality rates once someone has got it.

      Peter DuffPeter Duff11 days ago
    • @Peter Duff FACTS CURRENT COVID-19 SITUATION IN SWEDEN With the highest daily average reported on Nov. 12, COVID-19 infections in Sweden are currently at 99% of the peak, with an average of 4,625 new infections reported each day. At the time of this article’s publication, there have been 257,934 infections and 6,891 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began (here). The Scandinavian county had 10,352,390 inhabitants as of mid-2020 (here). According to mortality analyses from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (here), the case fatality rate in Sweden is 2.6% -- higher than that of neighboring Finland (1.6%), Norway (0.9%) and Denmark (1.0%), as well as the United States (2.0%). As a country, Sweden has had 66.76 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 7.23 in Finland, 6.28 in Norway, 14.59 in Denmark, and 82.72 in the United States. As shown here by Our World in Data, a scientific publication run by Oxford University researchers, Sweden’s daily COVID-19 deaths per million increased by 1,200% between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1. SWEDEN IS NOT “PROOF THAT LOCKDOWNS ARE USELESS”

      steve aldridgesteve aldridge11 days ago
    • @steve aldridge Now I know this may be difficult but let's look at the facts ie the cumulative totals of deaths and cases:: GB pop. 66 million; 127,000 deaths, 4.37 million cases. That's 1 death per 520 people, 1 case per 15 people. Sweden pop. 10 million; 13,600 deaths, 850,000 cases. That's 1 death per 735 people, 1 case per 12 people. So, destruction of millions of jobs, borrowing untold billions from whoever, other deaths as side-effects, mental health problems etc etc. just to get GB's stats over Sweden's stats? Catastrophe, hospitals overflowing, bodies piling up in the morgues? Which one are you talking about again? And they've now got more herd immunity and lost proportionately less lives . Oh dear, Steve....

      Peter DuffPeter Duff11 days ago
  • Nope.

    Ray bloody PurchaseRay bloody Purchase13 days ago